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Photo: 1940 - 1990

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An Agfacolor slide of two chickens in Haselbach by Werner Esch Rich (early 1940's) Reindeer during strafing run in the Soviet subarctic (1941) Grandfather and grandson at Manzanar internment camp (1942) The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Paintings. Here is a selection of the photographs behind Norman Rockwells iconic paintings… Norman Rockwell Museum Voici une sélection de photographies derrière les peintures emblématiques de Norman Rockwells…

The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Paintings

Solider and a pet kangaroo joey (1942) Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography, black and white photography, people photography Tags:

Solider and a pet kangaroo joey (1942)

D-Day (6/6/1944) American GIs inspect an overturned German tank (1944) William E. Thomas & Joseph Jackson of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion [colorized] (1944/5) Otto Frank returns to the attic he hid in during WWII (1945) German soldiers watch Holocaust footage (1945) US Marines look over Iwo Jima from atop Mt. Suribachi (2/25/1945) Flight attendant on Air India on a Delhi-Bombay flight (1946) Marilyn Monroe modeling on the beach (1946) The real life models for Classic Pin-Up paintings. A series of comparisons between the classic pinup girls and photos that have served as models for achieving them;) via.

The real life models for Classic Pin-Up paintings

Japan in the 1950s. After Japan surrendered in 1945, ending World War II, Allied forces led by the United States occupied the nation, bringing drastic changes.

Japan in the 1950s

Japan was disarmed, its empire dissolved, its form of government changed to a democracy, and its economy and education system reorganized and rebuilt. Years of reconstruction were required to recover from thousands of air raids, including the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By the 1950s, a former enemy became a Western ally, parts of American culture became part of the Japanese landscape -- and Japan began to find its economic footing as a manufacturer consumer devices and electronics. [39 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: A young Japanese woman in a kimono takes part in the Hula-Hoop craze that swept America and Japan in this October 30, 1958, picture.

Women greet repatriated Japanese soldiers, formerly prisoners of war, on April 26, 1950. At the "America Fair". Engines of U.S. Mount Fuji, viewed from a passing train. William Francis Gibbs looks at his creation: SS United States (1952) Marine Sergeant feeding a kitten during the Korean War (1952) Mystery Photographer Vivian Maier Comes To Fame After Her Death. Boy's pet fawn watches him leave for school (1960) John F. Kennedy out with the family (1963) Bill Clinton meets John F. Kennedy (6/24/1963) 1964: The World 50 Years Ago. American paratroopers in South Vietnam (1965) High school fashions of 1969. Fashion, Vintage High school fashions, 1969 i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella?

High school fashions of 1969

No indeed! These are high school fashions in 1969 photographed by arthur shatz for life magazine. Subscribe to posts via Email arthur shatzFashionhigh school fashionlife magazinelife magazine archivessixtiesVintage Wednesday 20 April, 2011 Previous Post Next Post You Might Also Like Turned Out by Maya Thursday 17 November, 2011 glee Monday 31 May, 2010 creatures of comfort Tuesday 6 April, 2010. Accidental photo of a man falling to his death (1970) Cambodian solider treated in a make-shift operating room [colorized] (1970) Newly freed POWs in Vietnam (2/12/1973) 66 Amazing Behind the Scenes Pictures from Star Wars. Writen by Bogdan / Comments Off on 66 Amazing Behind the Scenes Pictures from Star Wars Star Wars is one of the most popular movie in the history, with millions of fans worldwide.

66 Amazing Behind the Scenes Pictures from Star Wars

To be honest I’m one of them and since I was a child, one of my wishes was to have a lightsaber. The Star Wars saga is a masterpiece and its contribution in making movies is huge. As a matter of fact, getting a role in this movie can be compared with an astronaut job: everyone will tell you how lucky you are. Star Wars universe is extraordinary and thanks to George Lucas we grew up playing as stormtroopers or rebels fighting the Empire. When I’m watching Star Wars I’m imagining huge galaxies populated with millions of species; I’m imagining a lot of interesting stories, heroes and intricate spaceships which are fighting at the speed of light.

Watching the Star Wars universe is great but isn’t is interesting to see how it was created? Oh and don’t forget, may the Force be with you. “Giant” space slug Meeting Mr. The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens (1980)