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An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas. First published: April 2005 | Mass advertising is dying.

An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas

Experienced consumers couldn't care less about commercials, ads, banners and other fancy wording and imagery that is forced upon them, so let's move on to more interesting ways of igniting conversations between corporations and consumers. We recently spoke about CUSTOMER MADE and NOUVEAU NICHE as powerful alternatives to archaic marketing thinking, but those concepts don't necessarily introduce consumers to your brand or your new product. Sure, much has already been said about search-based advertising and initiating word of mouth as new (and certainly more relevant) ways to replace mass advertising, but TRENDWATCHING.COM wants to add a third alternative: TRYVERTISING, which is all about consumers becoming familiar with new products by actually trying them out.

So what does TRYVERTISING incorporate? One clever solution to this distribution dilemma: Tremor, P&G's gargantuan TRYVERTISING project. Mercedes-Benz. Porsche. Mini Cooper. US Online Ad Spend to Close in on $40 Billion. US online advertising spending, which grew 23% to $32.03 billion in 2011, is expected to grow an additional 23.3% to $39.5 billion this year—pushing it ahead of total spending on print newspapers and magazines, according to new forecast by eMarketer.

US Online Ad Spend to Close in on $40 Billion

Print advertising spending is expected to fall to $33.8 billion in 2012 from $36 billion in 2011. eMarketer’s previous US online advertising forecast from July 2011 was among the more bullish estimates issued during the year, yet consistently stronger-than-expected results from major industry players and the IAB/PwC through the first three quarters of 2011 contributed to the upward revision. “Advertisers’ comfort level with integrated marketing is greater than ever, and this is helping more advertisers—and more large brands—put a greater share of dollars online,” said David Hallerman, eMarketer principal analyst. About eMarketer eMarketer publishes data, analysis and insights on digital marketing, media and commerce. 23 Ideias Geniais e Baratas de Marketing de Guerrilha. Já ouviu aquele ditado de que as imagens falam mais do que 1000 palavras?

23 Ideias Geniais e Baratas de Marketing de Guerrilha

Então, a ideia desse post é ser prático, com muitas imagens maneiras para inspirar e ajudar quem quiser fazer um campanha de marketing de guerrilha simples de se entender, fáceis de se implementar e muito baratas. Então vamos às campanhas: 12 Campanhas Sensacionais de Guerrilha A gente vai ver de tudo, desde campanhas anti tabagismo, passando por campanhas contra o aquecimento global, How can retailers appeal to mobile users in store? The use of mobile phones for offline shopping has increased dramatically over the past few years, and even if consumers aren’t actually making a purchase with their mobiles, they are often using them to research products and prices while shopping.

How can retailers appeal to mobile users in store?

According to a recent Toluna / Econsultancy survey of UK consumers, 13% of respondents had made a purchase on their mobiles, and 19% had used them to compare prices and look at product reviews while out shopping. So what can retailers do to adapt to this challenge? A recent Motorola survey in the US found that customers have good reason to compare prices on their mobiles. 43% of respondents said the mobile improved their offline shopping experience, while 87% of retailers said that customers would be able to find a better deal by using their phones.

Using the barcode scanner on the Amazon app, or entering a search term, customers can easily check the products they are looking at in a store on Amazon’s site. Price match promises. Supercharge yourself. Think, talk and work more creatively. O as cores afetam nas compras? (Infográfico) McDonald's Beating Video Goes Viral on YouTube. A disturbing video of a McDonald's cashier beating customers with a rod in New York's Greenwich village has made national news headlines after being posted to YouTube on Thursday.

McDonald's Beating Video Goes Viral on YouTube

The video, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times, shows two female customers jumping over the counter of the West 3rd St restaurant during an argument over their order. Rayon McIntosh, the cashier, was charged with felony assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon. The two women were charged with trespass and disorderly conduct.

One of the women suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm in the incident. Warning: Some may find the video disturbing. The web conversation around the video revolves around the question of whether McIntosh's actions were justified as self defense. The video once again show's YouTube's power in directing the national conversation, sparking debates about moments which - without a cameraphone-holding customer - might never have come to public attention. Meaningful Brands Infographic : Havas Media. Philip Kotler - Internet Marketing. Online Advertising Blog - The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising.