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Psychological Properties Of Colours - Colour Affects. Effect Of Colors: Blue Boosts Creativity, While Red Enhances Attention To Detail. A new University of British Columbia study reconciles a debate that has long raged among marketers and psychologists: What colour most improves brain performance and receptivity to advertising, red or blue?

Effect Of Colors: Blue Boosts Creativity, While Red Enhances Attention To Detail

It turns out they both can, it just depends on the nature of the task or message. The study, which could have major implications for advertising and interior design, finds that red is the most effective at enhancing our attention to detail, while blue is best at boosting our ability to think creatively. "Previous research linked blue and red to enhanced cognitive performance, but disagreed on which provides the greatest boost," says Juliet Zhu of UBC's Sauder School of Business, author of the study which will appear in the Feb. 5 issue of Science. "It really depends on the nature of the task. " How to Pick a Color Scheme. Stylemaker Secrets: Color Confidence. Tips on Arranging Accessories. How to Pull a Look Together. House & Home. Interior Design — FIND 2017 New Design & Decorating Trends.

25 Spaces That Prove Your Rooms Need A Hint Of Black. Photo Gallery:FIND 2017! Top Decorating Trends. Decorating your Rental Space. Aly Velji Alykhan velji Easy Rental Enhancements A Little Paint Can Go A Long Way Paint- it can go long way in refreshing up a space.

Decorating your Rental Space

Whether it’s walls or cabinets it is one of the easiest and economical ways of sprucing up your space. Wallpaper can make a wall come to life Wallpaper- there are many types of papers out there and vinyl products that are easy to peel off. A great way of making a bare wall come to life with some pattern and colour. Better Homes and Gardens. ELEMENTS OF DESIGN PART 2: COLOUR. Colour can be applied to surfaces or as light to create interested and dynamic spaces.


As mentioned in our last post, the elements and principles of design are guidelines that inform and influence the way that interior designers conceptualize and realize spaces we design. When it comes to commercial interior design we look at how these elements and principles can help to enforce your brand and communicate it to your clients in a built form. We’ve already discussed the use of line; how varying direction, and combining them to create shape and form have a variety of effects on clients including evoking emotion and creating focal points within your space. Top 10 Tips for Adding Color to Your Space.

Decorating a space in terms of color is as easy as 60-30-10.

Top 10 Tips for Adding Color to Your Space

Don't believe me? Take a look at some rooms in magazines or in Designers' Portfolio. You'll notice that the rooms you like the most are almost invariably divided into percentages of 60-30-10. How to Decorate a Room with Dark Colors. Interior Design — Must-Know Tips For Decorating With Neutrals & Pastels. Interior Decorating Tips with Neutral Color Scheme. Interior Decorating Tips with Bright Color Scheme. How to Decorate a Room with Dark Colors. House & Home. Colour schemes: decorating with oranges and yellows. Interior Decorating Tips with Blue and Orange Color Schemes. I don't like purple rooms but the info is valuable. Interior Decorating Tips with a Purple Color Scheme. Interior Design — Our Top 10 Paint Colors Of 2017.

Interior Decorating Tips Using the Color Wheel. Better Homes and Gardens. Decorating with Color: Expert Tips. Beach Cottage Home Tour II. How to Pick a Color Scheme. How to Arrange Furniture. Learn How to Mix Patterns. Make an Impact with Texture - Better Homes & Gardens - Achieve Decorating Success Using Scale and Proportion - Better Homes & Gardens - How to Pull a Look Together. Interior Design Q&A: Design & Decorating Questions With Simple Solutions. Can Old Magazines Be Valuable Collectibles? Did you know the first American magazine was published 1741?

Can Old Magazines Be Valuable Collectibles?

The General Magazine, co-published by none other than Benjamin Franklin, lasted just six issues. Even though that first magazine didn't stay around long, the concept certainly did. There are literally thousands of magazine titles scattered about newsstands each month and this trend has lasted for decades. The Top 10 Print Decorating Magazines. Color Trends 2017.

Tote Bags: Totes for Women. Get Organized With a Decorating File. When you're getting ready to begin a decorating or remodeling project it's a great idea to get everything together.

Get Organized With a Decorating File

And keep it together! Any building, remodeling, or decorating project will be easier if you get organized before you start with a Decorating File. Your Decorating File will hold everything you'll need to coordinate the project. Include carpet samples, fabric cuttings, paint samples, floor plans, wallpaper cuttings, photos, and pictures of inspiration rooms. Having everything in one place will help the job go more smoothly from conception to completion.

Arrange-a-Room. SmartDraw - Create Flowcharts, Floor Plans, and Other Diagrams. Home Decor. Scott Yetman’s Modern & Elegant Montreal Pied-à-Terre. Designer Scott Yetman takes us inside his Montreal condo, where unlikely pairings live in harmony.

Scott Yetman’s Modern & Elegant Montreal Pied-à-Terre

See how he created a relaxed, art-gallery feel in the 1,800-square-foot space by mixing antiques with contemporary art. Scott gutted the builder-basic space to create an open-concept floor plan, and furnished it with many of his favorite pieces. In the kitchen, tall cabinetry with pull-outs were added for a more streamlined look, while a marble backsplash acts as art. House & Home. 40 Of House & Home's Best Outdoor Design Ideas. HGTV Canada. Pulling a Look Together: Designer Tips. Decorating Style. Decorating Style. 8 Things Inspiring H&H Editors. Our H&H editors are always looking for new sources of decorating and design inspiration.

8 Things Inspiring H&H Editors

Find out what’s currently getting them oh-so-excited. Margot Austin, Joel Bray, Morgan Michener, Kimberley Brown, Lauren Petroff and Jennifer Koper share their latest picks. Pulling a Look Together: Designer Tips. What's an Inspiration Board? And how can improve your design work?

What's an Inspiration Board?

Photo © Luis Francisco Cordero/Bigstock For those who don‘t already know, an inspiration board (sometimes referred to as a mood board or an idea board) is a collage of images meant to kick-start your imagination or please your muse. Many designers use it in a variety of ways, including: - Getting inspired when starting a new project - Reviewing visual ideas with a team or client to agree on a project‘s direction.

Tara Free Interior Design: PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN {BALANCE} I believe that everything we do in life, requires balance.


From balancing our diets, the amount of time we work and sleep, and even in sports, all that we do requires balance to keep things in control. This same way of thinking applies to interior design as well. Bringing symmetry in to your home will bring you a sense of peace and calmness. Balance: A state of equilibrium achieved by arranging components symmetrically, asymmetrically, or radically.

English Country Stunning Decors. Cool Eclectic Interior Decor Ideas. Beach House Style Ideas. Design in a Nutshell. Arts and Crafts: Design in a Nutshell (2/6) Art Deco Interior Decorating Ideas From the 1920s : Interior Design Tips. Portland Homes for Sale. In Him's Interior Design - Harmonious. Harmonious Interior Design Displayed.

Use scale and proportion to create a designer look at home. Achieve Decorating Success Using Scale and Proportion - Better Homes & Gardens - PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN {RHYTHM} What do you first think of when you hear the word rhythm? I feel most people would say music! In music, rhythm is the beat that continually carries along the melody. In interior design, rhythm carries the eye along a path at a pace determined by the elements that illustrate it. Rhythm is also used to establish a continuity and flow within a room. Tara Free Interior Design: PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN {RHYTHM} Arranging furniture. Is arranging furniture a struggle for you? Well here are some **tips to use and a few key questions to ask yourself: Do you have a focal point in the room?

Principles of Interior Design Part 1: Balance. Balance is everything in design. Everything just feels right when a space is as well-balanced as the one above designed by BBG-BBGM. Principles of interior design are achieved through the application of the elements of design. Unsure of what the elements of design are? We’ve got you covered; check out our previous blog series in which we provided an introduction to line, colour, texture and pattern, light, and scale and proportion. Interior Design - Balance, Proportion, Rhythm, and Scale.

5 Elements of Design in Interior Home Decoration. What really makes a house enchanting is the combination of the 5 elements of design and 6 principles of design useful in interior home decoration. Design is the art of combining elements in a pleasing way. The 5 basic elements of design useful in interior decorating a house are space, shape, line, texture , and color.