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Tigons, Ligers & Other Mixes

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Liger. Liger, offspring of a male lion and a female tiger.


The liger is a zoo-bred hybrid, as is the tigon, which is the result of mating a male tiger with a female lion. The liger and the tigon possess features of both parents, in variable proportions, but are generally larger than either. It is thought that most, if not all, male ligers and tigons are sterile. The females, however, on occasion, may be able to produce young. The terms liger and tigon are portmanteaus of the words lion and tiger. Ligers tend to be larger and heavier than members of their parent species. The largest ligers often grow to lengths of more than 3.3 metres (10.8 feet) and weigh more than 400 kg (900 pounds); however, there are reports of some individuals weighing more than 1,000 kg (1 metric ton [about 2,200 pounds]).

Leopon. Pumapard. Pumapard, c.1900 Pumapard, Rothschild Museum, Tring A pumapard is a hybrid of a puma and a leopard.


Both male puma with female leopard and male leopard with female puma pairings have produced offspring. In general, these hybrids have exhibited a tendency to dwarfism. Reported puma/leopard hybrids[edit] In the late 1890s/early 1900s, two hybrids were born in Chicago, USA, followed 2 years later by three sets of twin cubs born at a zoo in Hamburg, Germany from a puma father and leopard mother.

Hagenbeck's puma/leopard hybrids may have been inspired by a pair of leopard x puma hybrid cubs born in Chicago on 24 April 1896 at Tattersalls indoor arena where Ringling Brothers Circus opened its season. A similar hybrid was reported by Helmut Hemmer. In The Field No 2887, April 25, 1908, Henry Scherren wrote "There was, and probably is now, in the Berlin Garden an Indian leopard and puma male hybrid, purchased of Carl Hagenbeck in 1898.

The hybrids were additionally reported by CJ Cornish et al. Liger Cub Makes Friends w/ Dolphins at Safari Park! How cute, this little liger cub actually makes some new best friends with 3 dolphins at the Safari park. Don’t they look cute together? Just imagine what they would make if they really became friends.. Ligerphins? Now that’s something I’d like to see! A liger cub enjoys an unlikely encounter with three dolphins in these amazing photos taken at a safari park.The six-week-old cat – the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger – and the trio of aquatic mammals were equally fascinated by each other.Nose to the glass at one point, the liger came face-to-face with the dolphins at Shenzhen Safari Park in Southern China, bordering Hong Kong. Via: dailymail Be Sociable, Share!