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Aero Sports in Karnataka's. Culturals Place In Karnataka. Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka. Beaches in Karnataka. Archaeology in Karnataka's. Karnataka's Popular Holiday Destinations. Popular Destinations Kodagu also known as Coorg, is an administrative district in Karnataka, India.

karnataka's Popular Holiday Destinations

It occupies an area of 4,102 square kilometres (1,584 sq mi) in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. Gokarna is a small temple town located on the western coast of India in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Main temple and deity is Lord Shiva, who is also known as Mahabhal..... Nagarhole National Park also known as ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park,’ is located 94 km from Mysore. Temples in Bangalore Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple The uniqueness of the Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple, apart from the 22-foot-high deity of Veeranjaneya, is its peaceful atmosphere. The Real Business Benefits of DevOps – BestDevOps. Source – DevOps, an evolution of the agile methodology, has firmly planted its feet in the enterprise. 2016 witnessed DevOps growing in maturity and in adoption and it has steadily now become a standard way of working.

The Real Business Benefits of DevOps – BestDevOps

According to the fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey, 2016 by RightScale, “DevOps adoption increased from 66 percent in 2015 to 74 percent in 2016”. Gartner estimates that in 2017 DevOps will be a mainstream strategy which is employed by more than 25% of the Global 2000 companies. DevOps Online Training. DevOps Concept, Foundation, Culture, Best Practices and Learning Problem That DevOps Solves Implement DevOps - Organization & Culture Continous Integration and Delivery Process Explore the DevOps background, approach, and best practices Integrate test automation with DevOps Implement continuous testing Discover the major steps required to successfully implement delivery pipelines DevOps Transition to a Project Operating Systems Windows Linux (CentOs & Ubantu) Version Control Management Tools Using Git Build & Lifecycle Management Tools Using Maven MSBUILD Gradle World of Application Packaging Tools with Nuget YUM APT.

DevOps Online Training

Top 5 Release Management Tools. These days the software industry is going under transformation and lots of new tools and skills introduced in software development process.

Top 5 Release Management Tools

So, today we will talk about a similar process & tool which plays a vital role in Software development. The process name is Release management. 7 Highly Effective Continuous Delivery Principles – BestDevOps. Source – If you’re in the IT space and you weren’t born yesterday, then you understand the need for speed.

7 Highly Effective Continuous Delivery Principles – BestDevOps

Development and release cycles are now faster than ever as companies implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CD). Browsers and social media sites, for example, are doing multiple releases a day, and organizations that want to keep up in the information age are implementing continuous delivery. But to ensure successful continuous delivery, there are continuous delivery principles every organization should know. Top Cloud computing and operating software. 15-05-2017 Hits:22 SVN(Subversion) Mantosh The old way of software development where the release engineers ran from one mates to another mates to keep track on Developers to know which module they are working and...

Top Cloud computing and operating software

Read more. 4 cool Kubernetes tools for mastering clusters – BestDevOps. Source – Kubernetes, the cluster manager for containerized workloads, is a hit.

4 cool Kubernetes tools for mastering clusters – BestDevOps

With the Big K doing the heavy lifting in load balancing and job management, you can turn your attention to other matters. But like nearly every open source project, it’s a work in progress, and almost everyone who works with Kubernetes will find shortcomings, rough spots, and annoyances. Here are four projects that lighten the load that comes with administering a Kubernetes cluster. A key part of the Kubernetes success story is its uptake with IT brands other than Google.

Kube-applier, which runs as a Kubernetes service, takes a set of declarative configuration files for a Kubernetes cluster, as hosted in a Git repository, and applies them continuously to the pods in the cluster. The changes can also be applied on a schedule or on demand. Top 10 Cloud Platforms. Cloud computing is one of the trends which is going in IT industry these days.

Top 10 Cloud Platforms

The traditional way of building IT environment is now shifting towards the cloud computing. This is the reason number of cloud service provider is increasing day by day and it becomes a tough task to select good one amongst them. So, In this article I am going to tell you about the top 10 cloud platforms for cloud services.

But, before that let's have a quick overview on Cloud platforms? Cloud platforms are platforms that allow developers to write applications that runs in the cloud and allows users to access data, services and applications, storage over the internet and allow them to work from anywhere on it. If we look on to the benefits of cloud platforms than these are the following benefits. Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria. 02-05-2017 Hits:89 Build Management Mantosh These days in software industry the process of software development very much rely upon best practices of various tools.

Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria

The software development teams use various tools like project management, release... Read more 27-04-2017 Hits:194 Scripting. Top 10 Scripting Languages in DevOps. This is the time of DevOps in software industry and DevOps uses different different languages for deployment automation and for software development.

Top 10 Scripting Languages in DevOps

This is the reason if you are a DevOps professional and want to be succeed in DevOps role than command on scripting languages is must. But, one can not be a master of all. Right? Therefore, In this article I am going to share a list of top 10 scripting languages which will be useful for your DevOps journey. But before that let's have a quick look on Scripting language. Scripting languages are programming languages that communicate and integrate with other programming languages. Ansible-training. Designed for system administrators who are intending to use Ansible for automation, configuration, and management.

Learn how to install and configure Ansible, create and run playbooks to configure systems, and learn to manage inventories. 8 Crucial DevOps Success Tips – BestDevOps. Source – Effective collaboration and communication are highly valued by the DevOps culture, and it’s been like that for a reason. It is an industry where even departments within the same company tend to distrust one another, and where distributed offices full of crucial roles are the norm. Thus, any possible positive improvement in the interaction between people is welcomed, especially for an organization where several moving parts need to collaborate in order to create a product on time and within a budget limitation. You need to master communications if you want to master DevOps.

Getting your operations and development teams to work together is the concept on which the success of DevOps hinges. SC questions Manipur govt, Centre’s silence over rape allegations involving minor. Source - The Supreme Court pulled up the defence ministry and Manipur government for their alleged inaction in a case involving a 15-year-old girl, who committed suicide after allegedly being raped by army personnel in October 2003. A bench headed by justice MB Lokur was hearing the petition related to extra-judicial killings in Manipur. Incidents where army personnel were involved are being taken up by the top court to determine which agency should probe the allegations against them.

The Centre has opposed such an inquiry, saying there should be no judicial interference in the functioning of the army. The details read out before the court dealt with the suicide case of a teenage girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted. “The girl was definitely subjected to rape, medical reports confirm that. Git Interview Questions and Answer. Q. What is GIT? GIT is a distributed version control system and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis to handle small and large projects with speed and efficiency. Q. What is a repository in GIT? A repository contains a directory named .git, where git keeps all of its metadata for the repository. Q. Mobile App Testing: 6 tips to solve problems. Source – More emphasis than ever is being placed on enterprises to create an amazing UX with their mobile apps.

As If delivering error free apps was not pressured enough these superior quality apps must be delivered faster than the competition while facing a constantly evolving technological landscape. The expectations and pressures of these situations will often drive a wedge between Testing and QA Teams. Github Administrator Certification by scmGalaxy. About. Static Code Analysis: Top 10 Tools. Supreme Court: Conduct NEET in Urdu also.

Source - The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Centre and CBSE to include Urdu as a medium of instruction in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) from the academic session 2018-19. The bench, however, accepted the submission by the authorities that it was not possible to include Urdu as a medium of instruction for the all-India medical entrance exams this session. Kibana Online Training and Certification by scmGalaxy. Course Details. Code Coverage Tools. Today we will talk about code coverage tools which are used by developers for measuring the quality of the software testing. 5 Tips for a Trouble-Free Cloud Migration – BestDevOps. Source:- If you’re considering migrating to the cloud, you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey, companies run 79 percent of their workloads in the cloud. Puppet Training by Devopsschool. About We offer a variety of training options to help you or your team get up and running with Puppet, or take your skills to the next level. 20 useful tools for web developers. 15-05-2017 Hits:12 SVN(Subversion) Mantosh. Preventing DevOps Failures. Source:- DevOps is a culture, a philosophy that is being practiced by many companies around the world to increase the productivity, reduce costs, and boost the company’s overall revenue.

7 Ways for Anyone to Invest in the Cloud. Source:- The cloud is growing. To cut costs and boost computing power and storage, companies are increasingly turning to cloud computing to run their businesses. That bodes well for firms that build hardware, data center infrastructure companies, telecoms and computer software designers.

Server configuration monitoring and diagnostics. Beware False DevOps Metrics. The 10 best tech jobs that pay the highest salaries. AMAZON AWS Certification TRAINING. The basic steps to adopt the continuous inspection pattern. Sonatype Nexus installation using Docker. Jira Certification Training. Top 10 challenges to DevOps implementation – BestDevOps. Broken DevOps Pipeline and how to Fix it with ARA? uBuild Training. 5 Tips for How to become a DevOps manager? How DevOps is enhancing the capability of software development? Logstash Training by devopsschool. 5 tips for keeping up with IT change. Common Problems in DevOps. Docker Secrets Management.

Platforms where you can find DevOps Coach, Trainer and Instructors easily. Important of Devops Skills. 10 skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech. 5 Tips to Streamline Your Security Team. Setup a Puppet Learning VM. Difference between Code Coverage and Test Coverage. Online Training. DevOps Implementation Without Containers. Github Training. DevOps And The Digital Transformation.

Supreme Court India on Farmers Suicide. How to attach the jenkins build log as part of the email body? Nuget Training. Big Difference between DevOps and Automation. Environment variables and properties defined in jenkins. Nant Training by devopsschool. Top 10 questions every DevOps candidate should answer. DevOps Upcoming Events in Amsterdam. DevOps Classroom Training & Workshop in Bangalore. Hyderabad - Classroom - DevOps Training & Workshop. DevOps Classroom Training & Workshop in Pune.

DevOps Classroom Training & Workshop in Amsterdam. Couple attacked outside high court. Jenkins Online and Classroom Training. Jenkins Remote access API Example. 4 reasons you should use Kubernetes. Ten project tools that every development team could use. Gradle Training. DevOps Classroom Training & Workshop in Hyderabad. DevOps Classroom Training & Workshop in Bangalore. Continuous deployment for your tests. Chef Online Training. Puppet Online Training. DevOps Courses and Online Training. Build & Release Online Training. Build & Release Online Training.

DevOps Java Certification by scmGalaxy. DevOps Classroom Training. Definition of rape has been changed. Why big data needs DevOps ? Build and Release Trainer in bangalore by scmGalaxy. Build Forge Courses and Training. Supreme Court declines Sasikala’s plea for time to surrender in DA case. Maven Vs Ant by scmGalaxy. Teamcity Courses and Training. Automated Test Environments for DevOps by bestdevops. Best 5 git version control software in cloud. Github Administrator Training and Courses.

AWS vs. Azure and Serverless Computing. Supreme Court Will decide only legal aspect of triple talaq. Best 3 steps to boost your career in the cloud – BestDevOps. AMAZON AWS Training and Courses. How can you become a successful DevOps Engineer. Best DevOps Training and Trainer.