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English Profile - EVP Online. Vocabulary - PASS Cambridge BEC Higher (C1/2) - Cambridge English C1 Business Vantage (BEC Higher) - about the exam — BEC Exam Guide. 65 Common Cambridge English Business Exam (BEC) Speaking Part One Questions — BEC Exam Guide. BEC Higher Reading Part 1: free practice test. Businesses are not currently obliged to provide a workplace pension scheme, but the 2008 Pensions Act requires employers to have a qualifying pension arrangement in place from 2012.

BEC Higher Reading Part 1: free practice test

Employers will be obliged to automatically enrol jobholders onto the scheme and make a minimum contribution to the arrangement. Providing a workplace pension scheme has a number of benefits. There is income tax relief available on both the employer’s and employees’ contributions, and where the employer is a corporation, corporation tax is also available. Of the different work pension plans available, the stakeholder scheme has the minimum standards. Under this scheme, the money contributed is used to buy investments, and the investor must be prepared to lose out if these investments do badly. If a business has more than five employees over the age of eighteen who earn more than the lower earnings limit, and offers no other pension arrangement, it must offer its employees access to a stakeholder pension. 1. Courses. FCE Writing Tests for First Certificate in English. Cambridge English C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher) Speaking Part 2 & 3 — BEC Exam Guide.

However, during the speaking test, you must remember only to give professional examples.

Cambridge English C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher) Speaking Part 2 & 3 — BEC Exam Guide

You can talk about yourself but always try to use a professional context. If you have to choose a topic, you have only experienced as a customer try to keep the examples general but use the perspective of the company not as the customer. I have often had students who want to speak from a personal perspective. With some questions, this is a very natural mistake, but you MUST avoid it. For example Career development: what to consider when looking for an improved position in a different company. It is easy to fall into the trap of saying something like this. Firstly, management or team leader status is what I am looking for. Secondly, the salary is important because I would insist on an increase in my annual salary if I change jobs in order to have a better role.

Finally, the location of a new company is a factor too. What is wrong with that? Finally, the location of a new company is a factor too. Exams and tests. Exam Booster C1 Advanced. Published 20 March 2020 With many schools closed and teachers working in unfamiliar territory we have been looking at different ways to help.

Exam Booster C1 Advanced

That’s why today, we’re making our Exam Booster titles available to download. This title gives teachers and learners the ability to focus on essential exam practice for C1 Advanced. The book is perfect for self-study and allows learners to practice each part of the exam three times. ‘Exam facts’ provides practical information about each task. The ‘Exam tips’ section provides advice on how to approach the exercises, while ‘Get it right‘ boxes highlight typical candidate errors and how to avoid them. This book is the ideal addition to your preparation for C1 Advanced. You can view and even download the full book using ISSUU below. Audio download You can also download the accompanying audio here. If you would like to read other Exam Booster titles or articles to help you teach online from the Supporting Every Teacher series, click here. Bec higher speaking test.

Business. Achieve your ambitions in international business B1 Business Preliminary, B2 Business Vantage and C1 Business Higher, are three qualifications that provide a progressive way to develop and improve Business English ability, and make it easy for learners to prove to employers the exact level of their English skills.


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