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CJM3IEM 2006 - Combined Joint Multilateral Master Military Information Exchange Memorandumof Understanding. ICCWG International Computer Network Defense Coordination Working Group. Overview Edit The International Computer Network Defense (CND) Coordination Working Group is References.

ICCWG International Computer Network Defense Coordination Working Group

Notes. Quadrilateral Logistics Forum. 3.

Quadrilateral Logistics Forum

The QLF was established in May 2004 to accelerate resolution of key logistics issues impacting the military forces of the QLF member nations (Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States). The senior logisticians of each member nation (the QLF Principals) agreed that better harmonisation of national activities was needed to produce more effective solutions to multinational logistics problems. Given the broad range of logistics issues under discussion, it was agreed that the QLF would focus on a small number of high-priority areas, which could directly improve logistics support to military operations.

The QLF Principals agreed to optimise QLF logistics capabilities by improving the interoperability and efficiency of their respective Nation’s logistics forces when operating in a multinational coalition or NATO context. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A. B. C. D. E. 9. 10. American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies’ Program — “Optimizing Coalition Interoperability” The Technical Cooperation Program: Links. The Technical Cooperation Program: Liaisons. AUSCANNZUKUS Maritime IW Organisation. 2012 Multifora Handbook. APAN - All Partners Access Network. Combined Communications Electronics Board Official Home Page. Allied Communications Publications (ACPs) are issued for the guidance and use of Allied Forces of the nations represented on the Combined Communications and Electronics Board (CCEB).

Combined Communications Electronics Board Official Home Page

ACPs are appropriate for use in any theater or part of the world; nothing will appear in the base publication that is solely of a national, or local theater, command or geographical significance. ACP Supplements are provided to cover specific national, command or geographic issues. This site contains the latest, authorized version of ACPs and Supplements with an "Unclassified" security classification. For access to classified ACPs, Users should contact their national or organization coordinator. ** Denotes links to ACP Supplements can be located under the associated parent ACP US Supplements and JANAPS are available US Supps and JANAPS ACP Coordinators Australia - Mr.

Canada - CPO2 Michael ChippaE-mail:CA New Zealand - Maj Gerard McMullenE-mail:NZ United Kingdom - Mr. United States - Mr. INFORMATION ASSURANCE FOR ALLIED COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Joint Interoperability Test Command. DoD PKI Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB)/Partner Interoperability Testing Public Key Infrastructure Home / CAC Lab / GDS Lab / PKE Lab / PKI Lab / DoD PKI CCEB/Partner Interoperability Testing Acronyms / Frequently Asked Questions / Online Resources / POCs / Request for Information / Terms and Definitions Application Testing / External Certification Authority Testing / Online Certificate Status Protocol Responder Testing / DoD PKI Interagency/Partner Interoperability Testing Overview The Combined Communications-Electronics Board (CCEB) is a five-nation joint military communications-electronics (C-E) organization whose mission is the coordination of any military C-E matter that is referred to it by a member nation.

Joint Interoperability Test Command

U.S. As deployed PKIs transition to full compliance, the need to share information cannot wait. CCEB Partner PKI Testing Status The following table contains information on CCEB Partner PKIs that have completed interoperability testing with the DoD PKI. Top of Page. Air and Space Interoperability Council (ASIC) Air & Space Interoperability Council (ASIC) Multinational Interoperability Council-MIC. 3165_01.