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Using YouTube. Skip to Content Switch page font size to: Small Medium/Default Large Smartcopying. Tony Vincent's » Order for Closure Al Upton and the miniLegends 08. Spintheglobe » home. Where the Blog has No Name: Let's abolish high school. You mustn't wait / You must engage / Use all your rage Over the past couple of years there have been some interesting discussions among Rouge Forum folk about the merits of shutting down the schools-we-have and, instead, creating freedom schools.

The key tensions in the discussion include: (a) schools as a key organizing point for social change and (b) schools as mind-numbing, sorting machines/holding tanks that strip many students of their creativity, agency, and ability to think. A “third way,” so to speak would be to abolish compulsory schooling, which is what this commentary by Robert Esptein is essentially arguing, at least when it comes to high school.

Commentary Let’s Abolish High School By Robert Epstein. Students have their say. In a recent post I discussed the emerging use of mobile phones and the ubiquitous nature of the technology.

Students have their say

Just about every student has a mobile phone in the secondary school here in Dhaka and they bring it to school. The obvious security advantage is the ability to make contact outside the school in a time of emergency or upset and given the political climate here we all see this as a positive. Apart from this the technology is not being used for educational purposes [yet] and in fact students are being told not to use them during school hours or activities. I cited the typical tug-of-war at a school athletic day as real-life example of a student finding it natural to want to video the event using his mobile phone.

Learning Is Messy - Blog » Blog Archive » Working, Breathing, Reproducible, Intriguing Models. Students blogging, creating content, manipulating text, graphics and video, designing and producing projects and all that technology and Web 2.0 has to offer – Wow!

Learning Is Messy - Blog » Blog Archive » Working, Breathing, Reproducible, Intriguing Models

It’s so obvious what dynamic, mind stretching and engaging platforms technology, problem-based and project-based learning are!!! Or is it so obvious? Who gets the most excited and visionary about this stuff? – Probably anyone that might actually be reading this post.