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For Self-Driving Cars, There’s Big Meaning Behind One Big Number: 4 Terabytes. By Kathy Winter As an engineer, I love solving problems and using the “language of math” – or numbers – to understand the world we live in.

For Self-Driving Cars, There’s Big Meaning Behind One Big Number: 4 Terabytes

With meaning beyond their stated numerical value, numbers add context to stories and challenges in a way that words alone cannot. Big numbers are interesting as their meaning is often much more complex than their sheer size might suggest. Your browser history is for sale, here's what you need to know - Apr. 5, 2017. The rules had not yet gone into effect, but providers now find themselves with new freedom when it comes to collecting and selling their customers' data.

Your browser history is for sale, here's what you need to know - Apr. 5, 2017

What does that mean for you? What identifying information do they have? Internet providers already collect a lot of information that's necessary to maintain their networks, like your location and what you're looking at online. Many have said they will not use "sensitive" information, like medical records, children's data and banking details without consent.

However a simple browsing history can reveal those personal details, such as symptoms you've Googled. Related: Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections. 25 Features Every Business Website Must Have in 2017 (Infographic) Even though online businesses are becoming more prevalent, they haven't become any easier to launch.

25 Features Every Business Website Must Have in 2017 (Infographic)

To give your online business a greater chance to succeed, there are certain things you need to incorporate on its website. Of course, there are the simple things such as an easy domain name, a phone number and a logo, but it’s also vital to think about the content, links and navigation that will go onto your site. Related: 4 Things to Know About Money and Your Online Business. Apple is building augmented reality technology that could end up in smart glasses, report claims.

Apple hopes to eventually make smart glasses that will put computers on your face.

Apple is building augmented reality technology that could end up in smart glasses, report claims

That's according to a new report that claims the company is working on augmented reality as its next major product. The Race to Sell True Quantum Computers Begins Before They Really Exist. Within the next five years, Google will produce a viable quantum computer.

The Race to Sell True Quantum Computers Begins Before They Really Exist

That’s the stake the company has just planted. In the pages of Nature late last week, researchers from Google’s Quantum AI Laboratory told the world that a machine leveraging the seemingly magical principles of quantum mechanics will soon outperform traditional computers on certain tasks. AWS says a typo caused the massive S3 failure this week. Everyone makes mistakes.

AWS says a typo caused the massive S3 failure this week

But working at Amazon Web Services means an incorrectly entered input can lead to a massive outage that cripples popular websites and services. That's apparently what happened earlier this week, when the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in the provider's Northern Virginia region experienced an 11-hour system failure. The Amazon S3 Outage Is What Happens When One Site Hosts Too Much of the Internet. If you’ve been having trouble using some of your favorite apps today, you’re not alone.

The Amazon S3 Outage Is What Happens When One Site Hosts Too Much of the Internet

Users have reported trouble with sites and apps like Medium, Slack, and Trello. The problems seem to stem from trouble with Amazon’s cloud storage service S3, which Amazon confirmed is experiencing “high error rates,” particularly on the East Coast. Several other Amazon services appear to be having problems as well, but countless sites rely on S3 to host images and other files. Even Amazon’s site itself relies on S3, leading to some baffling updates from the company.

Motion Control content from Machine Design. Ever since Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, introduced his ideas for the Hyperloop back in 2013, it has been met with skepticism and harsh criticism.

Motion Control content from Machine Design

For those unfamiliar, the Hyperloop is a proposed transportation system that uses sealed-off vacuum tubes for a pod to travel 900 miles at speeds up to 760 miles per hour. It was immediately listed as science fiction. Many engineers and transportation experts pointed out the cost and possible engineering problems that would make the Hyperloop an impossible project. The initial idea for the Hyperloop was brought forth by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, back in 2013. (Image courtesy of SpaceX) Google. The Chinese manufacturer OPPO unveiled its latest innovation, periscope-style 5x dual camera technology, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Monday.


OPPO Vice-President Anyi Jiang, who presented the camera technology at the congress, stressed that the 5x dual zoom system is a "ground-breaking technology that will allow you to capture lives in vivid clarity. " Drawing inspiration from the submarine, the new technology integrated inside a smartphone is said to utilise two cameras in a unique periscope-style setup, which will reportedly allow users to achieve a 5x optical zoom without visible losses in picture quality.

The total thickness of the setup is set to reach 5.7 millimetres (0,22 inches). A Bizarre Bacteria Could Be the Key to Controlling Mosquitoes. In February of 1967, German biologist Hannes Laven hiked to a village 16 miles north of Yangon, Myanmar.

A Bizarre Bacteria Could Be the Key to Controlling Mosquitoes

He carried with him 100 mosquitoes from Fresno, California—50 males that had been infected with a bacteria called Wolbachia, and 50 females that had not. He bred these mosquitoes together, separated out the males from the thousands of offspring, and released them around the town’s 150 thatched-roof houses. Twelve weeks and six generations of California-Myanmar cross-breeding later he had eradicated the entire local mosquito population: None of their eggs would hatch.

Why Leadership = Storytelling – The Mission – Medium. Leadfully (a service of SYPartners) recently published this Q&A about my work helping CEOs and leadership teams achieve better results through strategic storytelling. I’m reposting it here with their permission. LEADFULLY: Why is storytelling a must-have leadership skill?

RASKIN: Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Therefore, if you’re leading people, you’re telling them a story — by definition. The 30 Years Rule – Innovation Takes A Lot Longer Than You Think. Analysis: The Rise of 5G Will Transform Mobile Edge Computing. The Paperfuge: A 20-Cent Device That Could Transform Health Care. The loose assemblage of paper and string Manu Prakash pulls from his pocket doesn’t look like much. Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that. The federal government has strictly limited the sale of firearm silencers for as long as James Bond and big-screen gangsters have used them to discreetly shoot enemies between the eyes.

Now the gun industry, which for decades has complained about the restrictions, is pursuing new legislation to make silencers easier to buy, and a key backer is Donald Trump Jr., an avid hunter and the oldest son of the president-elect, who campaigned as a friend of the gun industry. The legislation stalled in Congress last year. But with Republicans in charge of the House and Senate and the elder Trump moving into the White House, gun rights advocates are excited about its prospects this year. Quantum Encryption Is Coming Sooner Than You Think. The Time To Prepare Is Now. Internet security, once considered to be strictly in the domain of the wonkiest tech experts, has become central to public discourse over the past year. Besides the attacks on the DNC, even tech savvy business like Snapchat, Oracle and Verizon Enterprise Solutions have had significant breaches in the last year.

However, there is a more serious crisis coming. In five to ten years, we are likely to see quantum computers that are so powerful that they are able to break even the strongest encryption in use today. That means that soon, even our most vital and well protected data will be at risk. So if you want to protect your businesses, you should start preparing now. A Brief History Of Encryption. Intel's Incredibly Tiny Compute Card Could Make Obsolete Dumb Gadgets Upgradable. Intel computes credit card-sized brain for the Internet of Things. In the house of the near-future, everything from the lights, TV, vacuum cleaner, fridge, and even clothes pegs could be hooked into the Internet of Things (IoT). Many of these devices have different hardware setups that achieve similar ends, so Intel is aiming to streamline things for manufacturers with the Compute Card, a self-contained, customizable computer the size of a credit card, that can power various IoT devices.

Rather than find somewhere to squeeze in the individual components, hardware developers would need to build their devices with a special slot to house the Compute Card. Google. Amazon Alexa virtual assistant shines at tech show. The Secret to Exceptional Mental Strength Lies in This Surprising Science-Backed Habit. Samsung and Google built their ideal Chromebook. Intel kicks Kaby Lake into high gear with more than 40 chips and Optane support. After launching its first dual-core “Kaby Lake” chips for ultrathin notebooks in August, the floodgates have opened. At CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Intel announced it's now shipping 40 different Kaby Lake quad-core processors, for products ranging from tiny Compute Sticks to performance laptops and desktop PCs.

AT&T Lays Out 2017 5G Deployment Plans, Starting in Austin. 12 Coming Tech Tsunamis Previously Hidden – Humanizing Tech. Surprise heavyweight contenders emerge as third group to compete for control of Fair Park  The future of TV: Cloud-based broadcasting - Livemint. Sling TV accidentally reveals its set-top box for cord cutters. Ben Heck's essentials series: Wireless communications. The Pursuit of Meaning, Not Happiness is What Makes Life Incredibly Better. You don’t become happy by pursuing happiness.

You become happy by living a life that means something. — Harold S. Why Entrepreneurs Are Better Judges of New Ideas than Expert Investors. Google. Nintendo Switch Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET. On Flipboard. Study: Microsoft Office skills dominate job listings, but top-paying software gigs are all about AWS - GeekWire. Moving to the cloud requires (and attracts) scarce, expensive talent, say 3 big AWS users - GeekWire. Chrome 55 adds download manager, offline pages, performance improvements, and more [APK Download] On Flipboard. The World’s Hugest Jet Engine Is Wider Than a 737’s Fuselage., Inc.: This Could Be The Biggest Reason To Buy AMZN Stock.

Amazon's grocery store of the future: No cashiers, no registers, no lines. Amazon Unveils Greengrass For AWS IoT Developers. Intel and Amazon to release a smart speaker reference design. Central banks are rapidly driving society toward a cashless system – TheBlaze. How to Live Out of Your Car. Revealed: The best sports to ensure a long life... and it's bad news for joggers - Mirror Online. Poor smartphone signal, battery life? This breakthrough antenna could be the answer. Battery breakthrough will let phones charge in seconds and last for a week. Tuna's Declining Mercury Contamination Linked to U.S. Shift Away from Coal. Amazon acquired patents, employees from Biba, reportedly plans new video chat service. AWS drops its storage prices and launches new cold storage retrieval options.

New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds. 5 tips for getting started with the TV app for iOS - CNET. On Flipboard. Google. Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EVO Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET. Comparison: Google Home Vs Amazon Echo. AWS cuts prices of C4, M4, and T2 instances by up to 25% A MAP for accelerating Drupal 8 adoption. Revisiting why incompetents think they’re awesome. On Flipboard. Prepaid Cards Are Getting Better. Giving Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards. Amazon's Alexa now works on tablets, but the best new feature involves an Echo speaker - The Verge. The Navdy is an $800 accessory that makes almost any car smart. Magic Leap opens Seattle office as new details emerge about its secretive 'N+1' research teams. Google's answer to Microsoft's Surface Hub is an equally giant digital whiteboard - The Verge. On Flipboard. On Flipboard. On Flipboard. The 16 chains with the best free Wi-Fi, ranked.

AT&T Is Buying Time Warner Because the Future is Google. 25 unusual things you can clean in the dishwasher - CNET. Intel, Micron to bring 3D X Point Optane to Consumers. Montblanc's new pen-and-paper set transcribes handwritten notes onto your smartphone — Quartz. Alphabet’s Latest Project Is Birth Control for Mosquitoes. Five Useful Things You Can Do With a Burner Phone Number. Google Hardware Event: Everything That Was Announced. Hydrogen fuel cell train offers pollution-free rail trips. How ITT Tech Screwed Students and Made Millions.

This little black rectangle quickly and effortlessly disinfects water. The iPhone's new chip should worry Intel - The Verge. Cloud Computing: Big Companies To Step Up Migration To The Cloud. The race to be the all-in-one app. Smart light bulbs that work with the Amazon Echo and Amazon's Alexa. Tesla Plans Software Update for Autopilot Feature Within Two Weeks. Here's why Microsoft and Google have the same competitor as a partner. Mossberg: Apple, the king of tech taste and daring, takes a breather. Uk.businessinsider. How to Set Up Your New Chromebook. Best Chromebooks 2015 - Chromebook Reviews. Review: HP Chromebook 13. Your Chromebook Will Soon Be Able to Run Android Apps. Vizio Takes On Sonos With Its Double-Duty Wireless Speakers. How Chromebooks Are About to Totally Transform Laptop Design. Amazon's Alexa may soon butt into your conversations. Watch this cryptic but amazing new video for Magic Leap’s VR technology — Quartz.

The Future Of Energy Is Blowing In The Wind. Inside Bill Clinton’s nearly $18 million job as ‘honorary chancellor’ of a for-profit college. Mosquitoes Are Deadly, So Why Not Kill Them All?