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Robert Evers


Pearltrees videos. Help. Cool stuff. War/Combat Art. Kunst. The Known Universe by AMNH.

  1. PED Dec 16 2009
    You're welcome :-) As for my account, feel free to pick the stuff that interest you!
  2. robert.evers Dec 15 2009
    PED- Oh wow... it's going to take me a while to explore yours. This whole thing is such an exciting idea. Thanks so much for the support.
  3. robert.evers Dec 15 2009
    Pierre- very nice. I like the way you have your tree set up, I'll probably end up basing mine on yours. I like the Art tree as well as your others. To be honest, I just did a search for "Art" when I signed up and picked yours as sort of a I guess I got lucky!
  4. Elrring Peace Dec 15 2009
    Hey no worries... Take your time.
  5. robert.evers Dec 15 2009
    Honestly- I haven't figured pearltrees out yet. I'm working on 3 hours of sleep, so maybe I can give you a good answer later this afternoon.
  6. Elrring Peace Dec 15 2009
    By the way, it might be a bit too heavy, it affects badly your connections with the other editors in pearltrees...
  7. Elrring Peace Dec 15 2009
    Hey! Wha do you think about the Art pearltrees?