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Designing-in performance: A framework for evolutionary energy performance feedback in early stage design. Highlights Description of a multidisciplinary design optimization framework for concept design Identification of performance feedback criteria for early stage architectural design Description of a custom genetic algorithm for design and performance optimization Validation and measurement of an evolutionary optimization method for design Improvements for early stage design decision-making through an MDO framework.

Designing-in performance: A framework for evolutionary energy performance feedback in early stage design

Blurry paths. GREG LYNN FORM – Composites, Surfaces, and Software, 2011. Books « neil Monographs Neil Leach, Camouflage, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2006 Neil Leach, Forget Heidegger, Bucharest: Paideia, 2006 Neil Leach, China, Hong Kong: Map Books, 2004 Neil Leach, Millennium Culture, London: Ellipsis, 1999 Neil Leach, The Anaesthetics of Architecture, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999, 101 pp.

Books « neil

The style war continues. Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects and evangelist for Parametricism has released volume one of his magnum opus.

The style war continues

Steve Parnell gets stuck in The Autopoiesis of Architecture, by Patrik Schumacher. John Wiley & Sons, volume 1, Dec 2010, £29.99 In the deliberately provocative piece that Patrik Schumacher wrote for the AJ last year, ‘Let the style wars begin’ (AJ 06.05.10), he declared war. Style and the Pretense of 'Parametric' Architecture. PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS/Day01 - Patrik Schumacher: Parametricism. Patrik Schumacher, "Parametric Order—21st Century Architectural Order" The Autopoiesis of Architecture dissected, discussed and decoded. 4 March 2011 | By Peter Buchanan In the autopoiesis of architecture, Patrik Schumacher introduces a new unifying theory of architecture.

The Autopoiesis of Architecture dissected, discussed and decoded

Peter Buchanan decodes, dissects and weighs up Schumacher’s arguments Architectural criticism, culture and campaigning - join the global architectural community - subscribe today. You’ll get instant access to this article and 20,000 others like it. A (belated) guide to the Autopoiesis of Architecture. About a year ago Patrik Schumacher's 'Autopoiesis of Architecture' was released.

A (belated) guide to the Autopoiesis of Architecture

I read it and reviewed it for Icon here. What I also started doing was writing a detailed review, with the rationale that a work so ambitious needed at least to be given a proper look. The problem is, however, that I never managed to finish the bloody thing, being a) just a mere mortal, not a Herculean near-god like Patrik, and b) really bloody busy.