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A Sauna Disguised As A Golden Egg Sits In The Landscape Of Sweden. Photography by Jean-Baptiste Béranger Design duo Bigert & Bergstrom have unveiled the SOLAR EGG, a public sauna art installation, as part of an urban transformation project by developer Riksbyggen for the city of Kiruna, Sweden.

A Sauna Disguised As A Golden Egg Sits In The Landscape Of Sweden

The egg has a shell of gold plated steel that reflects the city and surrounding landscape. Inspired by the Arctic climate where light and darkness changes with the seasons, the designers wanted to create the egg shape to represent rebirth and new opportunties. Made of 69 separate pieces, the contemporary sauna can be disassembled and moved around the city. It stands at 16 feet (5m) tall, and 13 feet (4m) wide, and can be accessed through a set of golden pull-down stairs. Inside, multi-level wood seating with hidden lighting and patterned wood walls surround the fireplace. Kumiko Cabinets by Staffan Holm for Ariake Collection. Editor's Picks Studioilse w084t Task LampA dimmable table lamp constructed of iron for its feelings of stability, reliability, trust; wood with its warmth and life, and porcelain for its intimate glow.

Kumiko Cabinets by Staffan Holm for Ariake Collection

[more...] Suggested Reading The Story of Eames Furniture Brimming with images and insightful text, this unique book is the benchmark reference on what is arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time. [more...] Down & Out Cafe Racers. These Concrete Lights Look Like They're Split In Two. Designed by Dror Kaspi of Adroma Design, are these concrete and aluminum lights that come in two variations, a pendant light, called Split, and a table lamp, called Release.

These Concrete Lights Look Like They're Split In Two

Kitchen Design Idea – Cabinet Hardware Alternatives. Choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware can be surprisingly difficult.

Kitchen Design Idea – Cabinet Hardware Alternatives

The number of handles and knobs to choose from can seem endless. If you’ve been having these concerns maybe you completely forget the idea of having typical hardware? Here are four alternatives to typical kitchen cabinet hardware. These recessed groove pulls are built-into the design of the cabinetry and are made by cutting the end of the door or drawer at an angle to provide a space for your fingers to grab onto. They come in a number of different styles including C-channel and J-channel pulls, which is the shape the cabinet groove is cut; or simply angled drawers that sit just far enough away from the cabinet to allow your fingers to grab on to it and pull. See more photos of this kitchen, here. Designed by Obumex. See more photos of this house, here. See more photos of this house, here. For a more Scandinavian look, consider adding leather pulls. Sans titre. Du nouveau - Les Raffineurs.

La première imprimante qui fait vraiment envie. Ludwig Rensch a créé une imprimante au design original et fonctionnel qui semble tout droit sortit d’un film de Wes Anderson et qui donne pour la première fois envie de la mettre bien en évidence dans son bureau ou même au milieu du salon.

La première imprimante qui fait vraiment envie

This Lamp Is Design To Work Like A Plunger. London-based duo Omer & Ortal Menashri, have designed a table lamp that allows you to adjust the amount of light it shows by quickly pushing the light down, or by using the screw mechanism, depending on the design.

This Lamp Is Design To Work Like A Plunger

After being inspired by watching the way a syringe works, they designed a lamp that would essentially replace the liquid with light, and ended up with a surprising result. Having grown up around a woodworking shop, he started designing and created the DiMO Lamp. Each lamp is made using Beech wood, and the lights emit 420 Lumen. Some of the designs also come with a painted section. Apart from being used in the home, the lamp could also been used for restaurant and workplace locations. Watch the video below to to see the lamp in action, or you can visit their website here, or on Kickstarter here.

Artisans of emotional technology. Paul Venaille Atelier. 9 Ideas For Using Pegboard And Dowels To Create Open Shelves. When it comes to storage, few things are as versatile as pegboards.

9 Ideas For Using Pegboard And Dowels To Create Open Shelves

The dowels can be configured in an almost endless number of ways, hooks can be added for hanging, and shelving can be used for larger things. Pegboards are great for small spaces and in places with lots of wall space, but not a lot of storage space. Here are 12 examples of pegboards being used in all kinds of settings performing the same task: maximizing storage and minimizing clutter. 1.

The pegboard in this tiny apartment flows from the kitchen to the bed area, providing customizable storage in each space. Interior designed by the POSITION Collective. 2. Interior designed and photographed by Standard Studio. 3. Bang Bang Pegboard by George & Willy 4. DIY pegboard wall organizer by The Merrythought 5.

Dots Library by Aris Architects for Parislife 6. Peg-it-all by Kreisdesign.