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Diy {gift boxes} Here is a fun and easy project to spruce up a plain gift box.

diy {gift boxes}

These come in handy for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or they can also make cute storage boxes for your own items. You can use whatever you have on hand to decorate and the possibilities are endless! Each one of those boxes started out like this, plain and simple. Diy {satin flower} These pretty satin flowers are the perfect embellishment to brighten up any outfit.

diy {satin flower}

The best thing is they are so simple to make! Worth Pinning: Make your own paper boxes. When I was my daughter's age, my mom used to make these pretty little paper boxes out of wrapping paper.

Worth Pinning: Make your own paper boxes

I can picture her sitting at the counter folding and cutting what looked like a puzzle. She was the magician who could create this darling little package out of a flat piece of paper that housed the treasures at the end of our treasure hunts. I loved those treasure hunts: go out the front door, down 5 steps, turn to the left, take 20 steps, turn to the right and take 5 more steps...then we'd find the next clue tucked in the lilac bush. Weekend Craft. This, plus... this, plus... this, equals...

Weekend Craft.

{go make me} bejewelled flower headband / diy project - Go Make Me. {go make me} bejewelled flower headband / diy project Flowers in the hair, how girly!

{go make me} bejewelled flower headband / diy project - Go Make Me

You can increase your eostrogen levels too by making these jewel encrusted fabric flowers in minutes and glue to a headband for the latest look (see Fashion Designers below). It only takes a few scraps of fabric, glitzy buttons, glue, needle, thread and time and you've got the current look for a fraction of the price Here's how 1} Gather some fabric scraps, preferably ones that don't fray (although I like it fraying too), felt, buttons and a headband. 3, 4 & 5} Adhere to one felt circle with fabric glue or hot glue gun.

Who's got the look (l to r)BHLND Del Sole Comb, Alannah Hill Hair Accessories, Chanel, Alannah Hill Hair Accessories, BHLND Marguerite Halo, Mignonne Handmade Pink Carnations Halo. My Drab to Fab Tray Transformation. Carry on...Carry on...: DIY Royal fascinator. With the Queen's Jubilee kicking off yesterday, I figured it was only fitting to whip up a seriously fabulous fascinator for the occasion.

Carry on...Carry on...: DIY Royal fascinator

With a cup of tea and some white gloves, this could totally transport you straight into Buckingham Palace. Supplies: Thick Sinamay or similar ribbon Large silk flower Button Hair comb Decorative feather floral picks Needle and thread First I started by cutting the stem and removing the center from the flower. I was able to pull mine right out but depending on the type of flower, you may need to cut it out. After that I hot glued the button in the hole for the center. After that go ahead and start folding and twisting the ribbon into a shape you like.

Once the main ribbon piece is secured, you can attach the hair comb to the back. Simple Drawstring Coin Purse. I hope you didn't mind the wait and are not disappointed - but I finally got my act together.

Simple Drawstring Coin Purse

So, here's a new tutorial for a very easy to assemble drawstring coin purse. As a matter of fact this is so easy it would make a nice little craft for kids too. Just have them use felt instead of leather, or why not oil cloth. No-Sew Rolled Fabric Flower Baby Headband. Look at that so-cute-I-could-cry baby headband!

No-Sew Rolled Fabric Flower Baby Headband

I came across this picture at Post Road Vintage while surfing the web. She made the headband using an adorable no-sew Rolled Fabric Flower tutorial she found at My Sparkle. I asked the tute author, Danielle, to share the how-to with us so we could all make adorable baby headbands too! DIY Gift Wrap Inspiration. You may have seen the post that Emily wrote a few weeks back showing you DIY gift wrap ideas using everyday materials.

DIY Gift Wrap Inspiration

Well. . . she inspired me. Tutorials. Pappersaskar – Craft of the Day, paper boxes. När jag var liten lärde min mamma mig göra dessa pappersaskar.

pappersaskar – Craft of the Day, paper boxes

Black and Silver. I've just started another marriage certificate and have been thinking a lot about the design the past few days. The couple requested the quilling be done in black as the text is hand calligraphed in black ink on white paper. I suggested adding a few silver gilded filigree elements to compliment the dramatic look of all black and they liked the idea, especially after I emailed pictures of previous work I'd done in black and silver. Paper flower tutorial. I thought some of you would enjoy a quick tutorial on how to make those little paper flowers I used as part of my table setting a couple weeks ago.

The credit for these go to Martha Stewart (I saw this idea nearly 10 years ago in her magazine, but haven't been able to find it on her website). Homemade cards (the quick and easy version) I love giving homemade cards. Lala love - natalie spencer photography blog - DIY - {heart shaped sugar cubes} i♥faces. Callaloo Soup: Vintage Gift Wrapping Ideas. Every year I try to come up with unique ways to wrap the Christmas gifts. Tea with a twist « Kate's Creative Space. Sometimes the simplest projects are the most fun, and these are certainly simple.

When we have people to dinner, the evening inevitably draws to a close with coffee – for the hardened souls who can sleep despite any amount of caffeine – and herbal teas, for those of a healthier disposition. I have a range of lovely different fruit and herbal teas, but all are pretty uninspiring to look at, especially when served bag-in… so here’s a way of pimping your teabags to raise a smile!

I raided my stash of beads and charms, and simply replaced the original paper tags with something a little more interesting. Ideas below… Lovebird tea? Shabby Chic First Birthday Party. No Sew Hair Flowers. Make flowers from crepe paper. Ages ago I bought a package of crepe paper (like this—the folded sheets, not streamers). An impulse purchase simply because... it was orange?

The other day I finally made some flowers with it while watching way too much HGTV. These will be nice gift toppers, or maybe I'll do more and make a wreath. Materials: Sheet of crepe paper Small piece of cardstock Scissors Glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue) Toothpick Cut 12 circles from a sheet of crepe paper, any size you like depending on how big you want the final flower to be. Orient each petal so the grain in the paper runs vertically. Cut out a small circle of cardstock (about the same size as the petals before you shaped them.) Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Giveaway! ***This giveaway has ended - scroll down to see who won! 25 Patchwork Crafting Ideas. Rainbow Centerpiece. SPOON ROSE PIN DIY. One of the things I love the most about jewelry is its sculptural properties. Gör dina egna kalaspåsar – DIY Party bags. Till lördagens kalas har jag och dottern gjort egna kalaspåsar till barnen som kommer. Vi dissekerade en köpt kalaspåse för att se hur den var gjord och sedan gjorde vi vår egen variant.

Sequin TB roll sunburst mirror! Waltz Sonobe by Maria Sinayskaya. Rolled Paper Roses {Tutorial} Drift Wood Orb Tutorial. Dear Chicago House, Bling Storage for the Bathroom. Dear Chicago House, Chicago teenager does like her make up but her bathroom usually looks like a bomb has exploded in it, with makeup brushes everywhere and clothes on the floor...sigh. DIY Wedding Favors: Salt Dough Tags. Posted on February 8, 2012 by Christina These fancy schmancy salt dough tags will add pizazz to your DIY wedding favors. Crepe Paper Tutorial. Reclaim: Plastic Bottles.

How to Make A Decorative Chrysanthemum Mirror. DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier. Cute Painted Pasta - Pasta decorada. Wedding Inspiration & Styling. DIY Project by Posh Paperie and Jackie Wonders Photography. Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas for Packaging Handmade Soaps and Other Bath and Body Products. DIY Gift Wrap by Grey Likes Weddings. Project 1: Rock + Bowl + Flame ( 31 DIY Projects for Busy Gals)

How to fold an origami star. Carrie’s Messy Beehive Tutorial « WishWishWish. How to Make a Fabric Bow. Pinwheel Bow with a Sally's Clip. Free HairBow Instructions: hairbow free directions, hair bow business work at home. 2 Tone HairBow : Hip Girl Boutique - , Ribbons, Hair Bows, Hair Clips, Hairbow Hardware, Free Hairbow Instructions. Free HairBow Instructions: hairbow free directions, hair bow business work at home.

B is for Bows. Цветы из Ткани. Origami ★ Septima Star ★ Origami Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa - tutorial. Shhh... Don't Bother Me, I'm Reading. A quick and fun project.