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Human Ranked Directory Project of the Web. Enterprise Predictive Analytics Software. Increase Your Researching Power With DEVONagent Pro. Everyone knows Google is the first-choice tool for web research.

Increase Your Researching Power With DEVONagent Pro

But Mac tool DEVONagent Pro could change all that. 15 amazing tools for online collaboration. Individuals in design teams don't always work together in the same office.

15 amazing tools for online collaboration

You may be positioned in distributed groups, or working from home, and clients can come from all over the world. This is where collaboration tools come in – they make it easier and faster for designers to get feedback and approve artwork in a professional manner, and they come in all sort of forms, from free Android apps to Chrome extensions. Here we gather together some of the best available online tools to allow designers to collaborate together in real time. Some are created specifically for designers, some serve as a concept crafting whiteboard, and we've also included some more full-on project management tools for when you need to take your collaborative project to the next level. 01.

Want to improve communication with your team? Perfect for anyone managing a team of remote employees, Slack enables project development to move forward more smoothly. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. The New York Times > Books > Sunday Book Review > Essay: Tool for Thought. Tool for Thought Published: January 30, 2005 (Page 2 of 2) Compare that to the traditional way of exploring your files, where the computer is like a dutiful, but dumb, butler: ''Find me that document about the chimpanzees!

The New York Times > Books > Sunday Book Review > Essay: Tool for Thought

'' That's searching. The other feels different, so different that we don't quite have a verb for it: it's riffing, or brainstorming, or exploring. These tools are smart enough to get around the classic search engine failing of excessive specificity: searching for ''dog'' and missing all the articles that have only ''canine'' in them. That might seem like an errant result, but it sent me off on a long and fruitful tangent into the way complex systems -- whether cities or bodies -- find productive uses for the waste they create. Now, strictly speaking, who is responsible for that initial idea? IF these tools do get adopted, will they affect the kinds of books and essays people write? Steven Johnson is the author, most recently, of ''Mind Wide Open.'' Tool For Thought. « Battle Of The Sexes, cont. | Main | DevonThink Continued » January 29, 2005 Tool For Thought This week's edition of the Times Book Review features an essay that I wrote about the research system I've used for the past few years: a tool for exploring the couple thousand notes and quotations that I've assembled over the past decade -- along with the text of finished essays and books.

Tool For Thought

Where Good Ideas Come From: Steven Johnson: 9781594485381: Books. The Tinderbox Way. Second Edition eBook The second edition of Mark Bernstein’s The Tinderbox Way is now available as a 375-page eBook in pdf and ePub formats.

The Tinderbox Way

The Tinderbox Way explores ways to use Tinderbox and the ideas that guide its design. The second edition has been extensively revised, with changes on nearly every page and about 40% entirely new material – including completely new chapters on agents, actions, time in Tinderbox, and information gardening. Everything has been updated for Tinderbox 5.11 . The second edition eBook is DRM-free. Table Of Contents. Sources and Methods #5: Mark Bernstein — Sources & Methods. Mark Bernstein - official website Tinderbox - Official Website Tinderbox App Review on App Storm “software for handling pieces of information, handling notes, and getting meaning out of them.”

Sources and Methods #5: Mark Bernstein — Sources & Methods

Note-Taking Jujitsu, Or How I Make Sense Of What I Read — A Different Place. All this isn’t to say paper copies don't have their uses.

Note-Taking Jujitsu, Or How I Make Sense Of What I Read — A Different Place

But some books just aren't available in digital format. I'll get into the workaround for that later. The best way to make this less of a problem is to gently nudge publishers to issue their books on a kindle format.1 But I am already getting off track. All this seemed to come to a head this past week, where a podcast I hosted together with Matt Trevithick took up the topic of notes and note-taking. Mark Bernstein, our guest on the show, wrote a really excellent book on the topic some years ago entitled The Tinderbox Way. “Notes play three distinct roles in our daily work:•Notes are records, reminding us of ideas and observations that we might otherwise forget.

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