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Rugs and Beyond

Rugs and Beyond is one of the best handmade carpet and Rugs shop in India. Which provides Quality handmade area rugs, carpets, all modern rugs and best quality rugs.

Best tips for cleaning rug and carpet at home. Most people would agree that decorative rugs are one of the most beautiful ornaments that you can use to make any room in the house look elegant and stylish.

best tips for cleaning rug and carpet at home

They are simply unique, colorful and pleasant on the eye. However, all good things come with a price and keeping these precious rugs clean requires a little bit of knowledge and understanding of what type of vacuum is best for cleaning it. Difference between Carpet and Rugs Now, before we go into details about what type of vacuum is best for a particular rug, it is important to know the difference between carpet and rugs. Some people may doubt the need to distinguish between the two because they believe that they are one and the same. Carpets are usually larger than 6 and ½ feet (2 meters) and the materials used are generally thicker than the materials used in rugs. Now that we know their different characteristics, we can say that vacuums that use brush rolls are good on carpets because of its thick materials and size. Best tips for cleaning rug and carpet at home.

Buy Handmade Traditional Rugs Online. Top features of Rugs and Beyond that makes it the Best Online Rug Store - Rugs and Beyond. Rugs and beyond is synonymous with “One of a kind” handmade Rugs and Carpets.

Top features of Rugs and Beyond that makes it the Best Online Rug Store - Rugs and Beyond

At that time of their inception, products were only sold in India but within six months, the company has already shipped carpets to over 200 different countries. Here you find five reasons which makes, Rugs and Beyond the best online website for handmade carpets and rugs. Huge variety of products: They have a huge variety of products. How to clean your carpet at home. Keeping your home clean and organized isn’t easy, especially if you have children or entertain lots of guests.

How to clean your carpet at home

All of them bring in outside dirt without even realizing it, so you have to find a way to clean your carpets efficiently and easily. Therefore, here are a few carpet cleaning tips that might help you do so. Vacuuming 2.0 This is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning, and it’s easy to understand why – vacuum cleaners have been in our lives since early 20th century and are the best way to remove the dust from your carpets. However, simply vacuuming isn’t the same as effectively cleaning your carpets because you have to know how to use them to get maximum results. Going professional If you can’t get rid of all your stains by vacuuming, hire a professional. Decorating Tips and Ideas around a Handmade Silk Rug. Handmade silk rugs are very exclusive rugs.

Decorating Tips and Ideas around a Handmade Silk Rug

We can say that a handmade silk rug is the king of all types of carpets due to its exclusivity. These are expensive but when you used it then you will find that you spent your money in a right way and it was totally worth it. These are available online as well as in retail shops of handmade rugs and carpets. When you buy a handmade silk carpet then always ask questions regarding the silk because many of the retailers sell artificial silk which is made in nylon, and really looks like pure silk. Stylish Ideas for Cool your Interiors this Summer. As we know that summer is just about to come.

Stylish Ideas for Cool your Interiors this Summer

So everyone looks for the way to cool down at home. You can use air conditioner but AC is not a proper solution for everyone because it uses a lot of energy. So I am going to tell you some alternative ideas which is suitable for everyone without using much energy. Choose light colored shades: Light-color shades are very effective for the room in summers. These colors reflect the heat back outside. Cleaning Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful Home – John Thomas – Medium. Cleaning a home is just like climbing the Mount Everest.

Cleaning Tips and Ideas for a Beautiful Home – John Thomas – Medium

This usually happens when you start cleaning your room without making a plan. Always plan before cleaning of the room and figure out what to discard and what to keep. 1) Prepare a List and Schedule for Cleaning your Home: Firstly, think how much time you have. There are two types of cleaning. Before you begin, play the song you love and that gets you pumped. Find the best gifts ideas for mother's day. As we know that mother’s day is just about to come and we all want to gift something special to our mothers.

Find the best gifts ideas for mother's day

On this special day, we all should gift something to our mother which is very exclusive and create some memories and gift something which is highly durable. Chocolates, flowers are an old thing and don’t last for a long time. These are useless things. Characteristics of a Modern Chindi Dhurrie « Home Decor Tips and Ideas. Discount Rug Sale at Rugsandbeyond. 3 Easy Ideas for Cleaning your Home Everyday – John Thomas – Medium. First, when I think of cleaning my place, I think Saturday and Sunday are the best days for cleaning a home because it literally takes a whole day.

3 Easy Ideas for Cleaning your Home Everyday – John Thomas – Medium

But now I clean my home almost every day and that too within 20 minutes. So I am going to give you some best ideas which I used to clean my home in the most efficient manner. 1) Collect the all useless accessories: Begin the cleaning of your room by collecting useless accessories like the useless bottle, useless clothes, watch etc. Store these things in a box. 2) Surface cleaning:- After collecting the accessories, you should start cleaning with surface areas. Buy Modern Rugs, all modern rugs and contemporary rugs online. Creative ideas to decorate and design a guest room.

Decorating a guest room is not just simply decorating a space, it represents your creativity, ideas and your lifestyle to the guest.

Creative ideas to decorate and design a guest room

Decorate with a soothing color scheme and fill the room with decorative furnishings that have practical uses. You can take inspiration from hotel rooms, website pictures etc. I am going to give you some easy tips for decorating your guest room. Rugs and Beyond:Decorate the home with Handmade rugs and Carpets — Cost Effective Ways to Amplify the Interiors of a... Best ways to use a handmade Dhurrie for a home.


Best ways to use a handmade Dhurrie for a home

Decorating a home like your dream home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding tasks you can undertake. Protecting your floor area is just like protecting your yourself because most of the area gets dirty due to dust which comes from outside. Handmade Carpet is the best solution for protecting your surface area. For example, if your surface area is made of white marble then it gets dirty due to dust and you cannot change it every year. Shop Area Rugs online, buy rugs online, Handmade carpets. Top 3 Trendy home Decor Themes for 2017 « Best Carpet dealer and Retailer in India. Stylish Ideas for Cool your Interiors this Summer. Stylish Ideas for Cool your Interiors this Summer. Rugs and Beyond: Difference between rugs and dhurries. Handmade durries and carpets both are used for decorating floors and room surface. These are the best option to provide beauty and full protection for marble floor as well as for wooden floor.

Constructing of home floor is a very difficult task. You cannot change your floor every year or within 10 years. So use a handmade carpet or dhurrie in order to protect your expensive floor tiles. Most of the people just want to know that what the actual difference between handmade carpet and dhurries. Discount Rug Sale at Rugsandbeyond. Top 5 Magnificent DIY Rug Tutorials. There are a number of ways for a Do-It-yourself when it comes to beautiful rugs and carpets. There are fresh DIY ideas to breathe new life into your old floors. Rugs are something that require to experiment especially when you are designing or decorating a new space.

Rugs have a profound impact in one's home and can literally tie the entire room together. All said and done, it is important to have a good quality rug, but buying the same from a local store can certainly cost a bomb. Beautiful handmade carpet for decorating a home. We all have those housewares that bring us joy every time we see them, from that painting you picked up while traveling after college to a set of funny dishtowels in the kitchen. However, there’s one item that can tie virtually any room together in an instant: a beautiful handmade rug. Whether you live in a farmhouse in the country or a high-riseluxury condo, the right rug can add personality to any room. Creating the exact ambiance you’ve been eager to cultivate is easy when you have a great rug to start with; in fact, building around your favorite floor coverings can help you create a well-thought out a vision for your entire design scheme. 5 Outdoor Interior Decorating Ideas for 2017.

French Contemporary Modern Rug in New Zealand Wool. How to professionally clean and restore your damaged carpet - Home decoration, carpet cleaning, carpet washing, how to clean carpet, carpet care, Best Carpet Trends, Best quality rugs, Rugs and carpets, handmade Rugs and carpet online, home improvement How to professionally clean and restore your damaged carpet April 13 2017 Written by Rugs and Beyond and from Overblog. How to design a modern verandah in style by Rugs and beyond. The best verandah is one that can make every visiting guest happy. Also, the verandah should be easy to install, add value to the property and help distinguish the house from the others. Overall, a colorbond and modern verandah should add to the beauty of the house and allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the house.

These verandahs can be custom fit into a flexible design that suits the requirements. Taking these requirements and the budget into consideration, the verandah design can be chosen. Top Fabulous Easter Decoration Ideas for dining room. The dining room is a place where all the family members sit together and also spend time with friends and guest. How and where to buy Quality Carpets Online and Offline « Home Decor Tips and Ideas.

Glass Pool Fencing - Best Safety Option. Having a pool in your property is one of the best relaxing options you have for the family. Outdoor Interior Decor Ideas2017. Beautiful Area Rugs for the Living Room by Rugs and beyond. Best Placement Ideas to Use a Handmade Rug at Home. Top Tips For Cleaning A Rug At Home. DHURRIES ONLINE FOR SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION 2017. Design Rules to Consider When Redecorating Your Place. New Arrival of Designer Modern Rugs and Carpets – Yak Carpet – Medium. A modern carpet is something that enhances the beauty of your room and adds warmth and charm to any space where it is place once. a best Quality Modern carpets contain many designs and are available in many sizes.

These are woven in hand knotted and hand tufted. Buy durry online, cotton durries, handloom durries. Shop all modern rugs and modern carpets. Process of Weaving Handmade Rugs and Carpets. Eco Plus Carpet the Latest and The Most Appealing Flooring Solution. When it comes to flooring, lot many options are available in the market and thus the choice becomes difficult. You need to choose the one which serves your purpose. If you want a unique flooring solution, you must go for an Eco Plus carpet and avoid the wooden floors. Having attractive patterns, colors, and textures, such beautiful quality carpets are eco-friendly and green. It is the ultra soft carpet which is a luxurious flooring solution for homes. It can fabulously add to the comfort level of your home. If you have pets at home, it is necessary to have soft and cozy floors.

Why Must You Go for Eco Plus Carpets? Top 3 Features of Kashmir Silk Carpet – Yak Carpet. Kashmir Silk carpet is the best area rug among all carpets. Kashmir silk carpet adds real grace to your room. Due to the hand knotted character makes them more durable and exclusive when you compared with machine made carpets. Material: These are mainly made in pure silk with silk or with cotton which is produced in China (Considered the world’s top pure silk producer).

These are hand-woven, hand knotted carpets. Cleaning and Care of Handmade Durries by Rugs and beyond. Top 3 reasons to buy a Kashmir Silk Carpet – Nisha Paul – Medium. Buy Area Wool Rugs, wool Carpets for sale and Modern wool Rugs. Carpet and Rug Design Ideas for a New House - Yak Carpet. Difference between Handmade and Machine Made Carpets. Dhurrie Rugs and Carpets Collection by Rugs and Beyond « Home Decor Tips and Ideas. Home Decorating Spring Ideas for 2017 – John Thomas – Medium. Best Carpet Trends in 2017 for Indian Homes - Empowering Women weavers to Celebrate International Women's Day. Top 3 Reasons Why a Woman Should Have Her Own Startup -Sakshi Talwar - BW Disrupt. Essence of a Modern Design Handmade Rug « Home Decor Tips and Ideas. Latest 2017 Interior Design Trends for Home Decor – John Thomas – Medium. Inexpensive Renovations to Raise the Value of your Home. Stylish and Trendy Rug Ideas for 2017.

Importance of Rug in today's modern Home decor. Best Selling area rugs. HANDMADE RUGS AND DURRIES – John Thomas – Medium. 5 Brilliant Decor Tips for Your Pristine White Kitchen. New arrivals Area Rugs and Carpets sale. Rugs and Beyond : Hub of New Arrival Rugs and Carpets online : HomeDecorating. Discount area rugs, Rugs and Carpet for sale. Guidelines for Obtaining Timber Bi Fold Doors. Shop Wall arts, contemporary Paintings, Online Art gallery. Important Things to be Considered While Selecting the Blinds for your House! Custom Rugs and Carpets. Rugs and Beyond: 2017 Decorating Tips for a Luxurious Home. Choosing the Best Carpet for your Needs. Handmade Vintage Rugs and Antique Area Carpets for Sale.

Handmade Cotton Durry and Woolen Dhurries. Rugs and Beyond Present Handmade Cotton durry. 5 Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom. Cheap Antique and Vintage Kilim rugs for sale. Custom Rugs and Carpets. Handmade Afghan Rugs and carpets online. How to Decorate a Home with Low Budget. How Can Glass Balustrades Be the Center of Attraction for Your House? Rugsandbeyond Blog: Rugs, Carpet and home improvement tips. Buy All Modern Area Rugs online UK and USA - Free Delivery. Buy Kashmir Silk rugs and Persian silk carpets. Buy Handmade Traditional Rugs Online. Yak Carpet. Shop Handmade Tribal area rugs and carpet online with Rugsandbeyond.