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Local News in Northern Rivers. Looking out on the Pir Panjal. The ‘Asian Brown Cloud’ is estima­ted to be respon­sible for over two millio­n deaths annual­ly in India alone.

Looking out on the Pir Panjal

The writer is author of The Gun Tree: One Woman’s War (Oxford University Press, 2001) and lives in Bhurban The dirty, yellowish-brown haze, hanging ominously over the snow-clad peaks of the Pir Panjal Mountain Range — where Azad Jammu Kashmir merges with Indian Kashmir — is a frightening part of the view eastwards from Murree and the Galiyat, as has become ‘normal’ at this time of year. Its invidious presence is ignored by those who have no understanding of what it is and causes worry for those who do.

Uncle Jang emerges as real power in North Korea - Asia - World. That is the view of South Korean analysts as Kim Jong-il lies in a glass coffin in Pyongyang and weeping mourners file by for a last glimpse of the man who ruled North Korea for 17 years before dying last Saturday.

Uncle Jang emerges as real power in North Korea - Asia - World

Behind the scenes of mourning, a backstage plan to ensure a smooth transition of power has thrust Jang Song-thaek into the spotlight. The brother-in-law of the former leader is thought to wield the most power in the new North Korean administration and is joined by his wife Kim Kyong-hui, and the highest ranking military commander, General Ri Young-ho in the country's most powerful decision-making group. Tom Zeller Jr.: Keystone XL: The Persistent Illusion Of Jobs, Jobs And More Jobs. Although the Senate and the House are facing off over legislation that would extend the payroll tax cut, it now seems certain that any compromise will contain a provision -- one staunchly insisted upon by Republicans in both chambers -- that President Obama make a decision on the long-disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline within 60 days.

Tom Zeller Jr.: Keystone XL: The Persistent Illusion Of Jobs, Jobs And More Jobs

The nominal reason offered by supporters of the provision is that the project would create jobs -- roughly 20,000 of them, according to the number most often used these days. But that number, like so much else attending the Keystone XL project, has been a matter of intense debate, and it's difficult to imagine that the real motive behind the 60-day provision is anything but partisan gamesmanship. It is at least as partisan as the Obama administration's own decision early last month to postpone any ruling on the proposed pipeline until early 2013 -- which just so happened to be after next year's presidential contest. Live ammo inflame violence in Britain' British campaigners are warning that the idea of police officers shooting at anti-government's protesters during future civil unrest only risks inflaming violence.

Live ammo inflame violence in Britain'

The warning came after an official review into police tactics during August unrests across England recommended that officers could shoot arsonists as a last resort if they endanger life by attacking businesses attached to people's homes. A government watchdog said police should be prepared to adopt “extraordinary measures,” including shooting people dead and firing rubber bullets at children in their attempts to control the situation similar to what happened in England in August this year, British media reported. Fractivism: one more symptom of peak oil. Peak oil activists can hold their heads high.

Fractivism: one more symptom of peak oil

Big Oil and Gas is heading straight down the track outlined in Robert Hirsch’s landmark 2005 report to the US Department of Energy: Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, and Risk Management (PDF). On Page 43, discussing peak oil mitigation, Hirsch proposed the production of liquid fuels from US domestic resources; specifically coal, shale and biomass. The U.S. is endowed with a vast resource of oil shale, located primarily in the western part of the Lower 48 states with lesser quantities in the mid Atlantic region.

Processes for mining shale and retorting it at high temperatures were developed intensively in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, when oil prices decreased in the mid 1980s, all large-scale oil shale R&D was terminated. The oil shale processing technologies that were pursued in the past required large volumes of water, which is now increasingly scarce in the western states. The rest is history. Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Wednesday. N.Korea military, uncle to share power with Kim heir BEIJING (Reuters) – North Korea will shift to collective rule from a strongman dictatorship after last week’s death of Kim Jong-il, although his untested young son will be at the head of the ruling coterie, a source with close ties to Pyongyang and Beijing said.

Worldwide Hippies News Briefs Wednesday

The source added that the military, which is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal, has pledged allegiance to the untested Kim Jong-un, who takes over the family dynasty that has ruled North Korea since it was founded after World War Two. The source declined to be identified but has correctly predicted events in the past, telling Reuters about the North’s first nuclear test in 2006 before it took place. The 'Iranian Schindler' who saved Jews from the Nazis. 20 December 2011Last updated at 19:58 ET By Brian Wheeler BBC News, Washington Sardari trained as a lawyer in Switzerland before becoming a diplomat Thousands of Iranian Jews and their descendants owe their lives to a Muslim diplomat in wartime Paris, according to a new book.

The 'Iranian Schindler' who saved Jews from the Nazis

In The Lion's Shadow tells how Abdol-Hossein Sardari risked everything to help fellow Iranians escape the Nazis. Eliane Senahi Cohanim was seven years old when she fled France with her family. Fear, 9/11 and spiritual awakening. Crises also have a way of revealing the true leaders.

Fear, 9/11 and spiritual awakening

It’s not that they were not leaders before the crisis; it’s just that the crisis creates the conditions in which others are willing to be led. Most of us don’t like change. Basic human nature prefers the status quo. But major crises can create the conditions that make a large number of people willing to make change. Martin Luther King Jr. rose to leadership at a young age in Montgomery, Ala. after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. I believe that 9/11 was one of the greatest crises our country has ever experienced. Ted Nugent Calls For Punishing The Poor, Claims They Make Poor Decisions To End Up In Poverty. Ted Nugent is part of the cockroach crowd of conservatives.

Ted Nugent Calls For Punishing The Poor, Claims They Make Poor Decisions To End Up In Poverty

You know, those heartless morons who are obsessed with punishing people for something that isn’t their fault? Yeah, those conservatives. The extreme right wing, dumber than dirt rednecks who think they know everything and want to kill everyone. That’s Ted Nugent alright. Well, Ted Nugent wrote (Nugent knows how to write?) Protesters 'Deserve to Be Thrown Into Hitler's Ovens,' Egyptian Military Adviser Says. Video posted online by Egyptian activists appeared to offer clear evidence that flaming Molotov cocktails were hurled at protesters from the top of a building controlled by soldiers on Saturday.

Protesters 'Deserve to Be Thrown Into Hitler's Ovens,' Egyptian Military Adviser Says

As my colleague David Kirkpatrick reports, a general from Egypt’s ruling military council insisted on Monday that soldiers had not used force against peaceful protesters after a weekend of such attacks that were “witnessed by journalists, captured on video and broadcast across the Internet and on satellite television.” But a still more baffling statement was made by a retired general who now serves as an adviser to the military government’s public relations department. In comments published by the Egyptian newspaper Al Shorouk on Monday, the adviser, Gen. The Secret That ‘Job Creators’ Like Walmart Won’t Tell You. Facebook. Obama, Congress Pass Defense Authorization Bill With Little Discussion, Codifying Indefinite Military Detention of US Citizens. A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States.

Under Romney, Bain Capital Made Millions From South Carolina Business That Shut Down, Laid Off 150 Workers. Last of the True Marxists « Thoughtlines with Bob Carr. Assange's treatment says a lot about us. Headliner ... Julian Assange is arguably the most famous Australian in the world today. Photo: AP An open letter to Kevin Rudd As most Australians contemplate a traditional Christmas of over-indulgence and recuperation, we should spare a thought for one of our less fortunate compatriots. He lives in exile under house arrest, awaiting one last hopeful court appeal. He will then be extradited to a third country, merely for questioning about allegations of sexual assault which under Australian law would not likely result in any criminal charges. PM - Couple find 250 million year old fossil on Tas beach 19/12/2011.

TIM PALMER: A Tasmanian couple on a quiet walk down to the beach have discovered a fossil that scientists say is 250 million years old. The fossilised remains belong to a Dicynodont, a tusked plant-eating animal that's believed to be a distant ancestor of modern mammals and never found so far south in Australia. Felicity Ogilvie reports from Hobart.

Japan’s Premier Declares Fukushima Nuclear Plant Stable. AP Enterprise: Russia oil spills wreak devastation. USINSK, Russia (AP) -- On the bright yellow tundra outside this oil town near the Arctic Circle, a pitch-black pool of crude stretches toward the horizon. UK to face boldest anti-monarchy protest. Britain's leading anti-monarchy campaign, Republic, has arranged the “biggest and boldest” protest against the British monarchy at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012. How Ayn Rand Seduced Generations of Young Men and Helped Make the U.S. Into a Selfish, Greedy Nation. December 15, 2011 | Timeline: How we convinced Facebook to unfriend coal. Facebook Timeline: Now. Project World Awareness. American Psychosis: What happens to a society that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion?

Tell Israel: Free the Shministim! Decision Day for wind energy in NSW? « Yes to Renewable Energy. There are various stories circulating that the NSW Cabinet will consider new wind guidelines this coming Monday. If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine. National Defense Authorization Act. Corporatism The Biggest Company You've Never Heard of. Britain promoting spy journalism. Fresh shutdown hangs over US govt. Fresh shutdown hangs over US govt. US President Barack Obama (C) meets with speaker of the House John Boehner (L) and Senate majority leader Harry Reid in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Northern Rivers news, sport and weather. The Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to American Citizens on U.S. Soil. High radioactive cesium levels found at Tokyo school. Martin Ferguson releases domestic nuclear power white paper.

Energy Minister Martin Ferguson’s long-awaited energy white paper — released yesterday in draft form — adopts a peculiar approach to domestic nuclear power. As befits the product of a Labor government, it makes clear nuclear power is off the agenda for the time being. AMAZING! Homeless Family Occupies Foreclosed Home in Brooklyn (Inside Story) David Wilcock: CONFIRMED: The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny~ Central Australia abuzz with bee boom. Growing Up With Barely a Meal a Day.

New approach to determining human impact on climate gives same answer. ‘Aftershock’ Book Predicts Economic Disaster Amid Controversy.


Anonymous - Message to the American People. An Open Letter from America’s Port Truck Drivers on Occupy the Ports. Reactor 4 is falling apart. Red alert: Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 possibly collapsing, say sources, mass evacuations may be necessary.

Cannabis. Eccentric town, Todmorden, growing ALL its own veg. 2013. NZ food bill to make growing food a government privilege rather than a human right. Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots. Exclusive: The methane time bomb - Climate Change - Environment. Search.