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Web Developer Must Have - lacking some features ! Rated 5 out of 5 stars by j74 on December 20, 2013 · permalink · translate Hi, I'm using it, massively, in my work, everyday, along with firebug I also have some suggestions : 1) It will be nice if we could organize a "custom menu" with draggable tools & keyboard shortcuts bindings ( productivity )

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My Design Process: Everything You Need to Know A recent How Magazine article dealing with the creative process led me to think about my own process. From what I can remember, I never went about trying to create a creative process for myself. I simply tried various techniques over the years and have come back to the ones that have consistently worked for me. My Design Process: Everything You Need to Know
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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Web Designs for Coding | cssWOW:: CSS Gallery
Things-To-Do Before Publishing Your Site | gonzoblog.nl_V.02 Everytime you’re working on a new website there are some things and/or actions that should be considered before publishing a new website and making everything public. It is very important to be prepared in advance, as things are inevitable. In this article I’ll try to capture some of these important things and/or factors many developers often forget during the process of web development. Forgetting these actions can add up to big problems, considering these items will help your search engine ranking result and the overall user experiences of your site. The idea to write an article about this topic has everything to do with my publication of a new site yesterday, my ‘invite-me-to-dribbble-website’: – please tweet, share or bookmark! Domain Name, Web Hosting and Social Media

Things-To-Do Before Publishing Your Site | gonzoblog.nl_V.02