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What Does Your Body Language Say About You? How To Read Signs and Recognize Gestures - Jinxi Boo - Jinxi Boo. Art by LaetitziaAs we all know, communication is essential in society.

What Does Your Body Language Say About You? How To Read Signs and Recognize Gestures - Jinxi Boo - Jinxi Boo

Advancements in technology have transformed the way that we correspond with others in the modern world. Because of the constant buzz in our technological world, it's easy to forget how important communicating face-to-face is. When conversing old-school style, it's not only speech we verbalize that matters, but what our nonverbal gestures articulate as well. Body language is truly a language of its own. We all have quirks and habits that are uniquely our own. 10% from what the person actually says40% from the tone and speed of voice50% is from their body language.

Lowering one's head can signal a lack of confidence. Pushing back one's shoulders can demonstrate power and courageOpen arms means one is comfortable with being approached and willing to talk/communicate. Learn to Speak Body: Tape 5. How to Read Body Language. Edit Article Edited by 30stm_Sheri, Horses4Ever, Rob S, Krystle and 261 others Noticing the signals that people send out with their body language is a very useful social skill.

How to Read Body Language

Some of us can read it naturally and some of us are notoriously oblivious. Fortunately, with a little extra attentiveness, you can learn to read body language, and with enough practice it can become second nature. Ad Steps 1Pay attention to how physically close someone is to you. 7Watch their feet:A fast tapping, shifting of weight, laughing, or movement of the foot will most often mean that the person is impatient, excited, nervous, scared, or intimidated.

Video Tips It's easy to spot a confident person: they will make prolonged eye contact and have a strong posture. Warnings Always consider that a person's body language might be influenced by a medical condition.You shouldn't isolate yourself by constantly examining body language when interacting with people.