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Soziale Netzwerke in Zahlen

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Die SocialMedia-Statistiken der Medienbranche. 2,5 Stunden privat am Arbeitsplatz: Jeder zweite bei Facebook. If Social Media Controlled the News in 2011 [Infographic] 2011 year will always be remembered for coming years.

If Social Media Controlled the News in 2011 [Infographic]

It was the year filled with lots of Social Media channels and news. We had witnessed the fierce war between the two social networks Google+ and Facebook. It was a year about Browser Wars and moreover Social Media was a trending topic of 2011. Statistiken »» Social Media Führerschein - Workshops und Coaching in Social Media Kommunikation, Monitoring, Marketing und Messung. Social media around the world 2011. Studien, Slides, Infografiken und Videos.

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