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Brevity Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Brevity Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Professional website design and development Services Company in India that provides strategic business solutions and customized software. It is a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals focused on providing world class IT solutions. We offer a variety of services in the area of Software, Web development, Website designing, Responsive web design, Logo designing, Template designing, Social Media Application Development, CRM Software, Custom Software, Travel Portal Development, Event Management Systems Software, Transport & Logistics Software, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, E-Commerce & M-Commerce Applications Development, Android Apps development, iPhone apps Development, Windows application development, Mobile Application Development.

Brevity Software's Business Trip to London. How to Write Blogs that can Drive Traffic to your Website. Blogging is one of the powerful tools to drive traffic to your website.

How to Write Blogs that can Drive Traffic to your Website

Many large brands use blogs to bring traffic to their websites and thereby increase sales. But simply writing blog articles is not enough. You need to do it properly to attract the users and make them read it in one go. Not all businesses who write blogs drive huge traffic to their websites. So, it is very necessary to write blogs accurately. Here, we will discuss some tips that you need to follow while writing blogs that can drive traffic to your website. Tip 1: Start off with a good title Start writing a blog article only when you have a suitable topic or title.

Have you ever observed the articles while reading any magazine? Tip 2: Introduction This is another important factor after the headline or title in a blog article. Tip 3: Body of the article Body of the article is the main portion of the article which is read by the people. Tip 4: Link to other people Tip 5: Include a personal touch Tip 6: Add a conclusion. Drupal web development services India & UK.

Drupal Web Development Drupal is an open source content management framework.

Drupal web development services India & UK

Used by 2.1% of the websites in the world, it is one of the best content management frameworks used for back-end systems. It’s contributed modules, plugin extensibility and modular design makes it the most sought after frameworks built on PHP. Drupal provides a robust facility for managing, organizing and updating content besides doing smooth knowledge management and collaboration activities on site. It’s ability to leverage the quality and usability of the content has made it the most used and preferred content management framework by the top web development companies worldwide. The key announcements at Google I/O 2019 Event. On May 7th, 2019, Google organized its yearly developer conference – Google I/O Event and declared some really amazing stuff.

The key announcements at Google I/O 2019 Event

Here, is the sneak peek to some of the coolest key announcements revealed by the organization: Lesser expensive Pixel mobile phones Google announced lesser expensive versions – Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL of its flagship smartphone series. This is an attempt of the organization to reach out to more global markets and attract new clients who want to own top smartphones but at reasonable prices. The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones are smaller than the regular Pixel series phones. They don’t promote any new feature but their cameras have the portrait and night mode same as the Pixel 3 phone. The 5.6-inch Pixel 3a phone will cost $399 which is almost half of its former model. Faster Google Assistant The other coolest announcement made by Google is the nextgen Google Assistant.

(a) It will have a new dark mode that will create a black background and white text. How to do keyword research without spending a penny? All the content, as well as SEO campaigns, begin with the same thing - Keyword Research.

How to do keyword research without spending a penny?

Keyword research is the task of finding out the appropriate search terms for which you want your website to rank. But unfortunately, many researchers do it in the wrong way. They simply download the keywords from Google Adwords Keyword Planner and then sort them out in spreadsheets. However, they forget that many other industry players will be targeting the same keywords. So, it will be difficult to rank for those keywords unless you have a good domain authority and a great reputation. In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the unconventional keyword research methods to uncover keywords that aren’t targeted by your competitors.

6 Ways to make your Facebook Page Effective. Codeigniter web development company India & UK. Codeigniter Web Development Speed and innovative features are the two main aspects of a complete website.

Codeigniter web development company India & UK

But to boost the website’s performance you need to choose an agile framework. This is the reason why most businesses today prefer Codeigniter web development solutions. Codeigniter is an open-source PHP development framework that allows the developer to create dynamic next-generation apps. Based on the MVC development pattern, Codeigniter provides a collaborative environment for both the designers and developers. Minimalism versus Maximalism. What according to you is the best way to get noticed and get stuck in people’s mind?

Minimalism versus Maximalism

Is less really more or is big, loud and busy the way to leave your impression on people’s mind? Many web designers are confused about the same. So, here we will explore the beauty of the two extremes of web designing - Minimalism and Maximalism. Both of them have their own inherent pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. The concept of Minimalism originates from the idea that less is more.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO - ShortPixel Blog. Ionic App Development. Web Usability: Importance of Fold in Web Design. React Native App Development. React Native Development Company React Native is an advanced technology developed by the engineers at Facebook.

React Native App Development

This JavaScript framework is used for building native mobile applications using ReactJS. It comprises of advanced features which helps the React Native development company to deliver cutting-edge mobile app development solutions for Android and iOS. React Native has put an end to the age old decision of mobile developers of developing an app that offers a better user experience or one that is faster to develop and run. It is growing rapidly and has quickly gained immense popularity among the developers across the globe.

SEO strategies that can boost your traffic in 2019. As time passes by, SEO is becoming harder and harder.

SEO strategies that can boost your traffic in 2019

But that does not mean that you should stop doing SEO. Majority of the people still click on the organic listings and not on the paid listings. So, in this article, we will discuss some SEO strategies that will help you to boost your website traffic in 2019. Wordpress development services India, UK. WordPress Development Having an online presence has become necessary for businesses.

Wordpress development services India, UK

They no longer have a choice but to look for the right platform that can make it more appealing and impressive. WordPress is a widely acclaimed CMS that can be used for creating attractive websites which are also capable of delivering rich user experience. WordPress was initially used as a blogging and personal platform. But its scalability, flexibility and ease in content management have established it as a full-fledged web platform for all sorts of needs. Laravel web development company India, UK. Laravel Web Development Laravel beta version was released in 2011.

Laravel web development company India, UK

But due to extension ability using bundles and high speed, it has become one of the most preferred open source development platform in a short span of time. Tips for designing mobile landing page. As per a report by Criteo, around 20% of people are more likely to buy on mobile phones than on the other devices. Hence, it is necessary to optimize the landing pages that can drive conversions. Landing pages are the pages to which you send your traffic. It is the first impression of your brand you create on your users and so getting it right is important. Landing pages should be flawless and so here we will discuss how to design the landing pages so that they can be effective enough to drive more visitors and convert them into customers. 1.

While creating the landing page, one should consider featuring all the basic information about the product or the offering so as to establish the credibility and persuade the customers. 2. Internet users have a very short attention span and you need to grab their attention in the minimum time possible. Use the heading to tell your customers the major benefits of your product and what they can get on your landing page.

Windows app development services India & UK. Windows Application Development Company Windows apps are the software applications designed and developed for the smartphones working on Windows operating system. They are similar to Android apps, iOS apps and iPad apps that have apps specially built for their brand for devices like smartphones and tablets. Windows mobile platform is nothing but the compact version of the Windows operating system for desktop. Windows operating system gives developers the scalability and a variety of options to develop custom Windows mobile applications.

This is why Windows is still the most preferred platform for technical as well as non-technical users. AngularJS app development company India. AngularJS App Development Company. Do's and Don'ts in Mobile App Development - Broodle. Smartphones have changed the way we live. In today’s life, almost everyone has a mobile phone. It is an ever-growing and ever-expanding market. While it has such a great impact on individuals, it has also impacted the businesses to a great extent. As a result, more and more businesses are moving towards mobile application development to streamline the workflow processes, make communications easier and get access to real-time data from anywhere at any time.

But not every app developed enjoys the same level of success. 9 must-have features for mobile app development. Mobile has become an essential part of human life. It adds a force-multiplier to the companies and promotes the brand. According to a report, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 6.4 billion by 2021. IPad application development company India, UK. Factors to consider in E-commerce mobile application development. IPhone app development company India, UK. Techwebspace. Android application development company India, UK. Why you should consider redesigning your mobile app? Risks involved in mobile application development.

Have a mobile app idea? What Next? Have an awesome idea of a startup mobile app? Well, that’s a great thought!! Drupal 8.6 – The 5 new features added to Drupal 8. The Drupal community has released the major update to Drupal 8 – Drupal 8.6. It is one of the most significant updates to Drupal 8 so far. From easier installation to more stable upgrades for the technical teams, to improved user experience for marketing and content editor teams – Drupal 8.6 promises to focus on enhancing the user experience.

How to write an outstanding mobile app specification document? Custom CRM Software Solutions, India. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the system, which allows any business to keep records of all the customers at one central location, which is available to the whole organization. CRM Software is basically meant for addressing the requirements of sales, marketing, support divisions, and customer service within the organization and allows sharing clients’ data to improve customer sales & service.

How Travel Agents Positively Contest Opposite Immense Virtual Booking Methods? In the contemporary world, travel is so huge and widespread business that keeps on growing briskly and making more golden opportunities. Prime Factors for Integrating API in your Travel Portal Development. Convert Your Travel Portal Development Mobile-friendly or else You Won't be Counted in Search. Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer. Tips for Choosing the Right Website Design and Development Company in India. Protect Users and Clients from Breaking Their WordPress Website. A Fresh Way to Succeed With Efficiency in Enterprise Mobility Business Solutions. Important Features of Successful Mobile Apps.

Rise of Leading Trends in Website Design for 2017. Best Principles of Effective Successful Web Design. Users Concepts About Mobile Data Privacy and App Security. Mobile App Development - A New Era In Travels & Tourism Industry. Travel Portal Booking Engine Software - Make Travel Business A Piece Of Cake! A Glimpse of Emerging Mobile App Development Trends In 2017. How Travel Technology Company can Enhance your Travel and Tourism Business. Most Experienced CRM Software Development Company. How to Integrate LinkedIn Sign In with iOS Applications. Enterprise Mobility Management Software Development Company. Transport and Logistics Software Development Company. Travel & Tourism Portal Development Company. Custom Web Application Design and Development Company.

Event Management Software Development Company. Admin Panel for Online Event Mangement System. Trustworthy Mobile Application Development Company. Custom CRM Software Development Company. Mobile Application Development Company. Things to consider when you are looking for Event Management Software - Brevity Blog. 10 Reasons why you need a Mobile App for your Business - Brevity Blog. DMX. Financial application software services and solutions. Software. Frugal Install (Puppylinux) Frugal Install (Puppylinux) Sport Event Management. Event Manager & Save Files (Puppylinux) Event Management. Event Management. Events. Events. Travel Online Advisor.

TRAVEL (TRV) TRAVEL (TRV) Travel Planners. TRAVEL. Travel & Tourism of World. Travel and states. TRAVEL & INTERNATIONAL. TRAVEL & INTERNATIONAL. Travel guides. Bombino Travels. Travel Tourism. Travel Tips & Guide. Travel & Hobbies. Travels & Tourism.

Mobile Application Development Company. An International Travel Portal Development Company. Web Application Development Company. Transport and Logistics Software Development Company. Agile Manifesto Software Devlopment Company. Website Design & Development and Mobile Application Development Company. Event management System Software Development Company. Enterprise Mobility Solutions Services for Different Industries. Enterprise Mobility Management Software Development Company. B2B and B2C Travel Portal Development Company. Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider Company. Custom Web Application Design and Development Company. Event Management System Software Development Company. Transport and Logistics Software Development Company. Travel and Tourism Portal Development Company.