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Oregon Town Angers China With Mural on Taiwan, Tibet. Main Page - Rock in China Wiki. China Maps. The China Beat · Blogging How the East Is Read. China in Africa. EastSouthWestNorth Blog. [This is a collection of information on the Occupy Central movement/revolution (also known as the Umbrella movement/revolution) in Hong Kong.

EastSouthWestNorth Blog

This is not comprehensive coverage by any means. Many perspectives are already available in abundance in English (see, for example, Reddit on Umbrella Revolution), so there is no need for me to duplicate them here. Instead, the focus here is on popular Chinese-language materials that are not otherwise available in English. Most of the information is gathered from mainstream media, social media (Facebook, YouTube, discussion forums (mainly Hong Kong Discussion Forum, Hong Kong Golden Forum, HKGalden, Uwants and Baby Kingdom), blogs and polling data). Inside-Out China. Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center; contemporary chinese literature; Chinese film.