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Mind Maps. Photographer Captures The Haunting Reality Of What Mental Disorders Look Like. What started as a school project ended up becoming a gripping collection of photos capturing what mental disorders can feel like.

Photographer Captures The Haunting Reality Of What Mental Disorders Look Like

Christian Sampson, a 21-year-old photographer from Peru, Indiana started taking photos around the theme of mental illness in 2014 for an advanced photography class. Hats in Portrait Photography? Today I have a photo tip that actually breaks the rules.

Hats in Portrait Photography?

Kony 2012

Running 2. Miscellaneous. Portrait Photography. Moodle. Visual Communication. Filming. Photojournalism. Fine Art 2. Digital learning. FE. Jonathan Shaw - New Foto Scapes. Photography has never been a more dominant and embedded part of contemporary culture than it is now.

Jonathan Shaw - New Foto Scapes

The Internet, digital technology and social media have amplified our ability to connect and build communities, and sharing and communication of images has facilitated an exponential growth in picture capture and digital distribution. New Foto Scapes seeks to navigate the evolving topography surrounding the image in the twenty-first century; offering a focused eye on the contemporary creative author-curator and image-maker and on the possibilities afforded by an increasingly complex professional landscape. Jonathan Shaw advocates a new way of thinking about photographic production and education in a post-digital era. The book is smart, engaging and touches on almost all the aspects of the industry.


The Wisdom of Alan Watts in Four Thought-Provoking Animations. Perhaps no single person did more to popularize Zen Buddhism in the West than Alan Watts.

The Wisdom of Alan Watts in Four Thought-Provoking Animations

In a sense, Watts prepared U.S. culture for more traditionally Zen teachers like Soto priest Suzuki Roshi, whose lineage continues today, but Watts did not consider himself a Zen Buddhist. Or at least that’s what he tells us in the talk above, animated by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park. “I am not a Zen Buddhist,” he says, “I am not advocating Zen Buddhism, I am not trying to convert anyone to it. I have nothing to sell.” Instead, he calls himself “an entertainer.”

Educate Inspire Change

Professional Practice for Photo Communication. Science & Technology New Scientist New Scientist is a weekly non-peer-reviewed English-language international science magazine,[2] founded in 1956 and since 1996 also runs a website, covering recent developments in science and technology for a general audience.The magazine covers current developments, news, and commentary from the scientific community.

Professional Practice for Photo Communication

It also prints speculative articles, ranging from the technical to the philosophical. There is a readers’ letters section which discusses recent articles, and discussion on the website. Discover Discover is an American science magazine that publishes articles about science for a general audience. Digit Digit is an Indian monthly technology magazine published by 9.9 Media.


Stephanie Rew. Online learning. Social Media. Leesa Steifler, Perspectives Symposium, AGO. Black Forest Berry Brownies. Here’s something super special and super easy to bakeBlack Forest Berry Brownies Ingredients:200g Dark Chocolate (Bournville works really well and won’t break the bank either)140g Butter225g Sugar2tsp Vanilla Extract2 Eggs1 Egg Yolk85g Plain Flour200g Frozen Black Forest Fruit Berries (Sainsburys) You will need a baking tray with deep sides approx. 23cm x 23cm Line it with baking paper.

Black Forest Berry Brownies

Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/400F/Gas Mark 6 Melt the chocolate and butter in a pan over a low heat. Once its all melted remove from the heat and set aside to cool just a little bit. Stir in the sugar and the mixture will go quite grainy. Add in the beaten egg and yolk and mix to combine. Once thoroughly combined pour the mixture into the prepared baking pan.

Apartments in Florence

Nowness. Teacher/classroom observation. The Dreaded Peer-Teaching Observation - Advice. By Bernard Schweizer On the scale of most anxiety-producing moments in teaching, few things top the dreaded peer observation.

The Dreaded Peer-Teaching Observation - Advice

True, there are plenty of other sources of teaching angst, but none of them quite match the intense butterflies that develop in the stomach of a teacher about to be observed in the classroom by a peer.

Academic Poster Design in Powerpoint

90 top-quality typography tutorials. Whether you're a creative director, illustrator or web developer – whatever your discipline, typography is an essential part of design.

90 top-quality typography tutorials

There are hundreds of paid-for and free fonts available these days, but when it comes to the art of type, you can never stop learning about it or improving your typography skills. To help you out, we've gathered together the most amazing typography tutorials from around the web, which are bound to help you raise your type skills to the next level. In this post, you'll find typography tutorials in the following areas: The basics and advanced typography skills (1-11)Web typography skills (12-16)Typography in Illustrator (17-23)Adding colour to your type (24-28)Learn type through games (29-31)3D text effects (32-38)Fire up your type (39-41)Snow and ice effects (42-44)Make your type metallic (45-49)Eye-catching type effects (50-58)Design your own type (59-65)Make a typography poster (66-68)Illustrative typography (69-82)

How to Stop Procrastinating: 10 Steps. Edit Article Edited by Malissa, Ben Rubenstein, Andy Zhang, Dave Crosby and 89 others If you're a chronic procrastinator, you know the pains and stress that comes with putting things off.

How to Stop Procrastinating: 10 Steps

Although you may have the desire to accomplish something, getting the motivation to do it is a different matter. Fortunately, overcoming your procrastination is easy to do when you put your mind to it. Ad. Pain and Change. Painless change is an oxymoron.

Pain and Change

All change in business is painful. You are giving up the known for the unknown.

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Behance. Cable covers. IT. OptimizingYourImage. Windows 8 'Metro' Start Screen is Unavoidable. Bad news for people who hate Metro (or whatever Microsoft's calling it now): there's apparently no way for users to get around the tiled Start menu interface in Windows 8. According to ZDNet, there is no way to boot straight to the traditional Windows desktop in the final version of Windows 8--which is now shipping to manufacturers. In previous tech builds of the operating system there was a shortcut for going directly to the desktop.

While the tiled Start screen is supposed to make users' lives easier, it may do the exact opposite for some. For example, a power user who has no use for the simplified Metro-style apps of Windows 8, and who needs the more powerful traditional apps. Or a business user, whose work computers only need to run a cash register application. Get the Start Menu Back in Windows 8 with Classic Shell. Windows 8 no longer has the traditional Start Menu and seems to be the biggest complaint among Windows users. If you’re looking for a free and Open Source solution to bring back the Start Menu in Windows 8, you might want to check out Classic Shell. Not only does it bring back the Start functionality, it also allows you to customize the look and feel. Classic Shell for Windows 8 You can download Classic Shell from SourceForge.


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