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Being a Geek Latest Drawing - "Vincent & The Doctor" (Watercolor graphite on Bristol board) Finished. If ever my heart flowed from the tip of my pencil, this was the page that caught it. I'll be making prints later, should you need one - and if you buy... one from my US store, I'll sign it for you (unfortunately due to time constraints I'm unable to sign others). Being a Geek
George Takei
I fucking love science New View of Apollo 8's Iconic Christmas Eve Earthrise Shot On December 24, 1968, Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were coming around from the far side of the Moon on their fourth orbit. Borman began to rol...l the spacecraft, and as he did, the Earth rose into view over the Moon’s limb. Anders, photographing the Moon from the right side window, caught sight of the view, and exclaimed: “Oh my God, look at that picture over there! There’s the Earth comin’ up. I fucking love science
Darths & Droids Darths & Droids NEWS:Darths & Droids writer David Morgan-Mar's new webcomic has launched! It's called Planet of Hats and you can read it here. One can hardly blame Chewbacca. Talking is a free action, after all.
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Part 2: Rebooting the Legion of Doom Part 3: Rebooting Batman So, following the immense popularity of my 5 Essential Character Redesigns post, I decided to take a more thorough stab at revamping DC Comic’s Justice League. I’ve already mentioned before that I think their current “New 52” reboot, aimed at gaining new readers, is terribly ineffective, so I will attempt to present DC’s top characters in a way that achieves the basic goals that a reboot should: Make the characters appealing to new readers, not just old onesCreate new story opportunities while staying true to the core themesUpdate, correct and redesign where necessary With these goals in mind, here’s my take. Rebooting the Justice League! Rebooting the Justice League!