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Help. Learn English, Spanish and German for free. Browse Maps. Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Blogs. Data Mining. Colloboration. Presentation. Presentations and Speeches. Audio. Video. Screen capture. Social Bookmarking. VoiceDraw. VoiceDraw is a drawing program designed to be controlled using only one's voice.


Since no mouse, keyboard or stylus is required, it can be used by people with various forms of motor impairments to express themselves creatively. VoiceDraw is built upon the Vocal Joystick engine in order to process "non-linguistic vocal parameters" in addition to traditional speech recognition for providing continuous and fluid control of the virtual brush. Non-linguistic vocal parameters are voice features that do not correspond to a particular word or phrase in a language, such as changes in loudness, pitch, and vowel quality.


Web-conferencing. Reference Manager.