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Wonderful Free Templates to Create Newspapers for your Class. Earlier this year we wrote about web tools teachers can use to for their classrooms.

Wonderful Free Templates to Create Newspapers for your Class

This post turned We have selected for you today a host of awesome templates for your Power Point presentations. These are basically newspaper templates provided by for free. 20 Free Tools for Teachers: Videos, Guides, and Printables! Anytime, anywhere, teachers like to have plenty of resources to pick from to help them create great classroom experiences to engage their students.

20 Free Tools for Teachers: Videos, Guides, and Printables!

We’ve got some wonderful content-packed free tools for teachers to explore. They’re online and ready to be discovered! There are slideshows, printables, lesson plans, downloadable content and guides, videos, and much more. The sites listed below offer lots of stuff for all subjects and grades, so dive in and see what you can dig up. Games for the language classroom: Who wants to be a millionaire.

So, back to gaming here on the ‘Teach them English’ blog!

Games for the language classroom: Who wants to be a millionaire

Having summed up everything I want to say about the theory behind the use of games in my best-selling e-book ‘Using games in the Language Classroom‘ (by which I mean I’m not going to go into great detail about the how and the why of using games in this post; please click on the link to download the book – it’s free!) , I feel compelled to follow it up with a series of posts look at specific games. Consequently, I’m going to do just that over the course of a few blog posts during the course of the next couple of months (whilst also continuing my series of posts in which I re-imagine the classic grammar activities of the ELT world).

Let me continue this series with another old favorite of mine… Використовуємо відеоурок у навчально-виховному процесі. Одним із найефективніших навчальних інструментів є відеоуроки.

Використовуємо відеоурок у навчально-виховному процесі

Адже саме візуалізована інформація сприймається і засвоюється швидше і легше. Для того щоб створити відеоурок, достатньо скористатися однією з безкоштовних комп’ютерних програм. Створення відеоуроку варто почати з пошуку, збору та підготовки робочого матеріалу, який ви будете безпосередньо демонструвати у своєму відео. Це можуть бути файли, програми, веб-сторінки та інше.

Сучасні програми зі створення відеоуроків дають змогу записувати відео, а також накладати голосові коментарі. CamStudio — програма для запису відео, яка дає можливість зберігати відео у форматах avi і svf. Webineria — за допомогою цієї програми можна записувати відео не тільки з екрану, але і з веб-камери одночасно. CaptureFox — це інтернет-плагін для створення відео, запису звуку. SplitCam — програма для накладення відео-ефектів, розподілу відеопотоків, запису відео, онлайн-трансляції. ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Crossword Puzzles. Slidely – инструмент для создания интерактивных коллажей или слайд-шоу. С помощью онлайн-сервиса Slidely можно создать историю в виде интерактивного коллажа или слайд-шоу, а интеграция с социальными сетями и другими фото- и видеосервисами дает возможность добавлять не только свои фотографии, но и искать их в Интернете, а также добавлять звуковое сопровождение.

Slidely – инструмент для создания интерактивных коллажей или слайд-шоу

Готовую работу можно с легкостью разместить на своем сайте или поделиться ссылкой. После входа в сервис через свой аккаунт в Facebook становятся доступны четыре раздела: создание слайд-шоу, галереи, коллажа или возможность скачать мобильное приложение. Фрагмент сайта Slidely. Make Kids' Books Online For Free!

Teachers Easy Guide to Creating Quiz Shows on Google Drive. January 3, 2015 Flippity is a powerful web tool that you can use with Google Spreadsheets to perform a variety of tasks.

Teachers Easy Guide to Creating Quiz Shows on Google Drive

In the last post we published here we talked about how to use Flippity to create Flashcards and we visually demonstrated how teachers can go about creating their own flashcards using this tool. Today, we are sharing with you another great functionality provided by Flippity. This time you will get to learn how to use Flippity to create a Quiz Show from a Google Spreadsheet. Click here to see a demo. Here is how you can make your own Quiz Show using Flippity on Google Spreadsheets: 1- 1- Click on this template and copy it to your Google Spreadsheet by clicking on "file" and " make a copy" 2- Now that you are on the copied version of that template, edit the text and type in the data you want to include in your Quiz Show. Excellent Rubric for Using Digital Portfolios in Class.

December 22, 2014 Planning to integrate digital portfolios in your instruction?

Excellent Rubric for Using Digital Portfolios in Class

An Excellent New Tool for Creating Multimedia Timelines for Your Class. The 8 Components of A Digital Learning Environment. November 1, 2014 Another great read but this time from BYOT Network.

The 8 Components of A Digital Learning Environment

In this paper entitled " The Components of a Digital Age Learning Ecosystem", Dr Tim Clark suggests 8 elements as being constitutive of a digital learning environment. And though I have some remarks on the use of the term ecosystem as being too complex a term for capturing the learning intricacies that take place in a learning environment I would rather disregard this comment and focus more on the 8 elements the article features .

New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet with Over 80 Web Tools to Try Out. Over 300 Free Comic Strip Printables to Enhance Students Writing and Thinking Skills. October 19, 2014 Comic strips are good learning tools to use with students to get them engaged and to motivate them to write.

Over 300 Free Comic Strip Printables to Enhance Students Writing and Thinking Skills

They can also be used for storytelling where students get to narrate a story drawing on a multitude of ready-made characters, or in the case of ESL/EFL students, be used to teach English. There are, in fact, several other ways to use comic strips in class and this post features some interesting samples. Today I want to share with you this excellent resource from Make Beliefs Comix. As you probably know, Make Beliefs Comix is one of the tools we featured in "The Best Tools to Teach Writing Through Comics". Make Belief has compiled more than 350 free comic printables that teachers and parents can download and use with students. "The printables encourage writing and thinking in a quick and fun way. All Digital Collages. Excellent Guides and Tutorials to Help Kids Make Engaging Educational Movies.

PixiClip- A Great Tool for Creating Screencasts and Tutorials for Your Students. June 27, 2014PixiClip is a great web-based interactive whiteboard with huge potential for educational uses.

PixiClip- A Great Tool for Creating Screencasts and Tutorials for Your Students

PixiClip allows you to easily record your screen and share it with others.It provides an online canvas on which you can type, narrate, draw, sketch, and upload images to mark-up. You can record the whole process of your work on the canvas accompanied with your voice. Some of the key features that make PixiClip stand out from the rest are: A Good Free Web Tool to Create Classroom Posters. June 9, 2014 After we have learned how to create a classroom poster using Google Draw, I am introducing you today to another awesome web tool which will enable you to design gorgeous classroom visuals. This tool is called Pixteller . I have been tinkering with it for awhile and found it really worth using. This is particularly relevant for creating illustrated quotes and short posters for your class. Here is one I created for the purposes of this tutorial :

Good Web Tools to Create Educational Games for Your Class. May 1, 2014 In today's post, I am sharing with you some great web tools that you can use with your students in class to create games. The Best Web Tools and Activities for End of School Year. May 20, 2014 There are a wide variety of activities you can use with your students to wrap up the school year. In today's post I am sharing with you 4 ideas you can apply in your classroom. I have also included web tools and apps to help you carry them out. The strength of these activities lies in the fact that they enable students to exercise a combination of skills they have developed throughout the year. Printable crosswords with images or text hints, crossword puzzles to print for kids. Tools for Educators offers , and programs for preschool, kindergarten teachers, elementary school and language teachers to make crossword puzzles for lessons, lesson plans or K-6 printable word puzzles for classes The crossword puzzle maker.

Crossword Puzzle Maker. Instructions: Complete the crossword below We have premade word/clue sets. Or use our Copy-n-Paste Quick Add Feature *NEW* Word List Saving Options Save your entered words for our other puzzle makers! You can save your WORD LIST for later use, or transfer it to other puzzles! MUST READ Saving Instructions/FAQs. Great Tools to Create Classroom Multimedia Magazines and Books. May 28, 2014 Web 2.0 technologies have radically transformed the education landscape, shifting the concept of agency from the teacher and placing it in students hands. Leaners now are empowered with a variety of tools to connect, create, share, collaborate, and negotiate meaning making processes in ways never available before.

Instead of merely consuming what others have produced, learners actively take part in the production of new insights and through the affordances of new technologies they can collaborate and crowdsource support on a global scale. These new venues of learning have opened new communicational channels for students to use to access a larger audience. Their voice can now have a wider reach. Wonderful Guide to The Use of Rubrics in Education. May , 2014 Rubrics are important elements in your teaching toolkit and there are a variety of ways you can use them to improve your teaching. Mia from Anethicalisland has this wonderful infographic that outlines some of the reasons to use rubrics, what they improve and how to use them in your class.

What are rubrics ? Rubrics are scoring charts. They display what is expected of the learner for the assignment. 41 Websites for Teachers to Integrate Tech into Your Classroom. 100 Useful Web Tools for Writers. All kinds of writers, including poets, biographers, journalists, biz tech writers, students, bloggers and technical writers, take a unique approach to their jobs, mixing creativity with sustainability. Whether you’re a freelance writer just scraping by or someone with a solid job and more regular hours, the Internet can provide you with unending support for your practical duties like billing, scheduling appointments, and of course getting paid; as well as for your more creative pursuits, like developing a plot, finding inspiration and playing around with words. 99 Top Tools for Online Teaching. The proliferation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other forms of online education has changed the landscape of guided learning for both students and teachers.

Presentation Tools. Do you have other favorite online presentation tools, examples, or ideas for using them in the library media center? Share them here. Microsoft's Powerpoint and Apple's Keynote are two of the most popular presentation tools for teachers, students, library media specialists and administrators, and much has been written about the positive and negative impacts of these resources on teaching and learning. Powerpoint can be saved as a web document and shared on any webpage. Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning.