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About us - CPA Australia. Transparency = Leadership. So here is the money question: What two things (and only two) would you tell educational leaders are the most important steps they can take to lead change today?

Transparency = Leadership

I got that one from a professor at Oakland University last week, and after pausing for what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, I answered “build a learning network online, and make your learning as transparent as possible for those around you.” And while I really think the first part of that answer would make sense to most leaders out there, I think the second would have them running for the hills.

It’s pretty obvious to me that my own kids are going to be living much more transparent lives than most of their teachers would be comfortable with. Welcome To The Revolution: The Professional Networked Learning Collaborative. Are you ready to lead a revolution at your school or in your district?

Welcome To The Revolution: The Professional Networked Learning Collaborative

Leadership Day 2009. Intro: The Professional Networked Learning Collaborative Back in 2002 in his book Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution Howard Rheingold predicted that, “The ‘killer apps’ of tomorrow’s mobile infocom industry won’t be hardware devices or software program but social practices. Bluyonder.