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How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything. Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary. Learn, live, love … play!

Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary

Games are a great way to learn all sorts of things about English. These games are for English language learners, or native speakers who are addicted to word games. For downloadable theme-based language puzzles, check out this page. 90% of the time, native English speakers use just 7,500 words in speech and writing. In our dictionaries, these words appear in red and are graded with stars.

Learn more about our unique red word and star system There are some things in English that can only really be learnt through practice. Phrasal verbs may seem obvious to native English language speakers, but for learners they can be mystifying. Another game to practise your knowledge of phrasal verbs. Smart Words - A handpicked Collection of Gems of the English Language.

Oxford Learner's Dictionaries. Interactive Vocabulary Exercises. Learningapps - Instructions - Août 2016 Instructions (pictures / words) Instructions (pictures / pronunciation) Instructions (pictures / type the words) Instructions (pronunciation / type the words) Learningapps - Directions - Janvier 2016 Directions (pictures / words) Directions (pictures / pronunciation) Directions (pictures / type the words) Directions (pronunciation / type the words) Learningapps - Biography (past simple) - Novembre 2015 Important events (moments) in a person’s life Biography (past simple) : Match the sentences with the pictures.

Biography (past simple) : Listen to the sentences and match with the pictures. Practise and Check ! Interactive Books. How to talk about your personality. Wordpower. Welcome to the Wordpower website.


Here you’ll find lots of ideas and downloadable activities to help you get the most out of the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary. You can also download the answers to the Oxford Wordpower Trainer. Exam practice questions NEW Interactive exercises that show students how they can use the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary to answer ‘Use of English’-style questions Using the Wordpower Topic Notes NEW Classroom activities that will help your students to build their topic vocabulary Oxford Wordpower Trainer – Answer key Download the answers to the Oxford Wordpower Trainer.

Using monolingual dictionaries in class Activities to teach dictionary skills and encourage your students to use learners’ dictionaries Catalogue page See the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary in the English Language Teaching catalogue If you have any questions about the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, the Oxford Wordpower Trainer or the CD-ROM, you can contact us at

Oxford Word Skills. Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice. Let's Go 3rd Edition. Word lists. Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games. Words and phrases: frequency, genres, collocates, concordances, synonyms, and WordNet. Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo. English Vocabulary Games Lists and Notes - Vocabulario en Inglés gratis. English Vocabulary. Australian slang dictionary. Advertisements Books about Australia Books by & about Aborigines, fiction & non-fiction Aboriginal music CDs and musical instruments.

Australian slang dictionary

English Idioms Interactive : Hilarious cartoons, quizzes & more. English Vocabulary. Index. Index. 150 Fun Pictionary Words. Pictionary is a fun, classic party game for all ages!

150 Fun Pictionary Words

Whether you’re looking for an icebreaker game for a classroom or family reunion, or even just a good game for family game night, Pictionary is an excellent choice. Have fun with family and friends, while developing your drawing skills and putting them to the ultimate test. If you’ve never played before, you’re missing out and there are a few things you need to know to get started! How to Play Pictionary You could always go to the store and buy the official Pictionary, but if you don't have time to get to the store, or just don't want to spend the money, try making your own game with just a few things you already have lying around the house! Number of players: 4+ What you need: TimerPaperPencilsIndex cardsDice Set up: Choose five or six categories (ex. How to play: Divide into teams of two or more and roll a die to see who goes first. Now, in order to make your own game, you’re going to need a bunch of Pictionary words.

Gameplay Variations. Photographic Dictionary. Learning tools & flashcards, for free. The LanguagePoint - Collections - Resources for vocabulary building. English Vocabulary. Vocabulary Games. Skillswise - Spelling.