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Fraction Darts Free Play. Logical Leaps: Adding Fraction, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals on the Number Line. Fraction Machine - Denominator. Greg Tang Math. Refraction. Teacherlink. Mixed Numbers - PhET Interactive Simulations. Improper Fraction - PhET Interactive Simulations. Topics Fractions Equivalent Fractions Improper Fraction Number Line Description Explore fractions while you help yourself to 1/3 of a chocolate cake and wash it down with 1/2 a glass of orange juice!

Improper Fraction - PhET Interactive Simulations

Fractions by The Math Learning Center. Estimation 180 - Home. Fraction Talks: How To... My original blog post on Fraction Talks can be found here.

Fraction Talks: How To...

Fraction Talks are a built around classroom talk and student action. These two principles guide the teacher’s questions, disposition, and facilitation of the activity. They can be become a daily routine, or used for entire lessons. I introduce the structure much like a number talk. I project an image, choose a section to be shaded, and ask students, “What fraction is shaded?”.