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How to Tie A Turban Headband : Strawberry Koi. When I met up with a friend quite a while ago, she was wearing a scarf in such a way that quite perplexed me, with a knot that seemed to have no start nor end and had the look of a turban-inspired headband.

How to Tie A Turban Headband : Strawberry Koi

Discovering how easy it really is to tie, I’ve been wearing it ever since about once a week. It’s great for hiding hair-pins or day-old curls … not that I ever have day-old curls or.. anything, of course not. DIY tutorial. Aan de hand van het Creabea artikel van zaterdag kreeg ik een aantal verzoekjes om een DIY tutorial te maken van het witte armbandje met het gouden rondje.

DIY tutorial

Ik ben gisteren, op een luie regenachtige zondag, direct voor jullie aan de slag gegaan. Het maken van de armbandjes is zo gepiept, het maken van de tutorial was iets meer werk dan verwacht haha! Kijk verder voor een uitgebreide foto uitleg ^^ Zie hier de achterkant, dus de slotjes van de verschillende armbandjes. Ik heb expres gebruik gemaakt van verschillende slotjes, gewoon om te laten zien dat er verschillende simpele mogelijkheden zijn. Een schaar om de waxkoordjes mee te door te knippen én 2 platbek tangetjes om de ringetjes mee open/dicht te buigen. Knip 2 even lange stukjes waxkoord af. Je kunt ook kiezen voor een kapittelslotje, in dit geval een zilverkleurig hartje. How to Make Macrame Bracelets. Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts - StumbleUpon. So way way back, in June, I wrote this Studio Organization post, about starting the process of organizing my studio by cleaning out the closet full of junk.

Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts - StumbleUpon

Well, it's September and...let's just say the closet is a work in progress. Some of the things that are taking up space in the closet are shirts that I never wear anymore. Simple_Rayon_Necklace. Cozy_scarf. How to make cute bookmarks. Cindy with Skip to my Lou is hosting a month of sewing ideas for a handmade holiday season.

how to make cute bookmarks

Pop on over there to see what inspires you. I joined in on the fun with these pretty, cute bookmarks and journal wraps. Do you have a book worm or writer you can gift to this holiday season? Decorative bookmarks and journal wraps make a great homemade gift idea. Plus, kids will be excited to dress up their books and journals, making reading and writing all the more fun! Materials: Ribbon or bias tapeScissorsNeedle and thread¼” ElasticBook or journal Ribbon Option: Create a rolled ruffle about 2 inches longer than the book or journal.

Fold under each end of the ribbon. Cut a piece of elastic to fit the book or journal. Insert the decorative bookmark in your favorite book or wrap it around your journal. Bias Tape Option: Skip To My Lou - StumbleUpon. Our headband had a flower that was starting to look a little tired and worn so we made it new again!

Skip To My Lou - StumbleUpon

This braided ribbon could embellish many things— a hair clip would be cute too! These headbands would make great handmade gifts for little girls to make each other! Woven Ribbon Headband Gather a headband and about 4 1/2 yards of ribbon. You can use any with — I chose 1/4 inch. Begin by finding the middle of the ribbon. DIY Macrame Bracelet - Honestly WTF. Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage.

DIY Macrame Bracelet - Honestly WTF

Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms. Happy knotting! You’ll need: Start by cutting the knotting cord into two 30 inch, two 20 inch and one 10 inch lengths. Center the 30 inch cord under the two middle strands. Pull tightly and slide the knot up to the top. Finish the 2nd half of the square knot by folding the left cord over the middle strands and under the right cord. Simple Bow Tie Top.

I'm so happy about how this turned out.

Simple Bow Tie Top

This is one of those projects that's been on my to do list forever and now that I finally got it done, I wish I had done it a long time ago. This is such a simple project. One of the easiest I've ever made. Don't have much sewing experience? Give this a go, I promise it's a piece of cake and any mistakes made are hardly noticeable because of the gather. Materials: 5/6 + yard knit & 1/3 yard silk, cotton, etc. My knit is 60" wide and my dusty pink silk (faux) is 45" wide. Your fabric doesn't have to be exactly as wide as mine, just keep in mind that if you buy a fabric that is less wide you may need to purchase more to compensate.

Cut two large squares to the dimensions of 30" x 30" If you bought 5/6 yd of 60" fabric all you have to do is cut along the fold line. **Edit- 30" length gives you a long top. Crocheted Chunky Lacy Quick Scarf. Yourstrulyg. DIY Printed Scarf. Like the other gals of, I am obsessed with Pinterest!

DIY Printed Scarf

I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve whipped up, crafts I’ve made, and pictures of cats I’ve pinned. So when I saw this DIY scarf tutorial, I knew I had to do it! Gather your supplies: light-colored scarf — this one would work well.fabric markercardboard to place the scarf on. No messes here! DIY Cowl Scarf. At recent holiday craft fairs I have been selling some very very lovely cowl scarves that I made out of vintage square scarves.

DIY Cowl Scarf

They are so easy and so comfortable, I can't keep it to myself any longer! Button Cowl (Step-by-Step) If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to get updates, freebies and all sorts of goodness .

Button Cowl (Step-by-Step)

Thanks for visiting! Don’t you just love accessories? Especially accessories that are cute and keep you warm? I definitely do, which is why I designed this easy, reversible cowl. 1. 2. 3. Quiet Lion Creations.