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Actionscript Snippets. Rotating a Sprite around any point - Everyday 3D. Click once to activate, then click anywhere to move the registration point.

Rotating a Sprite around any point - Everyday 3D

Use SPACE to change the object or any other key to change the direction of the rotation. This time I want to share a simple solution to a relatively simple, but annoying problem. The problem: the Sprite.rotation property rotates the object always around the registration point of the Sprite. If you need to rotate it around some other point, it's not automatic. Flashtica // Free Open Source Actionscript and Flash code files and resources directory. AnimatedBitmap - hexagon. Points around circumference. Explore. Preloader. The magic of creating a preloader in ActionScript 3 lies in the LoaderInfo class.


Every instantiated DisplayObject instance (all objects that appear on the stage, plus the stage itself) have a loaderInfo property that returns a LoaderInfo instance that contains information about the loading progress of that particular display object. Creating a preloader for the whole application is a matter of monitoring these LoaderInfo instances. Method 1: Monitor Stage LoaderInfo instance.

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