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Millward Brown Digital Agencies 2016. The past, present and future of digital publishing. So what’s the future of digital publishing like?

The past, present and future of digital publishing.

Publishing has certainly come a long way since Gutenberg invented the press. Digital publishing was born in 1983, and since then, it hasn’t looked back. In fact, digital publishing has evolved as fast as the business models have. What was once the preserve of the cream among writers, has now opened up to the world at large, with radical new self publishing models. eBooks rule, but print books are not kicking the bucket yet! A Day in the Life of A Smartphone [Infographic] In an age where digital technology is ever present in almost all walks of life, have you ever wondered if we’re spending too much time on our phones?

A Day in the Life of A Smartphone [Infographic]

The number of people that own phones in general is staggering, with estimates of up to 4.77 billion users. When you compare that to the 7.4 billion people currently inhabiting the world, that’s 64% of the population that are using a mobile device. Arguably it was the iPhone that propelled the smartphone industry; today 1.9 billion people own a smartphone - 25% of the world’s population. And by 2020, that’s expected to increase to about 85%. The folks at 1st Aerials have compiled various stats and surprising facts about smartphones into an infographic - they’ve found sales data figures, smartphone usage stats and incredible lifestyle quirks, such as the incredibly brave (even if your phone is ‘waterproof’) 12% of smartphone users who use their phones while showering.

Uk.businessinsider. On Flipboard. Banking in Digital World.. What’s Involved in Marketing a Successful Mobile App? - Digital Doughnut. Brands looking to market a mobile app need to understand the key processes involved to take a business objective to a concept to a successful app.

What’s Involved in Marketing a Successful Mobile App? - Digital Doughnut

Mobile apps can work wonders for businesses, educating staff, bringing on board new customers and engaging current consumers. These days you will notice that many business small and large are following the mobile trend and understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a responsive mobile friendly website. A dedicated mobile app keeps your company ahead of the game and will take your marketing to the next level. A mobile app helps you to be visible to consumers at all times, it creates a direct marketing channel, builds brand recognition, provides value and improves customer engagement. Therefore when creating an app that will meet your business objectives there are a number of key steps to be aware of, and to ensure that your agency is familiar with the process of developing and marketing your app. 3 - Website. Programmatic advertising: where are the humans? - Digital Doughnut. Programmatic ad buying isn’t a new concept but it’s been making big waves in the media industry during the past few years.

Programmatic advertising: where are the humans? - Digital Doughnut

So, why is this form of advertising getting so much attention and what does it actually mean for businesses today? In its simplest form, programmatic advertising is an automated service, which allows businesses to buy adverts based on specific audiences and demographics. Audience targeting allows advertisers to focus their messaging, and real-time bidding allows them to bid on a per-impression basis. The Economist Plans for a Digital Future. The Economist, the 173-year-old London-based news publication, is ramping up on digital data management as it prepares for a future where most of its readers could come from digital channels.

The Economist Plans for a Digital Future

Although the majority of readers subscribe to the print version of the publication (as of October 2015 its print circulation was approximately 1.2 million compared to nearly 304,000 digital subscribers) these numbers may soon flip. Two years ago, The Economist selected the Oracle Data Management Platform to help it gain new subscribers and drive ad revenue. Brain Trust: Leading digital change programs. This Brain Trust asks three marketing leaders to answer: What’s one thing you wish you’d known before leading your first digital change program?

Brain Trust: Leading digital change programs

Alicia Mack, associate director of visual experience, Virgin Mobile. Why marketers need to do more to target high value app users. A Chart That Shows Which Industries Are the Most Digital (and Why) When business leaders talk about going digital, many are uncertain about what that means beyond buying the latest IT system.

A Chart That Shows Which Industries Are the Most Digital (and Why)

Companies do need assets like computers, servers, networks, and software, but those purchases are just the start. Digital leaders stand out from their competitors in two ways: how they put digital to work, especially in engaging with clients and suppliers, and how intensively their employees use digital tools in every aspect of their daily activities. Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) looked at the state of digitization in sectors across the U.S. economy and found a large and growing gap between sectors, and between companies within those sectors. The most digital companies see outsized growth in productivity and profit margins. But what are the key attributes of a digital leader? Digital assets across the entire economy doubled over the past 15 years, as firms invested not just in IT but in digitizing their physical assets.

Uk.businessinsider. Joanna i Igor spełniają marzenie Marka Zuckerberga. Chcą odesłać aplikacje mobilne do lamusa. Zainspirował ich gif.