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Mutability ["We are as clouds that veil the… How Romanticism Encouraged the Decline of Marriage. This year a Pew report on “Love and Marriage in America” stated an obvious fact: The institution of marriage in our society is continuing its slide toward cultural obsolescence.

How Romanticism Encouraged the Decline of Marriage

Only half of adults continue to bother with marriage, while a significant minority prefer the unconstrained alternative of cohabitation. This last category is up nearly 30 percent from a decade ago. Of those who choose marriage, half will end in divorce. A library for the humanist. …And when the night arrives, I return home, and enter into my studiolum; and on the threshold I take off that everyday costume, and put on royal and curial vests; and thus I enter into the ancient courts of those ancient men, where I am kindly accepted by them, and where I can feed upon that food that is only mine, for which I was born; where I do not feel ashamed to speak with them and ask them about the reasons of their deeds; and they humanely reply to me; and for those hours I do not feel any dullness, forget every affliction, I'm not afraid ot poverty, and not anxious of death: I entirely rely upon them.

a library for the humanist

(Machiavelli 1513) In the studiolum, a space that was both real and symbolic, the Renaissance and Baroque man cultivated his intellectual activities. This virtual Studiolum is a meeting place for researchers where we offer all of those books that the erudite men of the past might have desired. Studiolum is involved with several editorial initiatives. Welcome to Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker! Create crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, and other puzzles for your classroom today! Brain Teasers & Brain Games For Teens & Adults. Mine Picker. 10 Ridiculous Claims That Sound Made Up But Aren't. For anyone who spends most of his time on the Internet, the word “unbelievable” simply doesn’t hold much weight anymore.

10 Ridiculous Claims That Sound Made Up But Aren't

Facts that we once considered hip and cool to show off at parties are common knowledge now, so much so that you’d probably be laughed at for even trying to pass them off as new information. (Everyone knows that Genghis Khan had a lot of kids, dude.) Scattered somewhere among all those oft-repeated claims, though, are the truly unbelievable ones that most people don’t know. These facts sound so crazy that you’d probably have to look them up yourself to make sure they’re true.

Gender-Neutral Dolls: Toying with Kids’ Sexuality. Toy maker Mattel has launched a new range of gender neutral dolls on the market, and Telegraph writer Celia Walden has had an early preview.

Gender-Neutral Dolls: Toying with Kids’ Sexuality

She tells us that she was prepared to “mask [her] horror at a creation that would surely only be a an extension of the warped gender narrative currently confusing young children,” only to find that she actually liked them. The six dolls, available in a variety of skin tones, had “the straight-up-and-down figures and full faces” of her own seven-year-old daughter, and a long-haired wig “cap” fitting easily over a doll’s short hair. Additionally, none of their 12 “wardrobe options” were “pink and sparkly or camouflage-tastic.” and all were exactly the kind of styles and patterns that her daughter would choose from H&M Kids.

Walden was “immediately convinced” that her daughter, “along with every 5 to eight-year-old child the range is aimed at, would naturally pick one up and play with it.” The Neuroscience of Barbie. In science fiction and fantasy tales, there is a long running fascination with the idea of dramatically diminishing or growing in stature.

The Neuroscience of Barbie

In the 1989 classic, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Rick Moranis invents a device which accidentally shrinks both his own and the neighbor’s children down to a quarter-of-an-inch tall. Preceding this by more than 100 years, Lewis Carroll wrote about a little girl who, after tumbling down a rabbit hole, nibbles on some cake and then grows to massive proportions. Once upon a time ... Open 9 boxes and create a story including the items - Open the box. Present Simple - Kids - Random wheel. Memeful · The Best Meme Generator. Make a Meme - Funny memes and meme generator.

Meme Generator. The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. ← Transparency color. Used as background since this image contains transparency. SGI Memeplex: Esoterically Inspired Memes and Infographics. I will be periodically updating this page with various Sacred Geometrically inspired memes and infographics for the neognostic aspirant in you.

SGI Memeplex: Esoterically Inspired Memes and Infographics

Sacred Geometry International, we put the AK in your Chakra points. If you would like to help us spread these ideas and this sacred knowledge, please save and upload the following images via your social media networks. “Many hands make light work.” Thank you! Ideas Vault — Globaïa. InnerEarth — Globaïa. Virtual reality as a tool for planetary awareness Astronauts are but only a very few to have had the chance to see the planet in its whole glory.As of 2019, over 565 women and men have experienced this transformative vision, the so-called ‘overview effect’.This is about 1 person out of 13.6 million, a very rare privilege indeed.

InnerEarth — Globaïa

Yet, our planet has never been more visible than today. Earth’s imagery has become mainstream in technologically-literate societies, thanks to the expanding fleets of satellites providing ever more stunning and detailed views of our world, day after day. But seeing our homeworld on a small device is obviously quite different from actually being up there.In this context, virtual reality can play a role, not by distancing us from planet Earth but by helping—and really just helping—reconnect us with patterns, synergies, processes, cycles and scales that are otherwise beyond our sensory reach. So here comes InnerEarth, a concept we humbly submit here. Geophanies — Globaïa. Playability. Globaïa. Psychedelic Intelligence - The C.I.A. and the Counterculture - Logos Media. References: Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering… by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin link The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms link “Magic Mushrooms and the Psychedelic Revolution: Beginning a New History” by Jan Irvin - #144 link Gnostic Media BRAIN link Psychedelic Intelligence:0:00:00 Quote – John D.

Psychedelic Intelligence - The C.I.A. and the Counterculture - Logos Media

Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, pg. 121 0:00:52 Quote – Marty Lee and Bruce Shalin, Acid Dreams, pg. 286 0:01:08 Quote - Hank Albarelli – In a conversation with Jan Irvin, Feb 22, 2013 0:01:25 Video - Jan Irvin on the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and the Creation of the Drug Culture, The Corbett Report 672 (9:30:00) link 0:02:31 Video - Gnostic Media - A Conversation with Joe Atwill -- "Mind Control and Weaponized Anthropology" - #167 (0:03:37) link 0:03:21 Video - Dr. Colin A. Ross interview, pt. 2 - "MKULTRA - Subproject 58 et al" - Gnostic Media episode - #162 (0:00:08) link 0:04:35 Video - Prof. Brain - Logos Media. Please consider a contribution to support our costs and research: contribute.

Brain - Logos Media

Full screen online version of the Braindatabase:Investigating Wasson MK-ULTRA Brain Download the Brain software (Windows/Mac) Download the Brain database (For quarterly renewing or higher memberships only) View the embedded Brain database here (If it doesn't show in Firefox, you may need to do the "Refresh" to make it work): How to view the information in the database:

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