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Planetary Paperweight. Colored buckyballs neocube magnetic balls toys. Calla: Growing Herbs in Your Window Has Never Looked More Elegant. Its seems like a new indoor gardening system debuts every week, each one promising some revolutionary step forward in growing edibles with ease.

Calla: Growing Herbs in Your Window Has Never Looked More Elegant

There’s no doubt that certain innovations can make a big difference in keeping indoor plants alive, especially for those of us who don’t have the greenest of thumbs, like timed grow lights and self-watering systems. But what makes a growing system truly stand out these days? The Calla by 4Senses is a good example, with a highly compact, minimalist look and a modular design that makes it effortless to use. Wallz Wall Art – For the Artist In Us All. In 2014, living in Copenhagen with his wife and two kids, Troels Fonsboel had a lightbulb moment and launched his initial campaign to raise money for a new wall art company, Wallz.

Wallz Wall Art – For the Artist In Us All

Turns out his campaign to attract financial backers on Kickstart was inspired: “I never expected such a success but I am forever grateful being able to do what I love – making wall art!” Easy does it “I wanted to create an opportunity for decorating walls in a new and unique way, allowing people to personalize the walls and create their own atmosphere,” according to Fonsboel on the Wallz website. You may think you have about as much artistic ability as Picasso’s pet dog, but fear not. With Wallz, anyone can turn a blank interior wall into a masterpiece. By November 2015 Fonsboel’s product was selling in selected retail outlets in Copenhagen, Denmark. So, what’s in the box?

We all know that sinking feeling when you first set eyes on the myriad segments of a jigsaw puzzle.


Affect vs. Effect. Affect and effect are easy to mix up.

Affect vs. Effect

Here’s the short version of how to use affect vs. effect. Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Effect is usually a noun, an effect is the result of a change. Watch out! There are certain situations and fixed phrases that break the general usage rules for these words. Now that the basics are out of the way, the time has come to learn the intricacies of how to use affect and effect effectively. Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Confused about affect and effect? Grammarly can help with that. Get Grammarly The Difference Between Affect and Effect Is it affect or effect? So, if A affects B, B experiences the effect of A’s action.

Huh? Imagine Ruby (A) pushes Raphael (B) into a pond. Because Ruby performed an action, that signals the use of a verb: affect. Affect and effect are different parts of speech, but they sound almost identical. When to Use Affect The tornado citizens within forty miles of Topeka. 5 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas You HAVE to Try. Great lighting—whether it’s for portraits, or macro, or even product photography—doesn’t have to cost you an arm, leg, and kidney.

5 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas You HAVE to Try

Just do a quick search online for “DIY Photography Lighting” and you’ll quickly realize that all you really need is a can-do attitude and a healthy dose of creativity. So whether you’re just starting out with photography or you’re a natural light master who’s nervous to make the jump into artificial light, let the 5 creative DIY lighting ideas below help you make the leap. From plastic bags, to tin-foil product photography, to a kick-ass DIY ring light, these ideas sourced from inside and outside of the 500px community ought to get your creative juices flowing big time! 1. Shopping Bag Light Modifier Light modifiers can be very expensive, especially if you’re only just starting out.

This tutorial comes from the folks over at “Good Light! 2. $500 of LED Panel Power for $70 3. The rest is explained in the video: 4. 5. Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Freddie Mercury's Final Video Performance. However you feel about Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen reforming recently under the band’s name with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert on vocals, the band has stated on several occasions that they never intended to replace Freddie Mercury.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Freddie Mercury's Final Video Performance

“[Lambert] interprets the songs the way he interprets them which is wonderful,” May has remarked, “We wanted him to be himself.” Fair enough. But even if Queen had wanted to replace Mercury after his death from AIDS complications in 1991, the task would have proved impossible. No one sounds like Freddie Mercury, no one commands a stage like he did, and no one writes like him either, with his unique mix of raunchy, funny, quirky, candid, and deeply heartfelt lyricism.

“Mother Love,” the last song Mercury recorded—at the band’s Montreux studio—contains some of the most painful of Mercury’s lyrics, an expression of his desire “for peace before I die.” Related Content: Freddie Mercury, Live Aid (1985) What are some of the saddest pieces of classical music ever written? - Quora.