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DVD to XviD Conversion - Changelog: 2/17/06: Updated the XviD settings to comply with 1.1.0 optionsThis guide is to assist you in converting DVD (or MPEG2/SVCD) to XviD.

DVD to XviD Conversion -

XviD is a freeware version of the MPEG-4 codec. It allows for excellent quality encodes at very low bitrates. You can typically place a full length movie onto one or sometimes two CD-R's, using full DVD resolutions. This guide will basically show you the behind the scenes method used by many of the automated scripting tools out there. NOTE: If your not interested in the details that happen behind the scenes, I'd suggest you try something like Auto Gordian Knot ( It will do most of these things for you with a few button clicks. Be sure to place a check in the "Don't run this job now" checkbox at the very bottom of the save dialog (see circled above) After typing in a name for your avi, and checking the Don't run this job now option, click SAVE.Step 6: VirtualDub (2nd Pass) Now we need to configure the second pass in VirtualDub. - A Forma Definitiva Para o Backup de DVD.

Section: download , for your questions: KezNews forum , 20.5.2007 Tip: Click here to update all your PC's outdated drivers This is New version of Vista Loader 2.2.0 from Chinese hackers. With this you can force a bios emulation and let Vista think it's installed on a OEM machine. Instructions how to install VistaLoader for clean installation of vista. 1. install windows vista with the serial below. 2. after that, log into vista and extract vistaloader.rar into a folder. eg c:\vistaloader 3. run comand prompt with administrator access. 4. browse into c:\vistaloader eg. cd\vistaloader 5. type install.cmd [oem] 6. reboot your machine...and you are activated...

*replace [oem] with asus, hp, acer ,lenovo, sony or dell. eg. if you are using dell, just type install.cmd dell in the command prompt with administrator acess. lenovo ~~~~~~ home premium: 34bkk-qk76y-wwr7c-qf2m7-2tb37.


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DVD JON - So sue me » Blog Archive » iPhone Independence Day

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