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Video - Breaking News Videos Video - Breaking News Videos Canine combat vet guards Pentagon halls Soldier's shocking airport surprise Gay Olympian: We've come a long way WWII veteran receives special gift Gay skater thought Olympics was impossible Donor puts $3,500 ring in donation bucket Material has impacted the water supply Manchin: We'll find the culprit in spill Fed. emergency in West Va. chemical leak Chemical spill contaminates water Many without water after chemical spill GOP members gloat over Christie troubles Who is former aide Bridget Anne Kelly? New documents shed light on scandal Christie denies involvement in scandal Giuliani: Dumb political prank backfired Christie: I fired Kelly because she lied Gov.
By Kumudu Kumara (Date: 9 Jun 1990) Myths play an important role in human life both personal and collective. On the collective side there are myths related to nations, races, castes, religions etc which serve to group human beings under these mostly primordial categories, providing members of those groups feelings of security and an ideological basis for unity against the 'others' outside these groups, which may be a foreign power in the case of a nation, or another race, ethnic group, caste etc. VIOLENCE : MYTHS AND REALITY VIOLENCE : MYTHS AND REALITY
25 Torture Methods Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime Uses to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners | Clearharmony - Falundafa in Europe
Bush Approved Use of Insects in al-Qaeda Interrogations -- Printout - Bush Approved Use of Insects in al-Qaeda Interrogations -- Printout - Thursday, Apr. 16, 2009 By Michael Scherer / Washington The Bush Administration approved the use of "insects placed in a confinement box" during the interrogation of top Al Qaeda official Abu Zubaydah, according to a 2002 document that President Obama declassified for release Thursday.
From insects to waterboarding: 10 'torture' techniques blessed by Bush - Times Online
Military Torture, Legal Fig Leaves & Premature Exculpation... Guest Blogged by Ernest A. Canning "When any modern state tortures even a few victims, the stigma compromises its majesty and corrupts its integrity. Its officials must spin an ever more complex web of lies that, in the end, weakens the bonds of trust and the rule of law that are the sine qua non of a democracy. And, beyond its borders, allies and enemies turn away in collective revulsion." - Prof. History of CIA Torture: Unraveling the Web of Deceit, Part I History of CIA Torture: Unraveling the Web of Deceit, Part I
An Excerpt from the book: In Sheep's Clothing By George K. Simon Two Basic Types of Aggression There are two basic types of aggression: overt-aggression and covert-aggression. When you're determined to have something and you're open, direct and obvious in your manner of fighting, your behavior is best labeled overtly aggressive. When you're out to "win," dominate or control, but are subtle, underhanded or deceptive enough to hide your true intentions, your behavior is most appropriately labeled covertly aggressive. Psychopaths In Sheep's Clothing Psychopaths In Sheep's Clothing