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An awesome tool for thinking, planning, and visualizing. But with the usual trade-off of power (immense!) And user-friendliness (not its strong suit).

Porting from WordPress to Storyspace, 4: sidethreads and projections – The Eclectic Light Company. What is Tinderbox?  View from a newbie. I've been reading the manual, playing around with Tinderbox, reading every resource on the Web, and comparing Tinderbox to apps which seem "adjacent" in the information management space.

What is Tinderbox?  View from a newbie

It occurs to me that Tinderbox is confusing to people because it consists of layers of increasingly advanced functionality, and that one is not required to know or use all the layers to make use of Tinderbox. These are the layers I see, as they unfold: # Capture. Creating an article in HTML with Tinderbox. This is a tutorial on writing an article with Tinderbox for publication as HTML.

Creating an article in HTML with Tinderbox

In fact, this tutorial was written using Tinderbox, so it'll serve as its own example. You're reading the HTML export now, and the complete source documents can be found here on GitHub. Writing an article in Tinderbox I'll build things up incrementally throughout the tutorial, documenting something close to the actual process I went through along the way. Asymco and Modularization. Modularization is the problem, notthe solution.

Asymco and Modularization

One great advance in production systems was the ‘modularization’ of product components so that each component could be designed and produced separately and then assembled. Taking note: Zettelkasten. Introducing Box. Table of Contents When I first started using Tinderbox I dreamed of exporting my notes as a website or blog.

Introducing Box

Storyspace 3: Space and Time, more from the Map view – The Eclectic Light Company. Much of the time, tutorials and demonstrations of sophisticated apps get bogged down in detail, and make the app look difficult to use.

Storyspace 3: Space and Time, more from the Map view – The Eclectic Light Company

Very capable, yes, but equally daunting to the inexperienced user. This short and very simple tutorial should show you how easy it is to create visually attractive hypertext using Storyspace 3 – or beautiful notes using Tinderbox 6, as it transfers across directly too. Processing Qualitative Research Data With Tinderbox. I wrote a while back that I often use a piece of software for the Mac called Tinderbox to churn through messy, unstructured focus group data and see the meaning and inherent structure in a soup of qualitative data.

Processing Qualitative Research Data With Tinderbox

I was fortunate to be asked to present my method at a Tinderbox Weekend last November by Tinderbox auteur Mark Bernstein. It's a complicated process at the start, but once it's set up correctly you can zip through qualitative research data pretty quickly and develop structure in the process. Automatic map view from outline hierarchy. You want your different outline levels in different circles.

Automatic map view from outline hierarchy

For an alias, the outline level you need is $OutlineDepth(original). Tinderbox. Exprima Talks: Reading Hypertext with Mark Bernstein. Exprima Talks, led by Corey Pressman of Exprima Media and conducted for Publishing Perspectives, is a series of discussions with people thinking and tinkering in the space of reading.

Exprima Talks: Reading Hypertext with Mark Bernstein

By Corey Pressman In this interview, Corey Pressman of Exprima Media poses a series of talking points, or prompts, to Mark Bernstein, about the current state of reading and where our digital content consumption is headed. Bernstein is chief Scientist at Eastgate Systems and the designer of Tinderbox, the tool for notes. Storyspace: the original hypertext app. There aren’t many apps still around and thriving which can claim to be the first of their kind: pieces not just of computer history but of our cultural history too.

Storyspace: the original hypertext app

Eastgate Systems’ Storyspace is the only such app which springs to my mind. Back in the 1980s, which I realise is around thirty years ago, and before many of you were born, hypertext was the VR of the day. Originally conceived in 1963 by author Ted Nelson, it was first realised in a demonstration computer system by Douglas Engelbart in 1968. Tim Berners-Lee and others then developed early hypertext-based systems which evolved into the World Wide Web, and so the first HyperText Markup Language (HTML) was coined.

Mac users were able to explore hypertext concepts when Apple released HyperCard in 1987. Now, after 28 years, I am delighted – and deeply so – that Eastgate Systems has just released version 3, which runs a treat on OS X 10.11, El Capitan. Perhaps the most important steps are those yet to come. MapSelf. Listing of Tinderbox tutorials on The tutorials here are provided courtesy of Shoantel Limited (Mark Anderson).

Listing of Tinderbox tutorials on

The tutorials, which are in HTML form, were created using Tinderbox and documented in Clarify. Note that the links below open pages published on's servers. The 'short' URLs are via for use in Twitter and the like. In more recent articles, where the steps start with a number, you can jump to a step by appending '#step_X_Y' to the main URL, where X is the step number and Y the sub-step. TinderBox. TechnoCrit. You are writing a short hypertext. Your hypertext will be clear, coherent, and concise.

You have something to say: stand up, speak up. Tell everyone that you are busy. Find a comfortable place to write. The Tool For Notes. A new era for Tinderbox: the tool for notes. Tinderbox 7 is faster, more expressive, and more helpful than ever – the invaluable tool for capturing and visualizing your ideas. Composites build big ideas from small notes Gorgeous new fonts make your work even more legible Quick links connect notes instantly Hundreds of improvements Whether you’re plotting your next thriller or writing your dissertation, designing a course, managing a legal practice, coordinating a campaign or planning a season of orchestral concerts, Tinderbox 7 will be your personal information assistant. Tinderbox 6 Inspector. This article describes the panes of the Inspector window of Tinderbox v6. This is opened/closed from the Window menu or via Cmd+1. 1.

Tinderbox colour controls A number of Inspector tabs use the same 'standard' group pf controls for configuring a 'Color' data-type Tinderbox attribute: Pop-up of defined (named) colours in the current document. Course Planning: Boxes and Links » Ordinary Human Language. As I explained in my previous post, I scheduled class time in my Tinderbox template by dropping notes (or aliases) into a class meeting’s container.

I also kept related materials together in “Reading” containers. Index. Tinderbox » Ordinary Human Language.