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Man-Eating Animals

Camera trap catches golden eagle vs. deer. Imagine wandering out to check your camera in the remote Far East of Russia, and finding the hide and skeleton of a sika deer, picked clean by something.

Camera trap catches golden eagle vs. deer

In a region stalked by tigers and bears, the death of a deer would at first seem not unusual. But this deer has no tiger prints, nor bear prints, not a trace of any predator to explain the what appears to be sudden death. This mystery could only be solved because the entire event was captured by the camera trap set up to monitor tigers and leopards by biologist Dr. Linda Kerley and wildlife vet Dr. Misha Goncharuk. © Linda Kerley, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) From the Wildlife Conservation Society press release: "I saw the deer carcass first as I approached the trap on a routine check to switch out memory cards and change batteries, but something felt wrong about it. The eagle does not succeed to lift off with the 6-7 month old deer, weighing approximately 40-50 kg. The photos establish a scientific first. Great White Shark Attacks Seal. Nile crocodile hunting wildebeast.

Leopard 'panther' with chittal deer fawn. Mantis vs Snake. Buffalo and lion endure epic hour-long fight to the death. Cast out by his pride, this starving lion was forced to take on a fully-grown buffalo in his desperate bid to survive.

Buffalo and lion endure epic hour-long fight to the death

What ensued was a brutal hour-long battle leaving both animals bloodied, exhausted and with fatal wounds. Dramatic images capture the lion savagely biting and clawing at the buffalo's mouth, the big cat's face smeared with blood from where he's been gored by his heavier and larger opponent's horns. Scroll down for video Tossed around: A male lion is flung into the air after attacking a lone female buffalo in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia The feline is tossed around in the air as he attempts to mount his adversary and is finally finished off when another buffalo arrives on the scene to deliver a lethal blow. The gut-wrenching pictures were taken by Matt Armstrong-Ford, 25, in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. He recognised the cat as a six-year-old lion who suffered from mange, a type of skin disease, and who had become detached from his pride. Loaded: 0% Orca hunting penguin. Green Heron uses bread to bait fish.

Hyenas eating rhino in front of calf. Catfish hunt pigeons. Leopard with giraffe calf. 3 cheetahs spare impala's life and play with him instead. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 19:36 GMT, 5 February 2010 Hello little antelope, would you like to play with us?

3 cheetahs spare impala's life and play with him instead

Coming from three deadly cheetahs, it's the kind of invitation that's best refused - but amazingly, this impala escaped unscathed from its encounter. Luckily for the youngster, it seems these three male cheetahs simply weren't hungry. No claws for alarm: Astonishingly, these cheetahs, whose instinct is to hunt for food, decide to play with this baby impala That's because unlike other big cats, the cheetah hunts in the daytime, either in the early morning or late afternoon. And that seems to be the secret to the antelope's survival, as it's likely it fell into the cheetahs' clutches when they were already full - and tired out - from an earlier hunt. Photographer Michel Denis-Huot, who captured these amazing pictures on safari in Kenya's Masai Mara in October last year, said he was astounded by what he saw. New found friends: The new-found friends part with a farewell lick.

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