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Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. During the twentieth century, outside commentators defined poro (or lô) as a universal age-grade initiation association common to all Senufo communities in West Africa.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

They also attributed much of the region's artistic production to the institution. Based primarily on observations made in areas of northern Côte d'Ivoire, scholars, colonial administrators, and missionaries emphasized that Senufo boys from different lineages passed through a series of initiation stages before... More » Chronology of Asian maritime history. Abbreviated references in text; fuller references at foot of page.

Chronology of Asian maritime history

Some entries have precise dates, some have a range, and some are approximate - so the ordering is also subjective, but we have attempted to list events in rough chronological order, up to an arbitrary cutoff date of 1700 CE. No such list can be definitive. Internet History Sourcebooks Project. This page is a subset of texts derived from the three major online Sourcebooks listed below, along with added texts and web site indicators.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

For more contextual information, for instance about Western imperialism, the Islamic world, or the history of a given period, check out these web sites. There is now some significant opposition among some writers to the idea that there was ever an Aryan [i.e. Indo-European] movement into India. History of South Asia: A Chronological Outline.

South Asian History - India Home Page. South Asian History: India General Overview Country Profiles General Information Maps.

South Asian History - India Home Page

Medieval India (600 BC - 1526 AD) HistoryAlexander in India, from The Great Homepage of Alexander Alexander, The Mauryans, and The Guptas.

Medieval India (600 BC - 1526 AD)

Richard Hooker (World Cultures) The Mauryan Empire and The Gupta Age. Indian government Ministry of External Affairs The Chola dynasty and The Muslim Invasions. Indian government Ministry of External Affairs Sites and MonumentsSalt Range Temples, Pakistan. A timeline of ancient India. Pakistan Culture History and Archaeology. Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Pakistan.

Pakistan Culture History and Archaeology

A Walk Through Mohenjo DaroA virtual tour of this ancient city. Akra (Pakistan)Akra is a large important site of the Achaemenid civilization, located in the Bannu Basin south of Peshawar in what is today Pakistan. India History. Those "Who wear cotton clothes, use the decimal system, enjoy the taste of [curried] chicken, play chess, or roll dice, and seek peace of mind or tranquility through meditation," writes historian Stanley Wolpert, "are indebted to India.

India History

" India's deep-rooted civilization may appear exotic or even inscrutable to casual foreign observers, but a perceptive individual can see its evolution, shaped by a wide range of factors: extreme climatic conditions, a bewildering variety of people, a host of competing political overlords,enduring religious and philosophical beliefs, and complex linguistic and literary developments that led to the flowering of regional and pan-Indian culture during the last three millennia. The interplay among a mixture of political and socioeconomic forces has created a complex amalgam of cultures that continue amidst conflict, compromise, and adaptation.

History of India - Indian History, India History, Concise History of India, Brief History of India. Given here is the Indian history in a brief and concise form.

History of India - Indian History, India History, Concise History of India, Brief History of India

So go through Indian history. India has a rich and diverse historical background. It is a unique blend of different cultures, religions, beliefs and ideas. To present a brief history of India is not an easy task as one would have to forgo many important landmarks and achievements in order to present a concise history of India. However, we have made an attempt to present a brief Indian history covering all the important events.