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Photographer Captures Two Male Lions 'Mating' In Botswana. A Pride of Lions Play With a Photographer's RC Car. The Results Are Awesome. Photographer Chris McLennan got closer to a pride of lions than any other photographer possibly could (although he did cheat a bit).

A Pride of Lions Play With a Photographer's RC Car. The Results Are Awesome.

He thought of a great way to get up-close and person to the animals: he attached his camera to a remote controlled car. The resulting photographs were incredible examples of how beautiful and majestic lions truly are. … and how they kind of resemble really, really big house cats. Chris used a remote controlled car with an attached camera to get close to the lions. Who knew that curious lions looked exactly like curious house cats? *sniff sniff* Hey, this doesn’t taste like gazelle! It’s like a few (deadly) kittens chasing after a string. Mrrrow! Now it’s time for the big boy to play! It’s easy to forget these adorable lionesses are killing machines. Looks like dinner, girls. Shocking Study Finds Lions are Nearly Extinct in West Africa.

Physically and emotionally demanding.

Shocking Study Finds Lions are Nearly Extinct in West Africa

That’s how Philipp Henschel, Lion Program Survey Coordinator for the big-cat conservation organization Panthera, describes the six years he and other researchers spent combing the wilds of 17 nations looking for the elusive and rarely studied West African lion. The results of their quest were disheartening to say the least.

Back in 2005, before the survey began, West African lions were believed to live in 21 different protected areas. But now a paper about the survey, published today in PLoS One, confirms that lions actually exist in just four of those sites. Worse still, the researchers estimate that the total population for West African lions is only about 400 animals, including fewer than 250 mature individuals of breeding age. Two Lionesses with Cub. Contemplative. Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags:


Crippled lion is dachshund's best friend. A 500-pound lion and an 11-pound dog have formed an unlikely friendship, proving that cats and dogs really can get along.

Crippled lion is dachshund's best friend

The puppies were introduced to Bonedigger in 2008 when he was just a 4-week-old cub. A metabolic bone disease rendered the lion mildly disabled. Park president Joe Schreibvogel — who goes by the name “Joe Exotic” — thinks the lion's state has something to do with the connection the animals formed. “The dogs thought it was just a big puppy and have loved each other since,” he told Today. “I also think they know the lion is not as normal as the rest.” Exotic says that Milo and his littermates sensed that Bonedigger was crippled, and they sought to protect him. Milo is Bonedigger’s closest friend, and he often tries to imitate the lion’s growls. Charging Lion. Historic (red) vs Present (blue) range of Lions. Lioness chasing young kudu. 7 Lions In A Tree [PIC] White lion cub. White Lion at the Seaview Game & Lion Park.

July 21, 2012 at 10:00am | by Hernando Seaview Game & Lion Park - Easter Cape, South Africa Via:

White Lion at the Seaview Game & Lion Park

Little Lion Cubs. Blog » BeetleCam vs the Lions of the Masai Mara. In 2009 we embarked on a project to take close-up, wide-angle photographs of African animals.

Blog » BeetleCam vs the Lions of the Masai Mara

To accomplish this we created BeetleCam, a small remote control buggy with a DSLR camera mounted on top. Filled with trepidation, we boarded a plane bound for Tanzania. We had little idea what to expect… would BeetleCam survive? It was a trip of mixed fortunes; BeetleCam took some fantastic photographs of elephants and buffalo but early on it was mauled and our camera destroyed by a lion. BeetleCam limped on with a replacement camera but we steered well clear of lions thereafter. On returning home our BeetleCam images were a big hit; they were splashed all over the Internet, appeared in print around the world and BeetleCam even made some TV appearances.

Well, last summer we returned to Africa. We had with us two BeetleCams. We edged the buggy forward and the lion considered it sedately. The pride had four cubs and it wasn’t long before they were all circling BeetleCam suspiciously. Barbary lion. The Barbary lion is an African lion (Panthera leo leo) population that is considered extinct in the wild.

Barbary lion

This population inhabited the Atlas Mountains ranging from Morocco to Tunisia and is also known as the Atlas lion. The last of its kind was shot in the western Maghreb in 1942 near the Tizi n'Tichka pass.[2] The Barbary lion was first described by the Austrian zoologist Johann Nepomuk Meyer under the trinomen Felis leo barbaricus on the basis of a type specimen from Barbary.[3] Characteristics[edit] Stuffed specimens, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle à Paris Museum specimens of male Barbary lion were described as having very dark and long-haired manes that extended over the shoulder and to the belly. Ecology and behavior[edit] Male Lion. Face-Off with a Lion. Lion in Snow. The Great White Lion. 31 Day Old Lion Cub.

Hugs with Lions. Tsavo maneaters. The Tsavo Man-Eaters were a pair of notorious man-eating Tsavo lions responsible for the deaths of a number of construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway from March through December 1898.

Tsavo maneaters

History[edit] Kid vs Lion at the Zoo. Lion cub has a blast playing in a pile of leaves. Karis is a young lion cub at Scotland’s Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Lion cub has a blast playing in a pile of leaves

Recently, as her keepers were raking leaves to tidy up her enclosure, one of them thought it might be fun to leave a pile for Karis to play in. Karis agreed. Yes, that would be fun… (via The Daily Mail) Lion Photography. Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home. EmailEmail “I want my mommy!”

Three White Lion Cubs Looking for a Home

“Doesn’t anybody love us?” “We’re hungry!” “I need burping!” “Well, at least we have each other.” “Alright guys! I guess I am naive enough to think that only humans can be so heartless as to turn away their own children. So, I wonder aloud here again about the whole zoo thing.