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Is Your Company Ready to Embrace The Power of Social Media? Conventional Document Management is Definitely a Costly Affair. Data Analytics Starts With People, Not Data. Transformational change in the field of analytic is inevitable.

Data Analytics Starts With People, Not Data

This change has a motto to deepen customer insights, improving operational efficiency, decreasing cost or can be increasing ROI and how to achieve these agendas is only through digital transformation. Digital transformation keep companies to keep pace with the current market trends keeping it agile and insight driven while on other hand companies slow at adopting analytics run the risk of being disrupted and technologically backward.

Slow adoption of analytics, and reluctance in seeking help from analytics experts, is one of the biggest barriers for organizations to attain data and analytics maturity. What is culture driven analytics? “Data is the lifeblood of pervasive innovation.” said JY Pook, Senior vice-president at Tableau Asia Pacific. Making decisions is just not enough; you really need to create the environment of analytics. Analytics is Much More Than Big Data. Click to learn more about author Chirag Shivalker.

Analytics is Much More Than Big Data

BIG Data; though the term is coined everywhere and considered mainstream, is no longer a buzzword. However jazzy the concept of “Big Data” gets, simply having and collecting more data is no longer enough. We have now entered the space where business-oriented “Data Strategies” should be the focus. Data Analytics is not a luxury anymore, instead has gone mainstream. Companies can gain strategic advantage by leveraging Advanced Analytics. Why does sample size calculations to be done before data collection? Predictive Analytics, As Your Customers Already Live in Future. Increasing number of channels and multiple devices are decreasing the opportunities for retailers to build a long-lasting & significant relationship with consumers.

Predictive Analytics, As Your Customers Already Live in Future

Companies struggling to make two ends meet, continue taking decisions by looking back at what went wrong. Instead, leading organizations are using predictive analytics to predict the future—and get it right. It helps them to anticipate customer behavior with high probability and improve the only relationship that really matters; the one they have with their consumers.

Technology infrastructures such as CRM software, customer database, an eCommerce platform, or the ability to mine data from social media; are the capabilities that retailers have had for decades. But back then predictive analytics was used to manage inventories and optimize supply chain and distribution networks and not for understanding customer behavior. Applying predictive analytics at operational levels. Organizations don’t need a lot of data; they just need the “right data.” Organizations don’t need a lot of data; they just need the “right data.”

Organizations don’t need a lot of data; they just need the “right data.”

By Chirag Shivalker. Data Cleansing Solutions that Grow Your Business. Client Profiling is not A Persona, But A Customer's Journey. 7 Data Cleansing Techniques help You Reach Target Audience - Hi-Tech BPO. 4 Ways to Create Unforgettable Data Visualization Story. 7 Technical Terms used in Data Cleansing (Infographic)

Business Processing Outsourcing

Habile Data — Data Research: Trends & Impact on Real Estate... Retailers opt for holistic data management to create best shopping experience for their customers. Submitted By: hitechbpo on April 14, 2017 Modern-day retailing is largely controlled by (extremely) volatile & constantly expanding global markets.

Retailers opt for holistic data management to create best shopping experience for their customers.

Adding to this challenge, are continuous swings in the consumers purchasing patterns and their preferences. This drastic shift has created more competition and challenges for the retailers, in the already aggressive business scape, further pushing many modern-day retailers to embrace agile and data-driven methods. Retailers, both online and offline are gearing themselves up with all the latest, relevant and comprehensible information that enables them to quickly respond and ensure swift & augmented support to their loyal consumer base. Retail chains, across the globe, capture enormous amount of data, on daily basis, providing them with excellent opportunities to understand the pulse of the market and acquire valuable insights. However; as it often happens, captured data hardly gets translated into valuable and actionable insights. 1. Offshore Data Entry; Benefits of Outsourcing it to The Most Sought Destination — INDIA « Data Management & Processing Solutions. Outsourcing, what started as mere offshoring of non-productive back office activities, has now become a prominent aspect of the globalization process.

Offshore Data Entry; Benefits of Outsourcing it to The Most Sought Destination — INDIA « Data Management & Processing Solutions

Explained simply, business process outsourcing is where developed countries outsource their back office operations and activities to developing countries. Business process outsourcing, fondly known as BPO, incepted as a cost saving activity followed by time and quality. However; now all these have taken a back seat, whereas innovation, process automation and value addition have become the front runners. India has become one of the favorite destinations for BPOs, and why not? Habile Data — How Data Analytics clubbed with Data Processing... How Retail BPO solutions provider makes business sense for the retail industry? Retail industry has a history of facing the brunt of various factors which, very often; are beyond its control.

How Retail BPO solutions provider makes business sense for the retail industry?

Evolving fiscal policies, poor salary hikes, increasing fuel prices and ever demanding consumers; are a few to name. Retail industry is also required to deal with market saturation, high operating expenses, and increased multi-channel purchases as well. To add to all this, they need to address the challenges of competitive positioning and innovation in product development, followed with the pressure to enter new territories as well. All these reasons put together, make retail companies look at strategies like Business Process Outsourcing - BPO or Business Process Management - BPM to save the day. Partnering with a retail BPO solutions provider makes business sense for the retail industry due to various reasons. Business Process Outsourcing has proved its worth for organizations of all sizes. Outsource Data Cleansing; Not Only Gives Useful Information but Also Helps in Legal Compliances.

Submitted By: hitechbpo on April 11, 2017 What businesses need today is to get rid of outdated and expired and incomplete data.

Outsource Data Cleansing; Not Only Gives Useful Information but Also Helps in Legal Compliances

And this is not all, as it cannot be a onetime activity. Instead, what you exactly need is a predictive way to plug in missing values in your data and performs several progressive analytics clubbed with this data cleansing process or activity. It is a common sight where your in-house business data analysts are busy preparing and mending data, to have it handy in a ready to use format, before they actually can get to analyzing it for preparing reports that can help your decision-making process.

Usually, this activity is called data cleansing or data scrubbing, and it comprises of two major activities. Uniformity, where data is formatted as decimal numbers in a uniform manner; then is organized in preferred structures for further analysis. 7 Reasons: Why eCommerce product data entry services should be considered of high priority? Positive Effects of Outsourcing to India.

Submitted By: hitechbpo on April 10, 2017 Outsourcing industry is fast growing and this needs no proof or evidence.

Positive Effects of Outsourcing to India

The way a country like India is expanding in terms of outsourcing business as compared to other countries across the globe has taken everyone by surprise. How Web Data Mining Can Help Generate More Business Leads? Why data mining concept and techniques is in increasing trend for enterprises?

How Web Data Mining Can Help Generate More Business Leads?

How it helps big data visualization for intelligent marketing, tracking current trends, monitor latest work and unlocking the potential of your business data? In today’s cut-throat competitive and ever-changing environment, Internet’s infrastructure is an integral source of vital information that keeps the enterprise alive and aggressive. How Data Analytics clubbed with Data Processing plays a Pivotal Role for Your Organizations?

Data may come from any source, but merely having the data is not enough. It is what you do with that data, and the insights that you gain from the data, is more important. This makes it more than necessary for one and all to have a sound strategy for data management and analytics. The results of a survey conducted on 376 individuals responsible for data initiatives, of which 104 in the executive capacity, is really eye catchy. Document Processing: Digitize Your Business Documents for Enhanced In… Benefits of Data-Driven Real Estate Marketing For Real-Estate Companies - habiledata. Let’s see some of the benefits of data-driven real estate marketing for real-estate companies. Determine financial future A leading realty magazine noted that several commercial real estate companies are now opting for structured corporate data, with help of real estate data processing service providers, as a means to minimize financial risk.

By analyzing various data points like age of the building/structure, any recent renovations or the financial status of current owner, it becomes easy for them to get an enhanced view of the property as a whole, and even make accurate suggestion to the potential buyers. Why and Where to Outsource Data Entry Services in India? - Quora Discussion. Habile Data — Why image editing and retouching has suddenly... How Outsource Data Entry helps Companies to Get Perfect Data? Companies, operating B2B or B2C, are facing humongous challenges in terms of data entry services. This is due to the reason that the focus is mainly on data driven culture in organizations across the world. More than 50% of the businesses are of the opinion that data accuracy that prevails in some or the other manner, and when data is not accurate and reliable, it does transform the business, but negatively. How to Choose the Best eBook Conversion Company to Outsourced eBook Conversion Service Needs?

What If You Don’t Outsource Invoice Processing? No doubts that the old school invoicing and payment methods that your organization has been following for years, works fine and has proven its potential. But we are hopeful that your organizations; as a matter of fact every organization across the globe, is always looking for a more efficient, scalable, money saving invoice processing solution that can bring cash in the company faster and take the entire business to the next level. Let’s take a look at what happens to your business when you don’t outsource invoice processing, one of the most critical processes to your business health. Misleading Real Estate Property Images; Companies Can be Fined Up To $ 1.1 Million. Ecommerce Data Entry Company; a Product Management Specialist for Online Retailers. The eCommerce sector has witnessed immense growth with both, established players as well the new startups; looking out consistently to maximize their revenue with help of this amazing online medium.

Apart from keeping in pace with modern market development, easy to manage functions that several eCommerce platforms have to offer; compel majority of businesses to transition to eCommerce setups. But, setting up an eCommerce shop, populating it with products, & managing it consistently with latest data; is not that easy a task. Efficient eCommerce product information management system in place is mandatory for eCommerce stores; to not just survive, but also to thrive and keep pace with concurrent market dynamics. Additional efforts are required to be made to manage the online shop in terms of adding, modifying and maintaining product information on regular basis. The more updated your eCommerce site is, the more its presence will be felt on the internet. 1. 2. 3. Top 4 Benefits of Outsourced Document Management. Document management is an integral part of controlling the flow of information within your business. The efficiency of your document management solution may act as a bottleneck for processes throughout your organization.

The benefits of consulting with an experienced solution provider are all the things you would expect from having a properly executed information filing system – from reducing the risks of costly errors and failures in compliance to proper execution of complex hybrid storage models and reduction of lost time and efficiencies. How Data Processing and Business Intelligence Solutions Transforming Insurance Sector? Extensive Benefits of Data Mining Services to Marketing – Retail and Outreach Sectors…!!! Robust and Streamlined Database for Your Real Estate Business is Now Possible. Data Processing Capabilities Strengthen Ecommerce Sales. Data Quality is not Abstract; Companies with Effective Data Grow Faster.

It is not only believed but now proved as well that business databases degrade by around 30% every year. Habile Data — Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume... Data Entry Standards for Successful Organizational Data Management Efforts. How document management solutions will help your organization to save a lot of money? Last month Gartner announced that they will stop utilizing the term Enterprise Content Management – ECM, which was in existence since last more than 17 years now. Instead, they would now use Content Services – CS. Outsourced Transportation & Logistics Partner Onboard will Make Your Data Challenge, Their Project. Retailers Opt for Holistic Data Management to Create Best Shopping Experience for Their Customers. You Need Intelligent Real Estate Property Data Processing For Complex Real Estate Documents. Real estate property documentations get significantly complex and difficult to manage, over a period of time.

Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume Screening, a Convenience. Data Entry Services - Driving Force in Streamlining Banking Industry. With the technological advancements, no industry has remained untouched! It has made its presence felt in almost every industry and has made a great difference in the way the normal business operations were conducted. And among many different areas, banking industry has been a foremost benefactor of the technological progress. The traditional methods of maintaining financial database, account management, and invoice management, which were once considered too tedious a task, have become easier and hassle free.

How to Turn Your Outsourcing Service Provider Into a Partner. Technology and globalization intersect at a positive note and that has changed the way businesses are done. This has also created new business avenues and opportunities for the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the international marketplace. The BPO – Business Process Outsourcing trend is accelerating, and now has become a subset of outsourcing, that commonly involved the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third party service provider. Although BPO is often categorized into back0office outsourcing, it successfully includes internal business functions like HR, finance, accounting, and front-office outsourcing for customer-related services such as contact centers. Outsourced Invoice Processing should be your Company’s Next Innovative Goal. Outsource Online Data Entry Gives Your Business that Competitive Edge. Dedicated Ecommerce Catalog Management: A Good Leverage to your Online Store!

It seems that conventional markets are soon going to be a part of history books, soon. The pace with which eCommerce sites are increasing; there are all possibilities that the brick-and-mortar stores will no longer exist and getting replaced by technologically advanced virtual stores. Since, eCommerce stores are growing in number; so is the competition. Outsourced Transportation & Logistics Partner Onboard will Make Your Data Challenge, Their Project.

BIG Questions about Your Real Estate Data. Outsourced Invoice Processing should be your Company's Next Innovative Goal. Habile Data — Data Processing to Ease the Daunting Task of Data... Which are the Different Ways for Startups to effectively use Web Data mining? Data Processing for Data Analytics is Like Eating an Elephant. Ecommerce Companies Should Outsource Data Related Tasks. Data Quality Is Not Abstract; Companies with Effective Data Grow Faster. Data Processing to Ease the Daunting Task of Data Analytics. How data entry can help companies to establish a quick and secure database? Data Processing: How Can It Help Improve E-commerce Sales? Outsource Graphic Design; Brings in more Customers, Fascinates & Compels them to Buy Your Products. How Data Management Best Practices can enhance the... Data Processing to Ease the Daunting Task of Data Analytics. Web Scraping Services Imperative for Effective Business Decision Making Process.

Make Your Online Store Logo More Enticing With These Do’s And Don’ts. Manual Data Entry vs. Automation: A Comparison – Hi-Tech BPO – Medium. Outsourcing Data Entry: May Yield Healthy Returns. Where can I hire typing services from India? How to Choose Professional Brochure Design Company? Why Organizations Need Effective Data Cleaning Services? Why Should Require Unique restaurant menu design? Why Package design is Important? Why Outsource Audio Typing in India? Why Online Business Needs Catalog Processing? What-is-the-right-time-to-outsource-data-management. Which is the Best Place to outsource logo design? Custom Newsletter Design Company India. Who is the best general typing solution provide...

Looking for accurate agreement typing services? Where to find custom label design services? How can find reliable outsourcing questionnaire typing provider? HTML Conversion Services: Outsource HTML Conversion – Offshore Data Entry. Why Web Research is important and why to outsource it? Where to get accurate survey forms typing services? PDF Conversion Services: Outsource PDF to Word Conversion – Offshore Data Entry. Flyer Design Services, Online Business Flyer Design India. Catalogues Data Typing. Why do you Need Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services? Why Newsletter Design Important? It takes a Team of Best Designers to Transform Design Expenses into Business Investment. How to convert printed old books into digital e... Importance of Restaurant Menu Layout Designing Services.

Why Require XML Data Conversion Services? Manuscript Typing Services: Outsourcing Typing Services. Data Processing Services: Documents, Forms, Invoice, Catalogs - Offshore Data Entry. Package Design Services, Custom Packaging Design. Outsource Script Typing Services: Screenplays, Film Script. Professional DTP & Typesetting Services.