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Traveller. Highport: A Traveller Web Site. A Fair Use Fanzine for Traveller. Background Signal-GK was a fanzine produced in the UK, as a resource for referees of Traveller.

During its four year, often irregular run, the contributors, among other things, detailed the whole of Dagudashaag Sector for the classic and rebellion period. Much of this vast library of information is now contained here. © 1997-2010 Signal-GK Productions: Jae Campbell. All rights reserved. Notice These fanzines contain certain adult themes that may not be suitable for younger players. Traveller is a registered trademark of Far Future Enterprises. ® 1996 all rights reserved. Portions of this material are copyright © 1977-2010 Far Future Enterprises. Credits ~ Editors ~ Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Andy Lilly & Leighton Piper ~ Artwork ~ Tim Osbourne, Nik Piper, Gershom, Duncan Law-Green, Len Robinson & Paul Sanders ~ Dagudashaag Development Team (DDT) ~ Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Stuart Machin, Tim Osbourne, Andrew Pickford, Leighton Piper, Lee Richardson, Adie Stewart, Nick Walker.

Security Leak Magazine (TM) Spacefarers Guide to Sector One. Spacefarers Guide to Sector Two. Mertnerite for Spacefarers Guide to Alien Races. A B u f l ` < 4 < L L < 8 L g w l i t i < 8 L c d l { l t l ` < = = L a u c i i a < = 5 L t o l ` < 5 Ltoe`}i` L t { a t i l ` < : L x } t l ` < : 9 L x } b x b e l ` < ? D e c x b a t i f < ? H. Traveler. Traveller_TNE. The New Era was the 3rd edition of Traveller to emerge from GDW.


It covered the struggles of nation-states, pocket empires, and heroic individuals as they rebuilt civilization from the ashes and rubble of the Rebellion and Virus. With Marc Miller's approval, Avenger Enterprises developed new material that finished the TNE story and then moved beyond it to the next milieu: 1248. In November of 2008, their license expired, thus forcing them to put TNE on hold until Mongoose Publishing decides to re-visit that setting.

However, you can still discuss it here or at SFRPG, an independent sci-fi message board. Group logo generously donated by Far Trader Dan. In an effort to keep out spammers, all membership applications are screened. No material generated by conversations held on this list may be copied elsewhere without the permission of the author(s) involved. Traveller Character Generator. The Draconis Cluster Taveller Pages. Click here if you are trapped in a frame The Draconis Cluster Traveller Pages is an assortment of odds and ends, well spacecraft mostly, for use with the science fiction role-playing game, Traveller.

The Draconis Cluster Taveller Pages

I hope that you find something here that you enjoy and maybe even find useful. Please feel free to drop me a note letting me know what you think. Here's what you can find on these pages. By Chris Cox A.K.A. Copyright© 1999 by Lawrence C. The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Traveller, Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. Interactive Atlas of the Imperium. The Interactive Atlasof the Imperium 13-Mar-06 Note to Fans of the IAI - Thanks to everyone for the kind words and use of this site.

Interactive Atlas of the Imperium

I'm happy it's been of use to all of you over the years. Apologies for the various service interruptions and problems over the past few months, these came as a result of switching host services. Most of these have been resolved, although the SQL DB query related items have not. There are still features I'd like to develop and things I'd like fix here, but at this point in time I would like to move on to work on new projects. In any event this site will remain online in maintenance mode for the forseeable future.

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. Welcome to the Interactive Atlas of the Imperium, a Traveller Map Server that enables web-based browsing and searching of Sectors, SubSectors, and Worlds of the Imperium. Interactive Atlas FAQ Browse the Atlas Quick Sector Lookup: Links Recent Updates to this Site: