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Pro: Public Debt

Pro: Financial Structure. Asset Correlations: Major Asset Classes. Catalpa Capital. Federal Reserve Districts and Banks. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. The Federal Reserve has introduced a number of new tools for conducting monetary policy and dealing with the financial crisis.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

These tools have become more important with the federal funds rate close to zero. Chairman Ben Bernanke divides the tools into three groups: Lending to financial institutionsProviding liquidity to key credit marketsPurchasing longer-term securities The new tools make use of the Fed's balance sheet, particularly the asset side, and involve ways of extending credit and purchasing securities. These actions can change both the absolute level of the balance sheet as well as the types of assets it contains.

Economic Data, Monetary Rates, Economic Education. Research Publications. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco: Economic Research, Educational Resources, Community Development, Consumer and Banking Information. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. DataMapper. Survey: Home. The World Bank. Doing Business - Business Planet - The World Bank Group. HBS Working Knowledge - Faculty Research at Harvard Business School.

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