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GOT A UKULELE - Uke blog for the beginner: Ukulele Beginners tips - Fingernails for ukulele. Another common issue for those starting out with ukulele is how to treat their fingernails.

GOT A UKULELE - Uke blog for the beginner: Ukulele Beginners tips - Fingernails for ukulele

As I have said, i dont really go in for playing the ukulele with a pick and prefer to strum with the fingertips - to get a sharper and louder sound, it really is essential that you have longer fingernails. If you want to get into finger picking, even longer still. So how do you go about it? Well, firstly, we are only talking about growing nails on the strumming hand. For accurate fretting, you want to keep the fingernails on that hand trimmed short. For the strumming hand, well, the first step is easy - dont cut or bite them! For many though, that wont be enough as the nails need to be strong too. The following tips may help you in that regard though.

If you try the above (and persevere) but are still having breakages or soft nails, you may need to consider an artificial solution Coat the nails with a clear nail varnish before playing. Hopefully those tips will help you. Welcome to Pick-up the World. Uke Leash – New Innovative Ukulele Half-Strap support device. Ukulele string tensions and scale lengths. The last table in the Sounds section is repeated for convenience in order to make a few points about stringing ukuleles.

ukulele string tensions and scale lengths

There are four courses of strings on an ukulele; each course may have as few as 1 or as many as 3 strings in it. Typically soprano and baritone ukuleles have a total of four strings. Concert ukuleles may have the C course as an octave pair, with the second C string being higher; they may also be strung with the G note an octave lower. Tenors are the most variable in their stringing with the following combinations being most common: In Hawaii, the 4-string tenor ukulele is normally strung with the G set at 196 Hz, that is a "low" G. It is also possible to string the 4-string tenor DGBE, similar to the first four strings of the guitar, except that the D note is higher than the G in this case.

Finding quality strings is a persistent problem. For reader convenience we also include a graph of cumulative string tension vs. lower bout area for various sized ukuleles. Ukulele tuning and string tensions. Ukuleles traditionally have four strings, and the most common tuning is G-C-A-E (also called the C or C6 tuning and sometimes just the G tuning).

Ukulele tuning and string tensions

The first G string can be low or high (an octave difference). The Southcoast Guide to Tunings & Strings. Thanks for visiting our Guide to Tunings and Strings.

the Southcoast Guide to Tunings & Strings

We feel confident that in coming here, you will find the finest assortment of strings and accessories and can truly maximize your instruments potential and your enjoyment in playing it. Our goal is to become your trusted supplier. We have a somewhat unique situation to overcome in fulfilling that goal, so a bit of explanation is necessary. We started out as builders of fine ukuleles and 4- stringed guitars. Our string offerings, in fact, come from that experience, and are based on centuries old traditions of lutherie. Best online shop for Guitar Strings! GCS CUSTOMLAB. Guadalupe Custom Strings was founded in 1991 by Francisco Gonzales, an established harpist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from East Los Angeles.

After many years of frustration trying to find the right string with mediocre quality commercial strings to choose from, Francisco began his mission to design and manufacture strings that were as high in quality as the musicians who played them. Our strings are made with the finest materials available and with a knowledge and sincere respect for the music, the musician and the instrument. Leaning Door Music. Welcome to Fingernail Care. Because the ukulele is not an instrument that screams to be played with a pick, and playing with just the flesh of your fingers is kind of dull, a lot of players grow their fingernails out and pick with them.

Fingernail Care

Playing can be quite hard on the fingernails though, and a lot of people have a hard time keeping their nails in good shape. You can improve the quality of your nails by trying some simple things. First of all, drink more water. If your cells are all dried up they can’t do as good a job of making new fingernails.File your fingernails with an emery board. Metal and sapphire/diamond files just eat the edges up leaving you with chips and a nail that will eventually peel off. Tuning Lubricants: Can they damage your guitar? The short answer to this question is: Yes!

Tuning Lubricants: Can they damage your guitar?

We are going to show some of the pitfalls of these products in this article. Over the past few years, the guitar and bass string market has seen a number of various manufacturers start to offer lubricants for a string’s fulcrum points. For you non-techo-speaking-geeks, the fulcrum is a support or point of support on which a string vibrates. This is typically on the bridge saddle or nut region of the guitar. The lubricant is supposed to reduce the friction caused by a string sliding across the nut or saddle. Two String Release Bends video from Answers. Why Does a Guitar Go Out of Tune? Important!

Why Does a Guitar Go Out of Tune?

A friend of mine once asked me, "How did you come up with this idea? " I simply replied, "I've been playing the guitar for over 60 years and I just got tired of re-tuning my guitar after every song! " Reynald Chaput There are several components of a guitar suspected to be the cause of going out of tune. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments - Europe West.

XX Brazilian Cavaco Makers (who don't also make Ukuleles) - Lardy's Ukulele Database. The Rajão. Requinto tuning and strings. Requinto tuning The most common tuning for the requinto is 4 notes up from the prime guitar.

Requinto tuning and strings

This means that the tuning is A D G C E A The requinto is notated as if it were tuned conventionally, so that the instruction to play the open first string is written as an instruction to play E. When played, a A comes out, 4 notes higher. What this means... Mandolin Repairs by Fret Not in Newport News VA Hampton Roads Peninsula. Guitalele Chord Chart by ~StijnArt on deviantART. Lardy's Ukulele Database. To find out about a Ukulele or Banjolele click on the first letter of the brand or makers name in the list under the "Makers Names" tab.

Lardy's Ukulele Database

If you don't see it there try the search box - I have been know to forget! (If it is a person I have tried to put a link in for both the family and the given names; I've ignored any the's - Also note if I could spell I would be a Wizzard!) I do not review any Ukuleles on this site as I haven't had the opportunity to play most of them and so am not in a position to. Also that is not the purpose of this site, here I just note they have been made and if there is any comment on the quality or otherwise of a brand I am only reporting a widely held view.

Build, Make, Tune, Learn to Play your Ukulele. Mya-Moe: Professional Grade Custom Ukuleles. All Things `Ukulele. `Ukulele Ukulele The ukulele, pronounced oo-koo-lele is a fretted string instrument which is, in its construction, essentially a smaller, four-stringed version of the guitar.

All Things `Ukulele

In the early 20th century, the instrument's name was often rendered as ukelele, a spelling still used in Great Britain. The Hawaiian spelling 'ukulele is very common. WidipediA link. Daniel Ho. Full Bio From his simple beginnings in Honolulu to his life amid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Daniel Ho has worked over the years as a musician, producer, singer/songwriter, arranger, composer, engineer, and record company owner.

The most compelling of these roles has been as a six-time GRAMMY Award winning producer, featured slack key guitarist, and artist in the "Best Hawaiian Music Album,” “Best Pop Instrumental Album,” and “Best World Music Album” categories. Daniel's musical inclinations were apparent at an early age. Ukulele Build. Ukulele Build We have recently completed a Hana Lima 'Ia tenor ukulele! We wanted to build a ukulele using a kit provided by Hana Lima 'Ia, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. They offer a training school for aspiring ukulele luthiers, but timing doesn't allow for us to spend two weeks on the island (darn the luck), so a kit it is!

This particular kit is actually a Stewart-MacDonald kit for soprano sized ukulele. The sides are one piece and pre-bent. Expect to use a lot of clamps and hand tools. Ukulele Yes! - The Ukulele Teacher's eZine. By Kawika: site map. Guitar fingernails, Page 1. PEGHED Pictures&Details - PEGHEDS TM. Hinano 'Ukulele Company - Creator of the First Hawaiian-Tahitian Hi-Bred 'Ukulele. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Guitar Builder Wood and Supplies.

State of the Art Battery-Free Acoustic Amplification. Quality Ukuleles at Affordable Prices. Mainland Ukes - Not all great ukuleles are made in Hawaii... Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Findings, and Jewelry Making Supplies. Hawaiian Hula Archives. Spurlock Specialty Tools. Tech Tips — Hot hide glue and making your own glue pot The advantages of hot hide glue in piano work: • Reversibility: Hot hide glue is very water-soluble, simplifying future repairs • Controllable penetration: Hot hide glue gels quickly, so it won't penetrate too far into porous materials like felt and harden it excessively.

Actually, hot hide glue has a two stage curing process. First, it turns from a liquid to a gelatin as soon as it cools slightly. Then over a longer period of time, it turns hard and rigid as the water content leaves the glue. • Sizing properties: Hot hide glue contains water, and this moisture causes bushing cloth to conform to shape when pressed into key mortises, flange bushings, etc. String Action Gauge. Robert O'Brien Online Acoustic Guitar Building Course.

Please log in to add items to your cart. Issue 34, Why hide glue is best for this cracked neck. The Workbench Diary... From the Bench of Klein Furniture Restoration: Homemade Hide Glue Pot. HOME. WaverlyStreet Design Ukulele Site. Koloa KU-600/ Silver Creek Soprano Full Review « The Head of the Koloa. IMUA Ukulele. Kanile'a Ukulele - Home. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele. Learn A Free Slack Key Guitar Piece by Keola Beamer! Slack Key Lessons and workshops on the Island of kauai hawaii. learn to play slack key guitar by teacher michael montapert taught by master player Hal Kinnaman. - Home. Slack Key Ukulele. Slack Key Guitar Online. Aloha Music Camp - Home. Slack Key Guitar Online. Mark Nelson's Home Page. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. Guitar acoustics. Fret Not Guitar Repair Located In Newport News, VA Virginia. The Art of Tap Tuning : Virtual content. Additional tunings, (Appendix C, Pg. 37) The Art of Tap Tuning provides recommended tunings for 12 acoustic string instruments including: ukulele, F4 mandolin, A5 mandolin, F5 mandolin, H5 mandola, violin (mezzo), D18 guitar (standard X-bracing), classical guitar (fan bracing), jazz guitar (longitudinal bracing), tube-and-plate banjo (flattop and arch top tone chambers), one-piece flange banjos (flattop and arch top tone chambers), and bass viol (contra).

This web page will provide tunings for other instruments as they are added to our list. Please do not hesitate to email your findings to me at StroboSoft's "Spectrum Window" (DVD): In the DVD's discussion of Peterson's StroboSoft® I incorrectly said that the frequency range of the "spectum window is settable to other ranges. " It only has one setting, 0Hz to 5000KHz, which is ample to cover the range of the standard eight musical octaves.

The Quest for Good Guitar Tone. Guitar Building: Acoustic Guitar Building, Electric Guitar Making, Archtop Guitar Building, Guitar Repair, Violin Making, Dulcimer Making, Mandolin Building, Banjo Building, Drum Making! Bone Nuts, Saddles, Bridge and Pins. WaverlyStreet Design Ukulele Site. The Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum - Eddie Kamae. Ukulele Music Lovers and Ukulele Players Love Flea Market Music and Jim Beloff, offering ukulele players a community, books on the ukulele, ukulele CDs and the FLUKE ukulele.

The Hawaiian Electronic Library. The Ukulele Site Home page Your Online Ukulele Shop and Resource Center! Ukulele Underground Forums. FRETS.COM Acoustic guitar instrument care, repair for players, luthiers. Welcome to UKULELE MOVEMENT. Online Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Electric Guitar Lessons. Ukulelehunt. Ukulele instruction topics. Professor String forum. Ebooks, TV, Movie & Game Themes for Ukulele. 11 Must-Know Ukulele Chords for Beginners.

As you may have already seen, we’ve been working on building up a ukulele chord library, with hundreds of chords in several different variations. But, as a newer or beginner ukulele player, which ones do you really need to know? We’ll be looking at the most essential and common ukulele chords. All these chords are in the first position, or first variation, meaning that these chords are located between the first five frets.

The frets are the vertical edges that lay across the fretboard. Ukulele theory for noobs. Ukulian. Welcome. Ukulele. Uke_player. Beginner Advice on Buying Ukuleles and Ukulele Reviews. Next Level Guitar Lessons - Learn How To Play Guitar from Beginner to Expert. Long Island Ukulele Strummers Club. Musical Instrument Platform for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Beginners. Ukulele Songs by Richard G. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Hi`ilawe.