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How to Avoid Family Drama on Your Wedding Day. My wedding could not have been more straight forward.

How to Avoid Family Drama on Your Wedding Day

The first for both of us. No kids. Parents who had stayed married and were previously believed to be nice. But then, in a flash, we went from Royal Wedding to A Nightmare on Elm Street, culminating in my otherwise lovely mother-in-law's snarling to my husband (about me), "Why don't you just put a ring through your nose and let her lead you around on it? " There's a reason why Romeo and Juliet eloped and millions of couples have followed suit. There we are, declaring endless love—in public, no less—while dealing with logistical issues that make a military coup seem like a day at the spa. With so many personalities and grievances in the mix, it's impossible to please everyone, as my friend Rita* learned: "My parents are divorced, so I tried to involve both parents in the wedding planning equally," she says.

Even the closest bond between siblings can fray in the face of nuptial pressures. 14 Tips to Help Keep the Peace. Blog - SW BRIDE: SALLY & JONATHON. Sally and Jonathon met at the local pub on Karaoke night; both of them were there to chaperone friends who had been set up for a blind date.


However it was Sally and Jonathon who fell in love. This relaxed fun-loving nature they share as a couple was evident when Jonathon proposed over dinner at Ms. G's in Sydney. The couple chose to wed at the end of June and being a winter wedding, they selected Porteno in Surry Hills, Sydney as their venue of choice. The cosy warm atmosphere of the Argentinian restaurant played host to both the ceremony and reception, enabling the bridal party and guests to avoid braving the winter weather outside. Decoration of the venue was kept to a minimum with just flowers used to accentuate the colours of the décor and bridal party. Jordan & Jake's Opulent Porteño Wedding - Nouba - Jordan & Jake’s Opulent Por... Opulent with a touch of old world charm – that’s how we’d describe Jake and Jordan’s nuptials at Surry Hill’s Porteño.

Jordan & Jake's Opulent Porteño Wedding - Nouba - Jordan & Jake’s Opulent Por...

The pair go way back – they shared their first kiss as 13 years old at high-school, were ‘just friends’ for a long time before things turned romantic and even committed to raising a pre-marital fur baby together (a pug by the name of Igor!). With Porteño’s Buenos Aires-inspired décor, the wedding had a slight Argentinian feel and we think it suited Jake and Jordan’s own style perfectly.

In terms of the finer details, the pair struggled to pick a favourite – “It was really the whole venue,” says Jordan. “The food, the wine, the light. Porteño is such a rich, magical place. No matter how many times you’ve heard it before, Jordan stresses the importance of one particular piece of wedding advice – “Make the most of every moment, spend time with your partner, take time out to take it all in.” she says. "My bridesmaids and I took care of the flowers," Jordan shares. Beautiful Flower-Decorated Cakes for Summer Weddings. Drifting through the Mediterranean on a mega yacht is a luxury experience that nearly all travel-hungry wanderers wish for but don’t often get to experience—unless, of course, they happen to be friends with yachters like Roman Abramovich or Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Beautiful Flower-Decorated Cakes for Summer Weddings

But there is a next best thing: a hotel floating on the water, either permanently affixed to a dock or entirely mobile and with all of the amenities of a five-star establishment. These “floatels” bring new meaning to the terms ocean view or seaside vacation and offer unbridled, up-close views of places like the Seine in Paris or Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Below, these are the five floating hotels worth checking out this season. We swear, even the multimillion-dollar boat owners will be impressed. Off Paris Seine Recently opened, this 58-room hotel is the city’s first floating accommodation. The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort The eco-friendly FloatHouse sits within the Kwai Resort in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi jungle region. Getting married this summer? Stick to a small and simple wedding.

My little sister is getting married this August.

Getting married this summer? Stick to a small and simple wedding

She’s an incredibly sweet, smart woman and her fiance is a gem. It goes without saying that I love her dearly; this love and my role as her maid of honor are the only ways to explain how I found myself wandering through the packed aisles of a massive wedding expo in early January. Bleary-eyed from the late night before and inexplicably unable to find a single vendor selling coffee, my mind began reeling as we walked from stall to stall. Granted, it’s been a while since I planned my own nuptials, but has anyone else noticed that weddings have gotten insane? Four-foot-tall cakes. The pursuit of perfection was suffocating. Hello May · LEX + DAVE. Lex and Dave have never tried to be anything other than awesome.

Hello May · LEX + DAVE

It’s just who they are and so, throughout their three month engagement, they made a number of awesome decisions. They hired legendary photographer Lara Hotz, florist Merci Bouquet and stationery designer Your One And Only and had lamingtons in lieu of a wedding cake. “When we found what we liked, we went with it. The result was a day that truly reflected us, our personalities and the things we love”, says Lex who without further ado, also booked Studio Neon as their reception venue.

Best Florists for Weddings and Events in Sydney. The best floral stylists for your special event.

Best Florists for Weddings and Events in Sydney

There are a number of new floral stylists producing wild, messy arrangements to make the reception halls and wedding tents of Sydney feel alive, rather than stiff and manicured. Here are five of the most inspired wedding and event florists you can hire. Best Non-traditional Sydney Wedding Locations - Broadsheet. Getting hitched?

Best Non-traditional Sydney Wedding Locations - Broadsheet

Having a party? Sydney is home to some surprising locations for special occasions. If you’re looking for some left-field options for throwing a party, or you’re dreaming of a wedding that no one will forget in a hurry, we’ve found some unusual locations around the city. Some of these venues don’t openly advertise their availability for weddings, so keep the secret safe until yours is booked. How to Pick Your Life Partner - Part 2. This is Part 2.

How to Pick Your Life Partner - Part 2

Part 1 is here. Often, the key to succeeding at something big is to break it into its tiniest pieces and focus on how to succeed at just one piece. Functions - Carriageworks. Wedding Planning Timeline.