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Cool Places. Cool Objects. Alternate Reality Games. Cosplay. Mass Larping. Pranks. IP over Avian Carriers and other alternate internet technologies. 3rd Person Real Life Stunts. Now That Mice Use Doorbells, We Are Officially Living in a Cartoon. Trending on Related Blogs Cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time is a must watch 1.7k people reading on Sploid Cinema Plays Wrong Movie To Guardians Of The Galaxy Crowd 1.6k people reading on Kotaku Leo DiCaprio Reportedly Cheered as Orlando Bloom Tried to Punch Bieber 1.1k people reading on Gawker Recommended by Katharine Trendacosta Now That Mice Use Doorbells, We Are Officially Living in a Cartoon Slated for Destruction, an Android Bonnie and Clyde Begin Their Story The Directors and Star Explain the Heart and Soul of The Boxtrolls Just How Badly Is Janet Van Dyne Treated In Marvel's Ant-Man Movie?

Intricate Cityscapes Made of Food And Now, The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer in LEGO This Cat Does Not Want to Be Outside Episode VIII won't be out until 2017, so when asked about it, write... Messages From Your Old Abandoned Computer, Which Has Achieved AI First Outlander Clip Showcases Its Very Capable Female Lead 12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow Cast Some Familiar Names! Here's How To Eat Everything You've Ever Wanted From A Miyazaki Film. Take A Virtual 3D Tour Through This Vincent Van Gogh Painting. Nested. Got it! This website uses cookies for ads and traffic analysis. Learn more Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law ← Nested 0.3 © Orteil, 2011-2013 - hosted by DashNet + universe it ain't gonna host itself. The girl who gets gifts from birds. Image copyright Lisa Mann Lots of people love the birds in their garden, but it's rare for that affection to be reciprocated.

One young girl in Seattle is luckier than most. She feeds the crows in her garden - and they bring her gifts in return. Eight-year-old Gabi Mann sets a bead storage container on the dining room table, and clicks the lid open. This is her most precious collection. "You may take a few close looks," she says, "but don't touch. " Inside the box are rows of small objects in clear plastic bags.

Each item is individually wrapped and categorised. There's a miniature silver ball, a black button, a blue paper clip, a yellow bead, a faded black piece of foam, a blue Lego piece, and the list goes on. Image copyright Katy Sewall She didn't gather this collection. She holds up a pearl coloured heart. Gabi's relationship with the neighbourhood crows began accidentally in 2011. As she got older, she rewarded their attention, by sharing her packed lunch on the way to the bus stop. This Company Wants to Start a New Sports League with Giant Fighting Robots. We All Need to Calm Down About This USA vs Japan Robot Duel.

The Strange Case of the $15,000 Magic Card. Learn How To Play Quidditch The Right Way. This comment already existed. This Film About High-Diving Giraffes Is An Instant Cure For The Blues. Even Japan's Crappiest Robot Tournament Is Still Amazing To Watch. TYME. "Tyme" redirects here. For the herb, see Thyme. Logo of TYME TYME ("Take Your Money Everywhere") is an ATM/interbank network in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was organized in 1975 and was the first shared EFT network in the country. Residents commonly referred to ATMs as a "Tyme machine," which has resulted in confusion when Wisconsinites visiting unfamiliar areas would ask the locals where they could find a "time machine". See also[edit] ATM usage fees External links[edit] 2pacBiggieisland comments on What happens when you scream out your window in Sweden. That Feeling When You Walk Down a Dark Street and Meet a Jellyfish.

How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse. This Secret Treasure Room May Be The Best Birthday Present Of All Time. I just love that they KEPT IT HIDDEN. Have you ever had a gift for somebody that you were so excited to give them but had to keep secret? It's torture, in the very best way. Now imagine that the gift you're hiding is a secret freaking room, that the person you're hiding it from is your kid, and that this kid gets to live with the very real knowledge that the secret room was literally there the whole time, waiting to be discovered. I have to stop. I actually find this overwhelming to think about. I was thinking that it would be an even better gift if he was older (and it would blow his mind more), but there was no way they were going to keep it secret for another couple of years.

MeDEM - The Middle Earth Digital Elevation Model Project. Middle-Earth DEM Project in Outerra. It was the biggest Burning Man ever, and this is what I saw there. You know- If they just recycled the same pictures from Burning Man year after year and just passed off those same pictures as new no one would know the difference. Every year people post pictures to illustrate how "mind-blowing" Burning Man is but I gotta tell you- there are a million pictures from Burning Man but really there are only six pictures from Burning Man 1. Big Metal Structures 2. Big Metal Structures at night 3. 4. 5. 6. You throw in a few variables (sand storm, nudity, dramatic clouds) and that's that. Look, welcome back. This musical reprise could have made Frozen even better. God yes. that was cringe worthy... AGREED. I hated fixer - upper.

It seemed very they added it in so the male character could have a song. I was disappointed overall with the songs in this movie. Well, I wouldn't say I hate it - but it comes out of nowhere, adds absolutely nothing, and it breaks the momentum considered the rather urgent thing going on with Anna. Unlike you, I wasn't disappointed with most songs, and, in fact, like most. Honestly, the only one I didn't like, other than "Fixer-Upper", was the first version of "For the First Time in Forever", except the final part, where Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell sing together for awhile.

I think the entire love interest side of the story was pretty far out of left field considering the main point of the movie was between the sisters, so understandably this too was also rather shoehorned in. 1914 Live: 28 June, the day that changed the world. The aliens walk among us: five quick shots from the Wanli UFO village in Taiwan : urbanexploration. 'Quake 3 Arena' Bots Evolve World Peace After Four-Year War On Pirate's Server. Update: Alas. As we suspected (see our note at the end of the original story), it appears that this wonderful tale was too good to be true. We've been tipped that the original post was actually a joke, and that it was subsequently taken too seriously by the Internet - and, well, us. Apologies for those who found hope in the tale, but we still feel there may be a lesson in it for humanity, somewhere.

Put down the guns, Quake 3 aliens, robots and killing machines. All you need is love - and a taste for viral internet humour. In 1999, the state-of-the-art in video game warfare was Quake 3 Arena - a fast and brutal game set in tight, cramped levels, where the aim was simply to kill, get killed, and repeat. And among its various innovations - of which, arguably, there weren't that many - was some rather clever artificial intelligence. The 'bots' in the game - essentially the computer controlled players - were equipped with a kind of 'learning' AI.

Naturally this got some people thinking. Crossovers(full).jpg (2549×1202) Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg. The control room got a makeover for the 2012 Christmas special. SExpand Hell, I just started watching it, and the TARDIS is the dingiest, most run-down looking ship I've ever seen. Also, you don't "accidentally" walk into need the key. Something about Mongolian hordes or whatever.

The Tardis regenerates with the Doctor at least since the new series I haven't watch much of the old Doctor but with each new Doctor we now get a new Tardis this version is particularly new and neat looking though. It's the lighting. IAmA Fictional Character, AMA! Search results. The hobbit — an unexpected deficiency. A striking feature of fantasy literature has been the consistent victory of good characters over bad. While the consensus has been to attribute this to narrative conventions about morality and the necessary happiness of endings, we hypothesised that a major contribution to the defeat of evildoers in this context is their aversion to sunlight and their poor diet, which may lead to vitamin D deficiency and hence reduced martial prowess.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, secosteroid hormone, which in humans is largely synthesised in the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light, and is sometimes called “the sunshine vitamin”.1 Vitamin D is also found in some foods, particularly oily fish and, in small amounts, in egg yolks, cheese, beef, liver and some mushrooms. It has a well described role in calcium metabolism, with deficiency resulting in rickets and osteomalacia. Results Sun avoidance is a recurring theme among the evil characters. Discussion. First scientific paper to be released in Elvish, Dwarvish and English.

Task force explores new era, as Baggins End ends :: Dateline UC Davis. A campus task force will help envision the next generation of sustainable student living and learning communities as the Baggins End Domes, after 39 years, will close this summer due to health and safety issues, accessibility problems and structural concerns. In a Feb. 1 letter, Emily Galindo, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs and director of Student Housing, informed Domes residents that their leases will not be renewed when they expire at the end of July.

“Student Housing has not come upon the decision … easily," Galindo wrote, citing "the uniqueness and longevity of the community and how it is loved by a core group of students, alumni and supporters.” The history of the Domes The Baggins End student cooperative, south of the Orchard Park apartments in the northwest corner of campus, includes 14 geodesic domes that today house 26 students. The cooperative also includes three acres of common gardens. The domes were constructed in 1972. Concerns on both sides Substantial costs. The Domes. Is Disney making a movie about Nikola Tesla?