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Home page for Business English Dictionary. This is an exciting new monolingual dictionary of 35,000 business-related words, phrases and meanings designed to be used by business students and anyone using or encountering English in their work.

Home page for Business English Dictionary

Select "Business English" from the list of dictionaries at the top of any page on Cambridge Dictionaries Online to search this dictionary. Favourite Entries. American Heritage Dictionary - Search. Home - Brill Reference. Sketch Engine: SketchEngine.

英語辞書 by NAVER. American Heritage Dictionary - Search. - Online Business Dictionary. The GDEX Demo Dictionary. British Council - Word Family Framework. About What is the Word Family Framework (WFF)?

British Council - Word Family Framework

The WFF is a searchable resource for teachers and learners of English that consists of over 22,000 vocabulary items arranged according to six levels aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference. Oxford Dictionaries Online. Bring Your Own Thoughts. The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases. SoSlang - The Dictionary Which You Define! Word Information - an English dictionary about English vocabulary words and etymologies derived primarily from Latin and Greek word origins. Find the meanings and definitions of words at Online Etymology Dictionary. OneLook Dictionary Search. Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus: Free English Dictionary Online.