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Asian Perspectives. The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific Asian Perspectives is the leading peer-reviewed archaeological journal devoted to the prehistory of Asia and the Pacific region.

Asian Perspectives

In addition to archaeology, it features articles and book reviews on ethnoarchaeology, palaeoanthropology, physical anthropology,and ethnography of interest and use to the prehistorian. International specialists contribute regional reports summarizing current research and fieldwork, and present topical reports of significant sites. Occasional special issues focus on single topics. New: Subscribe to table of contents and abstracts by . Editors: Laura Junker, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Mike Carson, Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam, Mangilao. Inquiries about book reviews and Pacific region topics should be addressed to Mike Carson; other inquiries should be directed to Laura Junker. Editorial Board: Gina L. Production Editor: Cindy Chun, UH Press Copyright & Permissions: Joel Bradshaw. Archaeological Excavation Reports Bulletin (Archive)

Archaeological Excavation Reports Bulletin Archived in 2000 For the Latest Daily Archaeological News e-Bulletin Service Please [ Click Here ].

Archaeological Excavation Reports Bulletin (Archive)

Archaeology and anthropology are two sciences trying to shed light on the lives of ancient civilisations. The main aim of all the research is to find vestiges of lost cultures and civilizations, to decode the code of the universe, and hence, life. Ancient Iran, with its aura of mystery, is one of the most important civilisations among the cultures of Antiquity and continues to attract the attention of scientists. Here is a glimpse of their painstaking works: Link to: Iranian Prehistoric Project; Excavation at Chogha Bonut, 1996-97 Excavation Report Link to: Archaeological Excavation at Tal-e Malâyân (Anshân) Tal-e Malyan, located 46 km north of Shiraz in the Zagros mountains of Fars Province, is the site of Anshan, a great city, comparable to Elamite Susa and the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia in size and importance .....

Link to: Arisman Project, Archaeology. The World's Best History Writing. Acta Archaeologica. Internet Archaeology - Electronic Journal - Home Page. National Geographic - Inspiring People to Care About the Planet Since 1888. Antiquity Journal. Welcome to ABIA at World Cultures Journal of holocultural/cross-cultural research. WORLD CULTURES NOW PUBLISHED AT UC eRepositories Peer Review Journal Site Starting with issues 16 and 17 and eventually working back to put earlier issues online.

World Cultures Journal of holocultural/cross-cultural research

World Cultures is an electronic journal, founded by Douglas R. White in 1985 and currently edited by J. Pat Gray: articles, databases, programs and manuals for instructional and research applications for comparative and cross-cultural research. From volume 10-15 the journal was published on paper with accompanying CD ROMs that are still available from William Divale. See: Best of the Web: eclecticanthrotech. Volumes 9.2 -forward, under the Editorship of Pat Gray; Bill Divale, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Volumes 7 - 9.1, under the Editorship of Pat Gray and Peter Peregrine; Analytic Technologies, Publisher Volume 6, under the Editorship of Greg Truex contains Ethnographic Atlas On-Line Tabulation software by Michael Fischer Volumes 1 - 5, under the Editorship of Douglas R.

Go to the UWM homepage Go to the UCI homepage times. Fragments. The broadest aim of Fragments is to generate new, integrated ways of thinking about the premodern past.


More... Contact Please send all inquiries and submissions to Volume 2 (2012) Current Issue Epic Hero as Cyborg: An Experiment in Interpreting Pre-Modern Heroic Narrative Rodger Wilkie.