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10 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Efficiency and Productivity  Image Credit: Pixabay.

10 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Efficiency and Productivity 

Whether you're in Australia, England, or America; blue-collared, white, or pink, we've all got 24 hours to work with. Increase Productivity at Work: 25 Easy Tips. How to Put an End to Workload Paralysis. We’re all busy.

How to Put an End to Workload Paralysis

But sometimes we go through periods where the work piles up and it seems like it might never end. With the waxing and waning of my freelance work, a startup to manage, and side projects always on the go, this seems to happen to me all too often. Productivity boosts from TED talks. Ever get to the end of the workday and wonder where the time went?

Productivity boosts from TED talks

At 4:54 p.m., I’m having that experience myself right now. It turns out that the way our workplaces and work lives are structured saps our creativity, energy, efficiency, and even our health. To help us all fight back, the folks at TED have assembled a playlist on life hacks, offering a number of clever ways we can help both ourselves and the people who work for us get more done in a day. In our chronically time-pressed lives, it’s worth taking the time for these talks, most of which take less than 10 minutes to watch, says inc.

Empowerment. Personal growth through risk taking: Arik Zeevi at TEDxIDC. The Secret to Improving Accountability. Nothing is more frustrating in a work environment then when things fall through the cracks.

The Secret to Improving Accountability

Most of the time, it's not intentional. At the rate that business moves today, people are often overloaded with responsibilities that go beyond their capacity. And when things get missed the complaining and blame throwing begins. "Why can't these people do what they say? Why can't they be accountable? " The answer is actually pretty simple. It's an issue of prioritization. 1. Rita McGrath's Big Idea - Intelligent Failure. The 4 Disciplines of Business Execution. Productivity 101: A Primer to the Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy. No Excuses: Being Accountable for Your Own Success. 10 Books to Boost Your Productivity. Productivity is something that every writer wants to achieve when trying to churn out content.

10 Books to Boost Your Productivity

Whether you are doing it as a full time job or part time you want to be at your best when you start creating your content. There are a number of tools available both on-line and off-line that can help an individual increase their productivity. Besides the tools, you can also read these books which will most definitely boost your productivity. 5 Ways to Keep Productivity from Taking Over Your Life. Productivity is one of the biggest buzzwords in recent memory: everyone wants to know how to do more in less time.

5 Ways to Keep Productivity from Taking Over Your Life

But where has it gotten us? Are we, as a society, significantly more productive? And if we are, are we happier? Productivity is important, but it needs to be put in its place. Here are 5 ways to keep productivity from taking over your life. Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind Productivity isn’t everything. How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done - 10-habits-successful-people-give-increase-their-productivity.

What are you willing to do in order to reach success?


It is common among people these days to be average and not stand out too much. But those who are successful do not fall under this category. In order to stay on top of your game and reach the level of success you want, you need to follow a certain set of self-induced rules. 9 Powerful Habits for Getting Important Things Done. We all know that sinking feeling.

9 Powerful Habits for Getting Important Things Done

A deadline is drawing closer and you haven't even started yet. You begin to panic and a dull nausea sets in. The Mistake Smart People Make: Being In Motion Vs. Taking Action. How Do I Make My Team More Accountable - Start Here  Is That So Hard?

How Do I Make My Team More Accountable - Start Here 

The CEO had caught me in the hallway, looked around to make sure she wasn't overheard, and nearly shouted, "I'm so tired of this - people need to be more accountable! " As we talked, it became clear that the CEO's notion of accountability was very different from what effective leaders do. She continued, "They need to do what they're told to do, when they're told to do it.

Is that so hard? " Well no...that is, not if you've hired robots. Take Ownership of Your Actions by Taking Responsibility. Are you stalled in a project at work, waiting on someone else to take initiative to get things moving?

Take Ownership of Your Actions by Taking Responsibility

Are you in a broken professional relationship — with a manager, coworker, or employee — hoping the other person assumes blame and fixes the issue? Are you looking for an easy way to get focused or improve your productivity — a silver bullet from an unexpected source? One of the most common momentum killers I’ve seen in my professional life is our propensity to wait for someone else to act, take initiative, assume blame, or take charge.

But very often, no help comes. One year ago, I heard Tal Ben-Shahar speak about this concept; he learned it from Nathaniel Branden, the father of the self-esteem movement. It’s a liberating concept. This may be particularly important for young leaders, often characterized as a coddled generation. The Science of Productivity. In today’s busy world, we’ve become a people obsessed with productivity and “work hacks.” Getting more done in less time allows us to get ahead, and even gives us more availability to do the things we love outside of work. The problem we run into is that it is easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined. Most of us look at productivity in the wrong way: task management tools are shiny at first and then go unused.

Driving Accountability to Maximize Results Using the Plus-Delta Tool - It’s one of the easiest tools to use yet one of the often most underutilized ones in the Lean Six Sigma tool belt. It’s the Plus‐Delta. A very simple‐to‐use brainstorming tool most commonly employed at the end of business or project meetings as a means of evaluating how well things are going. Productivity. Org. Effectiveness Simulator. Watch These YouTube Videos To Be More Productive At Work. This was not supposed to be the study that validated your cubicle YouTube habit. Australian researchers, whose paper was just published on the open-access journal PLOS ONE, set out to test the efficacy of "brain training" software that purported to enhance memory, attention, language, executive function and visuospatial abilities. They had the employees of a national service organization play the brain games for 20 minute sessions, three times per week, for four months.

The brain training software was a goose egg in terms of cognitive benefits, mood, stress, or anything else. But luckily for you and cute cats everywhere, the researchers included an "Active Control" condition where subjects, instead of playing games, watched National Geographic nature documentaries similar to the ones you see here. Top bosses reveal their secrets for getting things done. Getting things done can be hard for anyone. However, when you're at the very top of an organisation and juggling multiple demands it's even tougher. To drive their organisations to success, chief executives need to be crystal clear about their goals. They also need to not get distracted when carrying them out.

The key to keeping on top of your workload and not getting overwhelmed includes: Delegating work, keeping meetings fairly short and working intensely in only short bursts. Snowball of Accountability (Leadership Transformation) How To Perform Better: It's Not What You Think. Rita McGrath's Big Idea - Intelligent Failure. Personal growth through risk taking: Arik Zeevi at TEDxIDC.