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Voici pourquoi l’alimentation industrielle cause des maladies chroniques. Anthony Fardet est chercheur au département de nutrition humaine, Inra et université d’Auvergne, à Clermont-Ferrand.

Voici pourquoi l’alimentation industrielle cause des maladies chroniques

Anthony Fardet. Quand on demande au grand public à quoi il attribue le « potentiel santé » des produits laitiers, des agrumes, de la viande ou des produits céréaliers, il répond en majorité et respectivement le calcium, la vitamine C, les protéines et les fibres. Ces réponses, si elles sont partiellement vraies, sont aussi partiellement fausses. 10 ways to make your video go viral — This Happened to Me.

I almost didn’t write this post.

10 ways to make your video go viral — This Happened to Me

Because I wanted to keep the magic behind my viral video to myself. Because of my ego. Limites de la croissance : cette fois, le loup est là. La production du pétrole de schiste chute, celle du gaz de schiste pourrait très bientôt en faire autant.

Limites de la croissance : cette fois, le loup est là

Il n’y a pas que le pétrole : les prix de toutes les principales matières premières se sont effondrés. Deflationary Collapse Ahead? Both the stock market and oil prices have been plunging.

Deflationary Collapse Ahead?

Is this “just another cycle,” or is it something much worse? I think it is something much worse. Back in January, I wrote a post called Oil and the Economy: Where are We Headed in 2015-16? In it, I said that persistent very low prices could be a sign that we are reaching limits of a finite world. In fact, the scenario that is playing out matches up with what I expected to happen in my January post. Needless to say, stagnating wages together with rapidly rising costs of oil production leads to a mismatch between:The amount consumers can afford for oilThe cost of oil, if oil price matches the cost of production This mismatch between rising costs of oil production and stagnating wages is what has been happening.

Eventually, even at near zero interest rates, the amount of debt becomes too high, relative to income. A chart I showed in my January post was this one: Figure 1. I gave a list of likely changes to expect in my January post. Pollution: Total représente la France à l’ONU. Gag Order Won’t Silence New York Times Best-Selling Author. The final straw for Ashley Rhodes-Courter was the “gag order” mandating that she not speak publicly about the gruesome murder of her former foster child, Jenica Randazzo.

Gag Order Won’t Silence New York Times Best-Selling Author

For much of her 29 years of life, Ashley courageously spoke up when witnessing wrongs, a trait fine-tuned during the tumultuous nine years she spent in foster care herself. Born to a single teen mom, Ashley went into Florida’s foster care system at age three and was shuffled through 44 caseworkers and 14 foster homes ̶ some horribly abusive ̶ before being adopted out of a group home at the age of 12. Abused in Florida’s Foster Care System Even though it happened 15 years ago, she clearly remembers seeing the mug shots of two of her former foster parents, Charles and Marjorie Moss, on the evening news.

Hillsborough County deputies arrested the Mosses in May 2000 on 40 felony child abuse and neglect charges. “I knew so many kids who had lived in that home,” recalled Ashley, who spent six months with the Mosses. 7 Essentials For A Press Kit. This is an extract from his book, Raindance Producers Lab THIS IS THE MOST important element of the filmmaking process, and ironically, the one most often overlooked by new filmmakers.

7 Essentials For A Press Kit

If you hire the best cinematographer, screenwriter and actors in the world to work for you, they will make you a film: eight thousand feet of celluloid with absolutely no marketable value. You cannot sell a film. You can only sell a movie. You turn a film into a movie by using publicity to create a buzz, or hype for your film.

Creating the Sizzle Like other elements in the filmmaking process, you must develop a publicity strategy. Creating A Press Kit The single most effective tool in creating publicity is a press kit. Step 1 Create a Folder A stationer will sell stock folders with flaps in which newspaper clippings and press releases can be organised. For the low budget press kit you will need to buy one hundred folders. Marijuana : le Colorado ne sait plus quoi faire de son argent. Moins de crime, plus de tourisme, de nouveaux emplois et… trop d’argent.

Marijuana : le Colorado ne sait plus quoi faire de son argent

L’Etat du Colorado fait aujourd’hui face à un cas sans précédent : les taxes sur la vente de marijuana rapportent tellement d’argent qu’il pourrait se voir obliger de reverser une partie de cette somme aux habitants. La Constitution du Colorado établit un montant maximal d’impôts qui peut être perçu (calculé en fonction de l’inflation et de la croissance démographique), au-delà, selon une loi de 1992, l’Etat se voit dans l’obligation de reverser équitablement le surplus entre chaque contribuable.