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Châle bleu-vert

Alda : Knitty Deep Fall 2011. Designate one needle Needle 1, and the other Needle 2.

Alda : Knitty Deep Fall 2011

FIRST RUFFLE Using Needle 1, CO 300 sts. K 7 rows (see Pattern Notes re. edge sts). Decrease Row [RS]: [Sk2p] to end. 100 sts. K 7 rows. Break yarn and set aside. SECOND RUFFLE **Using Needle 2, CO 300 sts. Hold Needle 1 directly behind Needle 2 with RS facing (yarn tail is at right of work), so that sts on both needles are aligned. Using Needle 1, k 7 rows. THIRD RUFFLE Work from ** to ** as for second ruffle. Buttonhole Row 1 [RS]: K4, *BO 2 sts, k3 (4 sts on right needle after bound off sts); repeat from * to end. FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH RUFFLES Work as for second ruffle. SEVENTH RUFFLE Work from ** to ** as for second ruffle. Cabled Keyhole Scarf pattern by Anne Hanson. Aegean pattern by Kieran Foley. Egwene pattern by Arlene's World of Lace. Spectra pattern by Stephen West. Knitted DROPS neck warmer in ”Verdi. DROPS VERDI PRINT (350g) 27.00 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required!

Knitted DROPS neck warmer in ”Verdi

The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Find the DROPS Spring & Summer 2014 Collection here! The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief pattern by Orange Flower. New version, ABS Kerchief.pdf, uploaded Nov. 2012.

The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief pattern by Orange Flower

Only cosmetic changes, the pattern remains the same. A unisex triangular scarf/kerchief knitted in DK weight yarn. The shawl is approx. 53 inches in width and 15 inches from center back to center point, when blocked aggressively. A single skein of DK weight yarn will yield a kerchief size. This pattern could easily be made with fingering to worsted weight yarn.

Note about YO increases. Contorno pattern by Amy Swenson. Latus pattern by Laura Nelkin. Arietta pattern by Åsa Tricosa. Isaura pattern by Åsa Tricosa. Atalanta sideways pattern by Åsa Tricosa. Zuni Shawl pattern by Danielle Chalson. And be sure to come and share your FO, modifications, and pics over at the Makewise Designs group!

Zuni Shawl pattern by Danielle Chalson

Drawing upon the rich heritage of the Zuni people as weavers and artisans, this garter stitch shawl features a labyrinth-like edging that is reminiscent of traditional motifs while also creating a sleek, modern statement. The shawl is worked sideways and is knit in an elegant merino/silk/cashmere blend. The front face of the shawl features a graphic garter-and-stockinette pattern, and the back side of the shawl (pictured in the last photo) features a subtle, shadow-like pattern of garter stitch and reverse stockinette. Finished, Blocked Size: 46 ½” wide along neck edge x 13 ½” long Materials: --360 yards of sportweight yarn with at least 360 yards to 100 g/3.5 oz.

Gauge: 6 stitches / 7.5 rows = 1 inch in stockinette stitch AFTER blocking 6 stitches / 9 rows = 1 inch in garter stitch AFTER blocking. Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf pattern by Sivia Harding. ILGA LEJA - Classic Knitting Patterns for the Handknitter - Bermuda Scarf. Bermuda Combine the magic of short rows with the changing colours of a gently self-striping yarn to create a scarf that is evocative of this island garden.

ILGA LEJA - Classic Knitting Patterns for the Handknitter - Bermuda Scarf

Its colours reflect the crystal clear waters of a Bermudian sea with its shoals and reefs, its waves washing up onto a coral beach, while pastel-coloured houses line the shore. France Scarf - ILGA LEJA - Classic Knitting Patterns for the Handknitter. France This piece can be worn as a scarf.

France Scarf - ILGA LEJA - Classic Knitting Patterns for the Handknitter

Or tie one end along the side and it becomes a poncho. Your choice as to which side you want to feature; the solid colour or the stripes. Light and airy, while at the same time rich and delicious, that description fits the Brioche Stitch as well as its namesake, the brioche pastry. And just like its namesake, its variations are endless. The sample pictured is knit with Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3-Ply, 65% wool, 35% silk, (230 m./252 yds. per 100 g. skein), Main Colour “Burnt Sienna”, Contrasting Colours “Nova Scotia”, “Polar Sea”, and “Wine Country”. Specifications. Whirlpool Scarf pattern by Anna Sudo. One row handspun scarf. One row handspun scarf ( If you're not a spinner and you don't want to be and you don't want to wade through this, the recipe for the scarf is at the end.)

One row handspun scarf

I'm sure that this is a subtle element of my personality and that nobody has really noticed, so I'll point out to you that I may be just a smidge on the obsessive side. This wee quirk occasionally pays off, and my fixation over the last 24 hours with the Grafton Fiber batt has totally encouraged this trait. I loved the progression of colours, and I was determined to have a project at the end of it that reflected that.

This can be sort of tricky with spinning. Yarn: Wellenreiter-Tuch pattern by Jana Albrecht. Red Skies at Night pattern by Saccade Elyse. Piquant pattern by Lily Go. ETA: For the Shawl Kit you can buy it at my website or my etsy store. It’s only USD 29 shipped. Piquant is a crescent shaped crocheted shawl work in one piece using a single precious skein. This shawl has a very interesting construction. I designed it to avoid long starting chains. This shawl is very easy and quick to do and has a breathtaking result. Magrathea pattern by Martina Behm. Châle simple-bordure estonienne. Pettine pattern by Corrina Ferguson.

Sugared Violets pattern by Rose Beck. Caireen pattern by Susanna IC. As soon as the calendar page changes to September, I start dreaming of knitting cables - the more complex, the better.

Caireen pattern by Susanna IC

This autumn I wanted to explore the possibility of combining cables with the short row crescent shaping. Rhapsody in Lace and Ruffles pattern by Megan Wright. Darling Darling Stay With Me Shawlette pattern by Mona Mono. You will find the download-button in the right sidebar in my blog or by clicking on the My Free Patterns page. =) This shawlette has a different edging than the Out Of My Head Shawlette, but the body and shape is the same. =) I wanted a softer and more romantic look on this one, since the first version was knitted in handspun yarn containing dogswool from my beloved dog Ebba.

Darling Darling Stay With Me Shawlette pattern by Mona Mono

I like the fuzzy and soft look the new edging gives the shawlette! =) Named after the Hellacopters version of the song Darling Darling - This is a reversible shawlette all knit in garter! Note: The handspun chiengora I used for this shawlette can not be compared to regular fingering weight yarns, so I have changed the yarn weight to Sport. 7 Small Shawls to Knit; Year One: The Pleiades - patterns. Crocodile Stitch PART 1.